July 21, 2023

What is a good budget skateboard?

During my research process, I visited several discussion threads on Reddit, focusing on finding good budget skateboard recommendations. There was a decent amount of consensus among Reddit users on some brands and specific products. However, as with any subjective topic, opinions varied, and personal preferences played a significant role in the suggestions provided. Overall, the sources were related to the original query, but the uncertainty level remains moderate due to the subjective nature of the recommendations.




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Polar Deck 8.5

Polar Deck 8.5

The Polar Deck 8.5 is a popular choice among Reddit users, especially for those seeking a quality skateboard under $100. This deck is praised for its durability and performance, making it an appropriate choice for beginners and more experienced riders alike.
Indy Mid Inverted Kingpin Trucks

Indy Mid Inverted Kingpin Trucks

Indy Mid Inverted Kingpin Trucks are recommended by Reddit users for their responsiveness and durability. Investing in good trucks can make a noticeable difference in the skating experience, and these trucks are known to last for years.
Mini Logo Bearings

Mini Logo Bearings

OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels are also frequently mentioned as a good choice for budget skateboards. They are known for their smooth ride and durability, providing a reliable option for beginners and experienced skaters alike.

Complete Skateboards from Reputable Brands

Many Reddit users suggest opting for complete skateboards from reputable brands, especially if you're a beginner and unsure of your commitment to the sport. These skateboards typically come with decent quality components, and their prices are more affordable than building a custom skateboard. Some suggested brands include Globe, Element, Santa Cruz, Polar, Indy, Thunder, Ace, Mini Logo, OJ Wheels, Tactics, CCS, and Enjoi.
Powell Peralta Completes

Pre-built Skateboards from Local Skate Shops

Some Reddit users recommend visiting a local skate shop and discussing your budget with them. Local skate shops can provide valuable guidance and may even offer discounts on individual components, making it easier to find a good budget skateboard that suits your needs.

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"Good Beginner Skateboard?"

-Relevant post on r/Skateboardlove asking for advice on a good beginner skateboard as a surprise gift for the poster’s husband’s birthday.

-Reddit user recommends buying a “complete” skateboard from a skate shop, providing the poster with an online shop as a starting point. The skateboard comes pre-built with a good quality deck and decent quality other parts (wheels, trucks, bearings). This option is cheaper than buying top quality parts separately and the poster can choose a starting point for the width of the board around 8.5”.

-Another user recommends building the skateboard together, outlining the five main components needed: deck, grip, trucks, bearings, and hardware. They recommend buying parts from websites like tactics.com and skatewarehouse.com, which have guides on what to buy and how to set it up. The recommended price for a complete build is $90-$120.

-A different user on the post suggests that Powell Peralta completes are the best for beginners due to the quality of the parts that come with it, and the brand’s decades-long reputation.

-Posts also discuss the importance of taking into account the condition of the ground when purchasing wheels, and how bigger, softer wheels may be better for rough terrain.

-Additionally, users recommend considering the husband’s size when selecting the width of the skateboard. While pro-riders use thin decks to do flip tricks, beginners are recommended to use bigger decks to make it easier to land and ride comfortably. An 8.0 is equivalent to a size medium and 8.25 is a size large.

-The original poster on the post is grateful for the helpful advice and eager to check out the recommended options.

"Best cheap beginner board"

  • The author of the post is looking for a good budget skateboard with a budget of $80.
  • The post was made on the subreddit ‘skateboardhelp’.
  • The post has 2 upvotes and was made a year and a month ago.
  • A reddit user posted a comment suggesting that they saw some completes for sale for around $80 at Zumiez but didn’t need another board.
  • Another reddit user posted a comment suggesting the following skateboards:
    • Girl Malto “93 Til 7.5” skateboard complete with black grip tape, white wheels, and a green design on the bottom. Priced at $80.
    • Grizzly Incite 7.75 Skateboard Complete with black grip tape, white wheels, and a black and gold design on the bottom. Priced at $65. Has 2 karma.
    • Primitive Dirty P Colony 8.0 Skateboard Complete with black grip tape, white wheels, and a large blue design on the bottom. Priced at $65. Has 2 karma.
  • The two skateboards suggested on the website include details such as grip tape, wheel colors, and designs on the bottom of the board.
  • The comments section suggests that Zumiez sells completes for around $80 and also has some cheaper options at or below $65.
  • The post title mentions that the author is looking for the “best” budget skateboard, but only the one skateboard suggestion is given in the comments.
  • The website doesn’t provide any additional information about what makes a good budget skateboard or what to look for when buying one.

"Best Skateboard Brands: A Guide for Reddit Users"

  • Skateboarding is more than just a sport or a hobby; it’s a lifestyle and a culture.
  • A good skateboard should suit your style, skill level, and budget.
  • A good skateboard brand should have quality, innovation, reputation, and reasonable prices.
  • The decks should be made of strong wood like maple or bamboo, and have proper concave and shape.
  • The trucks should be sturdy, responsive, and lightweight, and the wheels should be smooth and fast.
  • The bearings should also be rated according to the ABEC scale, which measures their precision and speed.
  • Some brands use carbon fiber, resin, or fiberglass to reinforce their decks, or add special coatings or layers to enhance their sliding or grip.
  • Some brands also collaborate with artists, musicians, or celebrities to create unique graphics and styles for their boards.
  • The best skateboard brands based on the recommendations of Reddit users include Minority, Alien Workshop, Blind, and Enjoi.
  • Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard is suitable for beginners and pros. It has a 7-ply hard maple deck that is cold-pressed for durability, medium concave shape, and real aluminum alloy trucks. The bushing is made of 78A PU material that absorbs shocks well and is held by a carbon steel kingpin. The skateboard has chrome steel forged ABEC-9 precision bearings that work with 52mm 102A PU wheels. It is also available in various designs.
  • Minority Downhill Maple Longboard 40 is another great skateboard for beginners. It has a drop deck and a Maple deck that is 10 inches wide, and 8-ply cold-pressed hard rock maple. It has reverse kingpin trucks, 78A durometer hardness, and ABEC9 precision bearings.
  • Alien Workshop is a top-notch brand that has been making skateboards since 1990 and is based in Dayton, Ohio. It has a loyal fan base of skaters who love their quality and style. One of the best products is the full skateboard deck, which is made of 7-ply Canadian hard-rock maple. It measures 7.75 x 31.625 inches and has a sleek shape. It also comes with trucks that have 85A bushings, ABEC7 bearings, and 53mm 99A wheels.
  • Blind skateboards are pre-assembled with high-quality components, so you don’t have to worry about putting them together yourself. They come with Tensor trucks, which are lightweight and durable,

"Pre-built board or make my own?"

  • A Reddit post titled “Pre-built board or make my own?” asks for advice on whether to build a skateboard or buy a pre-built one.
  • One user recommends buying a pre-built board initially if you’re uncertain whether you’ll use it often, while another advises building your own board if you plan to skate frequently.
  • Another user recommends sticking to classic brands for each component of the board, suggesting Indy or Ace trucks, Spitfire wheels, and Bones Reds bearings.
  • A third user mentions that building a skateboard can be “a separate hobby in itself” and offers possibilities for experimentation but can be costly, so consider whether building a skateboard would be rewarding in itself or whether it’s merely a means to an end.
  • A fourth user suggests that if you’ll be skating in a park, you’ll need better speeds than a pre-built board will likely offer, but for street skating, a pre-built board might suffice.
  • One commenter notes that you can find good pre-built boards in the $70-80 range, while another says that you can save money by buying a pre-built board during sales.
  • Several commenters suggest brands other than those recommended for each component, including Krux or Thunder trucks, OJ or Ricta wheels, and Bones Super Reds bearings. One user stresses that brand choice doesn’t matter much for a beginner skateboarder.
  • Another commenter notes that you can often get a discount on buying individual components if you go to a local skate shop.
  • A handful of commenters recommend measuring your foot to find your shoe size and then using those measurements to find the right board size. Some suggest watching YouTube videos or going to a skate shop for help with choosing a board.
  • A few commenters offer suggestions for where to buy boards, mentioning local shops, Zumiez, and Tactics.
  • One user suggests looking for a board that comes with soft bushings if you’re a beginner, as it will give you more control.
  • Another user recommends checking out used board options on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist but warns that if you’re new to skateboarding, it might be harder to evaluate the condition of a board.

"Is it ok to buy a pre-built skateboard for a beginner?"

Here are my notes:

  • A beginner is asking if it is okay to buy a pre-built skateboard.
  • A complete skateboard from a reputable brand would be a decent choice for a beginner but may have some parts that are not so great.
  • Putting together your own custom skateboard may cost more, but it will be higher quality, last longer, and one can sell the parts if they quit.
  • Setting up your first board is a ritual, a rite of passage, and riding the board is much more enjoyable knowing that one picked and put everything together themselves.
  • A Redditor suggests buying a complete skateboard if low on cash; they bought an Almost brand skateboard, and the bearings were bad, and the deck was decent, lasting about five to six months until it got water-logged. The trucks were great, going from awful K-mart ones to these; it felt like a dream since they can turn. They lasted a year and bent when Ollie-ing down a three-stair.
  • A Redditor bought a complete board, changing only the bushings, and the board has been very good to them.
  • Another Redditor was initially in 2 minds about buying a complete but after a few months, they can’t say the experience has been bad. They are having a lot of fun, so if one is a beginner like them, it might be better to get an affordable one, at least while still finding your feet on the board.
  • If you can get a complete skateboard with name brand trucks for around $100 with all quality parts, including house brand wheels/deck/bearings, then go for it. Just don’t get one from Walmart or something.
  • The best move is to go to a local skate shop and tell them your budget since they are generally incredibly helpful and can point you in the right direction.
  • The discussion occurred 1 year and ten months ago.
  • The post received seven points.

"How can I justify buying a skate shop skateboard over an amazon one? Also, do you have any good amazon skateboard recommendations?"

  • User wants to move up to a bigger skateboard from a penny board to practice tricks.
  • Has found a good complete skateboard for $50 on skate warehouse but is wondering if it’s worth it to spend more money on a skate shop board.
  • User also asks for any good Amazon boards under $50 if he decides not to go for a skate shop board.
  • Commenter #1 says that skateboards from Amazon are crap and there is not any good quality product available in this category.
  • Commenter #2 advises user to spend the money more wisely and buy a complete board from a real board company for around $80. Furthermore, he mentions that Skate Warehouse currently has sales on complete skateboards, some of which fall within the $50 budget.
  • Commenter #3 recounts his cousin’s poor experience with an Amazon complete skateboard; bearings and bushings were trash and the deck was soggy and weak.
  • In summary, the webpage advises against purchasing a skateboard from Amazon and recommends going for a complete board from a real board company instead. Skate Warehouse is mentioned to have sales on some complete skateboards within a $50 budget.

"What is a good complete skateboard under a $100"

  • Reddit user asks for a recommendation for a good complete skateboard under $100, specifically looking for a brand or specific skateboard with the best value for money
  • Brands mentioned by users include Globe, Element, Santa Cruz, Polar, Indy, Thunder, Ace, Mini Logo, OJ Wheels, Tactics, CCS, and Enjoi
  • Users provide specific product recommendations for trucks, bearings, wheels, hardware, and decks
  • Specific product recommendations include Polar deck 8.5, Indy mid inverted kingpin trucks, mini logo precision skateboard bearings, OJ wheels, thunder trucks, tactics deck, and tactics wheels
  • Users give suggestions on downgrading the wheels or trucks if the total price exceeds the budget of $100
  • User recommends Autonomy Eliana portraits 7.75 skateboard complete, which is inexpensive, made of American maple deck, Ace truck 33s, Bronson G2 bearings, and 99a 54mm wheels
  • Users give advice on investing in good trucks, which last for years and make a noticeable difference in the skating experience, purchasing bearings such as REDs or super REDs, and avoiding cheap wheels that wear out quickly
  • Suggestion to consider buying second-hand gear from shops or online marketplaces
  • Some users recommend getting any complete from a deck brand while planning on upgrading trucks and wheels at a later time
  • User advises on not buying anything too expensive initially and suggests saving up for something more durable and higher quality
  • Discussion on what type of skateboard desired, with the user confirming it is a “normal skateboard”
  • Users note that any of the brands mentioned would work for beginners without plans to do extreme tricks or roughhousing
  • User advises not to purchase from Globe or Santa Cruz as they are not highly rated
  • Reminder to take care of the gear, such as avoiding the rain and angry smashing of the board
  • Users recommend local skate shops and in-store pickup options for potential lower prices or deals

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