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I researched the best parks in London by examining various sources, including Reddit discussions and articles from Lonely Planet and Time Out. There was a general consensus on some of the top parks, such as Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath. The sources I looked at were related to the original query and provided a range of opinions and recommendations. Based on the available information, I have compiled a list of parks that were mentioned the most and received positive reviews.




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Regent's Park

Regent's Park

Regent's Park appears to be a popular and highly recommended park in London. It is the largest and most elaborate of central London's many Royal Parks. According to a Reddit discussion from 9 years ago, one user was fond of morning walks in Regent's Park. The park covers 410 acres and offers a variety of attractions, such as the ZSL London Zoo, an Open Air Theatre, Italianate gardens, food, and music festivals during the summer. Another feature of Regent's Park is the Japanese Garden Island, which provides a taste of the Far East.
Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is another highly recommended park in London. One Reddit user mentioned that they had visited many parks in London but hadn't been to Hampstead Heath yet. The park is described as a sprawling, wild, and undulating grassy sprawl that contrasts the manicured parks elsewhere in the capital. It is only a few miles from Trafalgar Square, but the 320-hectare park feels far away from the city. Hampstead Heath is home to abundant wildlife, rolling woodlands, meadows, and three swimming ponds open year-round.
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are mentioned in multiple sources as popular parks in London. One Reddit user shared a picture of Hyde Park, which received positive feedback. This park, along with Kensington Gardens, forms the largest green space in Central London, featuring manicured lawns, tree-shaded avenues, and Serpentine Lake. The park is especially popular among families and during festivals in autumn and winter.
Bushy Park

Bushy Park

Bushy Park was recommended by a Reddit user, who said that it has wooded bits, open bits, a river, a nice café, and the Diana Fountain. The park is also home to deer, which one user described as "angry, angry deer" that are also found in Richmond Park.
Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is another recommended park in London. It has lovely expanses of green, picturesque walks, a sixth-century Anglo-Saxon burial ground, and astonishing views of Canary Wharf from the crown of the hill. The park is family and kid-friendly, featuring a playground. It also boasts the honor of being the oldest enclosed Royal Park. Based on the information gathered, Regent's Park, Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Bushy Park, and Greenwich Park are among the best parks in London. Each park offers unique features and experiences, making them popular choices for both locals and visitors.

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  • London has more than 3,000 parks and open spaces.
  • The article lists the 17 best parks and green spaces in London.
  • Hampstead Heath: wild and undulating grassy sprawl that contrasts the manicured parks elsewhere, 320-hectare big, a playground for picnickers, dog-walkers, nature-lovers; special residents such as muntjac deer and parakeets; insider tip: take a dip in its swimming ponds.
  • Regent’s Park: 410 acres big, teeming with attractions ranging from the animal noises of the ZSL London Zoo to its Open Air Theatre, Italianate gardens, food, and music festivals pitch up there over the summer, bandstands, beautiful rose gardens, tennis courts, ice-cream stands, and eateries; insider tip: get a taste of the Far East by heading to the park’s Japanese Garden Island.
  • Battersea Park: Thames views, art gallery (The Pump House), a family-run zoo, and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home; insider tip: check out the Buddhist London Peace Pagoda.
  • Brockwell Park: much-needed slab of green just south of Brixton, locals sun-worship, fly kites, swim in the famous lido, play football, parade all kinds of dogs; insider tip: make a splash at Brockwell Lido.
  • Clapham Common: dates back to the eighteenth century, a number of cafés, a skatepark, the largest bandstand in London; insider tip: go fishing at Eagle Pond – the common’s most ‘natural’ lake – with wooden decked fishing platforms perfect for casting off.
  • Crystal Palace Park: delightful park in southeast London, landscaped grounds, five massive dinosaur sculptures that lurk among the trees around a lake, the remains of a prehistoric Victorian theme park; insider tip: the park hides a beautiful, abandoned Victorian subway with a Grade II-listed walkway and patterned orange and white bricks.
  • Dulwich Park: situated right in the centre of swanky Dulwich Village, charming and peaceful, abundance of flowers, particularly friendly atmosphere, outdoor gym complete with recumbent bikes, table tennis, hire a boat and float around the lake; insider tip: take a look at Conrad Shawcross’s giant looping sculpture ‘Three Perpetual Chords’.
  • Greenwich Park: oldest enclosed Royal Park, a 183-acre grassland, child-friendly boating


  1. London is a green city and was declared the world’s first National Park City in 2019.
  2. London has eight Royal Parks, commons, open parkland, heaths, woodlands, sports fields, and private gardens.
  3. The parks of London serve as natural habitats and green space and make up 47% of the city.
  4. A list of London’s 10 best parks includes descriptions and notable features and activities, as well as information about each park’s size and location.
  • Regent’s Park: largest and most elaborate of central London’s many Royal Parks, with London Zoo, Regent’s Canal, a boating lake, and sports pitches (June is best for visiting Queen Mary’s Gardens when roses are in bloom).
  • Hampstead Heath: sprawling with rolling woodlands, meadows, abundant wildlife, and three swimming ponds (open year-round).
  • St. James’s Park: 23 hectares, 2nd smallest Royal Park, with a lake, fountain, and pelicans.
  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: vast expanse including playgrounds, walking and cycling trails, gardens, and public artworks throughout the park.
  • Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens: largest green space in Central London with manicured lawns, tree-shaded avenues, and Serpentine Lake (convenient location for families and festivals especially during autumn and winter).
  • Holland Park: dense woodland, spacious lawns, sports fields, some lovely gardens (Kyoto Garden built as a mark of friendship between England and Japan). Splendid peacocks are common in the park.
  • Greenwich Park: lovely expanses of green, picturesque walks, a sixth-century Anglo-Saxon burial ground, and astonishing views of Canary Wharf from the crown of the hill. Family and kid-friendly playground.
  • Crystal Palace Park: skatepark, woodland, maze, a small boating lake, Grade I-listed dinosaur sculptures, and was the site of the Great Exhibition in 1851.
  • Richmond Park: largest urban parkland in Europe (12 miles/19km away from central London), formal gardens, ancient oaks, and unsurpassed views. Best place to see London’s deer.
  • Battersea Park: located along the riverside between Albert and Chelsea bridges, with the Peace Pagoda, sculptures by Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, sporting facilities, bicycle hire, lakes with paddle boats, and GoApe outdoor adventure park with Treetop Challenge on the high ropes. 5

"4 Days in London, what to do?"

  • Reddit post titled “4 Days in London, what to do?”
  • Poster asks for recommendations on must-do activities in London including nightlife, history, architecture, and scenery
  • Someone recommends Atlas Obscura for non-hyped sightseeing things and lists several options such as St. Dunstan in the East, a natural history museum, and bookstores.
  • Someone suggests going to Shoreditch and Soho for vibey bars, getting afternoon tea and going to a museum, and checking out Maltby Street Market, St. Katharine’s Dock, and Roti King for food
  • Someone else suggests a free walking tour of West London and the street art walking tour with Strawberry Tours, going to Highgate Cemetery and the surrounding park, and downloading Rick Steve’s Audio Europe app for walking and museum tours.
  • Another mentions visiting places in London that are locations for TV and movies, such as Doctor Who.
  • Someone asks about staying at Clink78 hostel and another person recommends it and suggests booking a room that is not on the basement floor.
  • However, later in the thread, someone has a bad experience with the hostel, citing uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and musty smells.
  • Other recommendations include visiting Borough Market for lunch (favorite is Hobbs Meat Roast), the British Museum, and taking the Tube and walking Oxford St.
  • Someone asks about the weather and crowds around Christmas. Another person mentions that January is off-peak tourist season so crowds should not be as bad.
  • Overall, the thread recommends getting lost in the city, enjoying the scenery, and exploring different areas.

"My favorite part of London are the parks. So much unseen beauty."

  • Post on Reddit 9 years ago titled “My favorite part of London are the parks. So much unseen beauty.”
  • Post has 127 points and was submitted in the r/london subreddit.
  • Many comments in response to the post, discussing different parks in London.
  • Some Reddit usernames mention their favorite parks in London, such as Regent’s Park and Victoria Park.
  • Some Reddit usernames provide additional information about different parks, such as the presence of angry deer in Richmond and Bushy Park.
  • One comment recommends visiting Bushy Park, saying that it has wooded bits, open bits, a river, a nice cafe, and the Diana Fountain.
  • One comment includes a picture of Hyde Park and asks if the original post was taken in St. James’s Park.
  • Another comment responds that the picture was taken in Hyde Park, looking south from the Italian Gardens.
  • One comment expresses jealousy of tourists who have seen more of London’s parks than they have.
  • One comment notes that the post’s picture could easily be the cover of a gruesome horror movie.
  • The original poster responds to one comment, mentioning that they’ve visited a lot of parks but haven’t been to Hampstead Heath yet.
  • Another comment recommends Regent’s Park, saying that they’re fond of morning walks there.
  • Multiple comments express appreciation for the post’s picture and agree that London’s parks are beautiful.

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