We crowdsource recommendations to help you find great experiences - whether they're books, restaurants, apps, or anything else. We use AI to surface relevant, high-quality discussion from around the web, then synthesize what we learn in custom articles, written in 1-2 minutes at your request.

When we do our research, we look for signals of quality:
  • Authenticity. How organic and unbiased is this source? Is it a bot or paid shill?
  • Consensus. Do most people agree with this source?
  • Process. Does this source assess objective, grounded criteria?

Why trust us our recommendations? We work hard to ensure our articles are comprehensively researched and based in social consensus. AI allows us to do research on a scale that was previously impossible: we can very quickly find and analyze sources to determine what most people think is true. We try to hit all of the sources we think you would've checked yourself, and then some.

Some article requests are more difficult than others. We cover as much surface area in our research as possible; we don't stop researching until we think we have enough information to write a good article, or until we think it's unlikely that we'll find any more information.

Every article includes a step-by-step view of our research as well as a research summary so you can interpret our results with confidence.

We think it's important to encourage organic content creation and believe that the best way to so is to make content easy to discover. While an AI ultimately writes our articles, it serves solely as a presentation layer: we strive to ensure that every claim is traceable to an original source. We always include quotes and links to the sources we surface.

Please share feedback: email hello@chord.pub or join our Discord.

Get involved

We're looking for volunteers to help us edit articles that receive the most readership. There are two ways you can contribute: 1) you can send us suggestions for a specific article on a one-off basis, or 2) you can join our regular editor program.

If you join our program, we will send you articles relevant to your areas of interest for editing on a weekly or monthly basis. You will receive readership statistics for each article you edit so you can see the impact of your work. Please send us an email with a brief description of your background and interests to get started!

No matter how you choose to contribute, we will credit you for your work on our articles and newsletters.