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best meditation apps

I researched various sources, including Reddit discussions and websites, to gather opinions and recommendations on the best meditation apps. There was a general consensus on several popular apps, such as Insight Timer, Calm, and Headspace. However, some users also mentioned lesser-known or niche apps that catered to specific meditation needs. The sources were directly related to the original query, and I have a moderate level of certainty based on the information provided.




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Insight Timer
Waking Up by Sam Harris

Other Meditation Apps and Resources

Other meditation apps and resources mentioned include 1 Giant Mind, Sattva, Plum Village, Aura, Oak, Healthy Minds, Medito, Brightmind, Balance, Dharma Seed, HMM HAA, Audio Dharma, and Tara Brach's podcast. Some users also noted potential ethical issues with Headspace and Sam Harris. In conclusion, the most recommended meditation apps are Insight Timer, Calm, and Headspace. However, other options like Waking Up, Smiling Mind, Mindfulness Coach, and Ten Percent Happier also have their dedicated user base. Users are encouraged to try different apps to find the one that best suits their meditation needs and preferences.

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Source: "What are the best meditation apps? How do you p..." (from reddit, r/Meditation)

  • “Waking up” by Sam Harris is highly recommended
    • “Outstanding”, “brilliant”
  • “Insight Timer” is also highly recommended
    • “30K talks”, “guided meditations”
  • “Calm” has series, one-off’s and sleep stories
  • “Headspace” has short and long sessions and animations for beginners
  • “MyLife” and “Let’s Meditate” are good free guided meditation apps on Android
  • “Enso” is highly regarded
  • “Brightmind” is offering free memberships
  • “10% Happier” has an amazing selection of teachers
  • “Dharma Seed” is an online resource with guided meditations
  • “Audio Dharma” is an archive of Dharma talks given at the Insight Meditation Center
  • Tara Brach’s podcast offers meditations and lessons
  • A reddit user suggests just counting your breaths to 10 at first

Source: "My thoughts on the Calm App for anyone consider..." (from reddit, r/Meditation)

  • The Calm app is one of several popular meditation apps.
    • The author of the post has tried Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer, 1 Giant Mind, and Aura.
    • The author prefers Calm because it has a daily calm feature.
      • Daily calm helps frame the author’s day.
      • It also helps the author sleep in a positive frame of mind.
      • Daily reflection is also based on the daily theme.
      • Daily quotes are available for inspiration.
      • Calm has made meditation more enjoyable and less daunting.
      • The incremental goodness of Calm adds up to a good feeling.
    • Calm currently has a lifetime membership offer for 60% off.
      • The author of the post subscribes to the lifetime membership.
      • The author suggests trying the trial before getting the lifetime membership.
      • Lifetime membership is cost-efficient with the 60% off deal.
    • Other users also recommend Calm.
      • One user also recommends the Fabulous app.
    • The Calm app costs money, but it’s an investment in mental health and wellbeing.

Source: "Meditation apps - pros and cons?" (from reddit, r/Meditation)

  • Relevant webpage:
  • Question asked by a Reddit user: How do people find meditation apps? What are your favorites? What are some pros and cons of each?
  • Commented by a Reddit user:
    • Recommended free apps: Insight Timer, Oak, Healthy Minds, Smiling Mind, Medito
      • Apps details/links included
    • Created an app called MyMeditation that has timer feature and articles for beginners
      • No voice guidance on app
      • Working on adding more features like sound options, community guided meditations, stopwatch option, etc.
      • Gave invitation to beta test app
  • Another Reddit user suggests that meditation apps are useful for an overactive mind but not for a quiet mind, should not become a crutch
  • Another Reddit user recommends an app called Brightmind, free download, personal opinion is “ok” but voices may be a factor
  • Another Reddit user recommends Balance app for subscription-based services, details/links included.

Source: "What are the pros/cons of a meditation app?" (from reddit, r/Meditation)

  • Webpage:
  • Cons of Using Meditation Apps:
    • Apps are doing a chunk of the practice for you
    • You would still need to do meditation without guidance in order to get the full basic benefits of meditation
    • Headspace and anything associated with Sam Harris because of ethical issues
      • One of the co-founders of Headspace took vows not to make money off the dharma when he was ordained as a monk. Becoming a multi-millionaire off a teaching you vowed not to make money off of is hard to ignore as a potential expression of greed.
      • Sam Harris is like a never-ending pile of ethical concerns that range from small to large
  • Pros of Using Meditation Apps:
    • Timer functions can be useful for those who have used them at some point in their meditation journey
    • Useful for a beginner if the recording is intended to teach you how to meditate on your own eventually

Source: "Insight Timer is a FANTASTIC app to use for all..." (from reddit, r/Meditation)

  • Insight Timer app
    • First free app with over 40,000 meditation choices
    • Option to pay for extra features but not necessary
    • Timer can be set to go on forever
    • Guided meditations available for specific needs like anxiety
    • Has music tracks for white noise to aid sleep
    • Paid membership option available
    • Quality control issues in some meditations
    • Recommended by users as reliable and flexible
  • NowZone app mentioned but no detailed information provided
  • Default clock app used by one user to track meditation time

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Source: "The 9 best meditation apps | Medical News Today" (from web, www.medicalnewstoday.com)

  • Meditation apps can help beginners start a meditation practice and help advanced meditators progress further.
    • They provide guided instruction and a range of meditation practices.
    • They offer various features like relaxing soundscapes and bedtime stories.
  • “Medical News Today” shared their picks for some best meditation apps.
    • Best for guided meditation: Headspace
      • Offers guided meditations and mindfulness exercises for beginners and advanced meditators.
      • Has a user-friendly interface, bright design, animations, and the option of choosing a female voice.
      • Provides a free “Weathering the Storm” collection.
      • Costs around $13/month or $70/year.
    • Best for sleep meditation: Calm
      • Offers a variety of programs and sleep stories read by well-known people.
      • Can customize programs, get Daily Calm, and track progress for the 7-day and 21-day programs.
      • Costs around $40/year or has a lifetime subscription for around $412.
    • Best for personalized, intuitive meditation: Aura
      • Contains a range of meditation tracks, music pieces, stories, and life coaching.
      • Allows syncing to an iPhone’s Health app and scheduling alarms for meditation sessions.
      • Offers some free meditation sessions and costs around $13/month.
    • Best for traditional Vedic approach to meditation: Sattva
      • Takes a traditional Vedic approach to meditation, with Sanskrit scholars narrating the mantras, chants, and meditations.
      • Allows heart rate monitoring and mood tracking.
      • Offers many free meditation sessions and costs around $13/month, $50/year or a one-off payment of $400.
    • Best for meditation on the go: Buddhify
      • Offers specific categories for different situations, such as walking, at work, or going to sleep.
      • Has 60 meditation sessions specifically for children.
      • Offers meditation and mindfulness for those with busy lifestyles.
      • Costs around $5 to download, and annual membership costs around $30.
    • Best for multimedia meditation options: Ten Percent Happier
      • Offers beginners’ guides and allows users to contact experts for any questions.
      • Offers guided meditations, talks, and videos to help improve happiness, relationships, sleep, and well-being.
      • Comes from the founder of “10% Happier,” Dan Harris.
      • Costs around $100 annually or can be downloaded for free.
    • Best for beginner meditation: Breethe
      • Offers guided meditations, music pieces, sleep tracks, and a program to help beginners learn to meditate.
      • Contains some meditations sessions shorter than 3 minutes.
      • Costs around $10/month and is free to download.
    • Best for a shorter meditation practice: Simple Habit
      • Offers more than 2,000 meditation sessions and community support.
      • Addresses those who want to overcome panic attacks and reduce symptoms of stress.
      • Offers shorter meditation sessions and allows downloading the programs to listen offline.
      • Costs around $12/month, $90/year, or a one-time payment of around $300.
    • Best for focus: Unplug
      • Offers various meditation techniques, including breath work, sound baths, and guided imagery.
      • Contains many short videos.
      • Offers a 30-day challenge to help those who are new to meditation engage with the practice.
      • Costs around $13/month or $70/year.
  • Meditation apps can be downloaded on ios, android, and desktop computers.
  • They offer free trials, limited free meditations, and membership plans.
  • Meditation apps can be suitable from people who are starting meditation to those who are more advanced.
  • They may save costs compared to classes or seminars and are accessible at any time.
  • They may be effective for improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and improving overall health.

Source: "Best Meditation Apps" (from reddit, r/androidapps)

  • According to a post on Reddit from 1 year, 9 months ago in the androidapps subreddit:
    • A user recommends My Life and Insight Timer.
    • Another user suggests Smiling Mind, which is free.
    • A third user recommends Mindfulness Coach, which is also free.
    • A fourth user mentions using Waking Up by Sam Harris, which is a subscription but can be obtained for free by emailing them if you can’t afford it.
    • A fifth user suggests using Headspace and is happy with it.
    • A list of “The 7 Best Meditation Apps of 2021” is provided:
      • Best Overall: Calm
      • Best Budget: Insight Timer
      • Best for Sleep: Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
      • Best for Beginners: Ten Percent Happier Meditation
      • Best Guided: Buddhify
      • Best For Focus: Unplug
      • Best Selection: Simple Habit
    • One user suggests that Headspace and Calm are better than Buddhify, which they suggest is a good budget app. They also mention missing Smiling Mind & Mindfulness & Waking Up from the list.

Source: "What is the best meditation app for free?" (from reddit, r/Meditation)

  • Comments from Reddit users on the best meditation apps:

    • Calm has some free guided meditations
      • Some features are paid
    • Headspace has a free intro series of 10, 10-minute, guided sessions
      • Also has a 30-day free trial for the paid service
    • 10% Happier has some free meditations
    • Stop, Breathe & Think has great free features
      • It now has a subscription service
    • Aware may still be free
    • Insight Timer is a timer app, but had issues with timer not ringing
      • Some users switched to Enso
  • Other helpful resources for meditation:

    • Dharma Seed has talks to listen to prior to meditation
    • HMM HAA - Breathe and Relax, Sleep, Remove Stress app on Android

Source: "Best Meditation Apps for What YOU Need" (from reddit, r/Meditation)

  • Calm:
    • Celebrity voice talent from people like LeBron James, Matthew McConaughey and Jerome Flynn.
    • Free meditation options are limited.
    • $70 per year.
    • Quick & Easy, Mental Fitness, Sleep Stories, Meditations, Music, and Recent Daily Calms.
    • Tabs at the bottom allow you to dive deeper into the Sleep, Meditate, and Music sections.
    • Calm Kids, Calm Masterclass, Calm Body, and a Breathing Exercise.
    • Keeps track of your total sessions, meditation minutes, and longest day streak.
  • Headspace:
    • White/orange color scheme.
    • $70 per year.
    • A lot of visual content (videos and short, animated series before courses).
    • A lot of different sections to choose from.
    • Personalized plans.
    • Move section which is filled with workouts.
  • Insight Timer:
    • 35,000+ free meditations.
    • Adding 10 or more free guided meditations every day.
    • More of a community feel.
    • Discussion groups available.
    • “Learning to Meditate, Coping with Anxiety, Managing Stress, Improve Your Sleep, Mindfulness at Work, Improving Relationships, Boosting Your Self-Esteem and For Your Mornings” categories.
  • 1 Giant Mind:
    • The essence of Transcendental Meditation, but 100% free.
  • Sattva & Plum Village:
    • Mentioned apps.

Source: "What’s the best meditation app, and why?" (from reddit, r/Meditation)

  • Reddit thread: “What’s the best meditation app, and why?”
    • Insight Timer
      • Free and has different types of meditations
      • Teachers include Tara Brach and Kate James
    • Free trials
      • Use to start and see what you like best
      • Part of the journey - be kind and gentle with yourself
    • Ditch the apps and learn to meditate
      • No need for timers or visualizations
      • Learn the technique and practice it
    • Waking Up app
      • Big difference-maker for high anxiety and ADHD background
      • Includes alternative meditation leaders
    • Jayasara on YouTube and Tara Brach
    • Sadhguru app
      • Includes an array of practices yogis have done for hundreds of years
      • Thorough explanations behind how they work and their benefits
    • Ten Percent Happier
      • Helped user stop merely reacting to things
      • Helping user get through a tough year
    • Balance app
      • Different mindfulness sessions for different problems
      • Great all around
      • Got a year free, but costs a lot for lifetime
    • FAQ for how to begin meditation practice
      • Link provided

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