July 18, 2023

best hybrid car

I researched various Reddit threads discussing hybrid cars, their advantages and disadvantages, and opinions on specific models. The sources were from subreddits such as r/whatcarshouldIbuy, r/electricvehicles, r/Cartalk, and r/Advice. The discussions were mostly recent, ranging from 1 to 3 years old. The consensus varied among users, with some strongly recommending hybrids for their fuel efficiency and lower emissions, while others had concerns about maintenance costs and battery life. Overall, the discussions provided valuable insights into various hybrid car options and factors to consider when making a decision.




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Toyota Hybrids
Honda Hybrids
Ford Hybrids
Hyundai Hybrids

Hyundai Hybrids

The Hyundai Tucson Hybrid was recommended based on Consumer Reports and its amenities in relation to its cost. However, availability might be an issue due to the ongoing pandemic and waiting periods for some SUVs.

Other Hybrids and EVs

Other hybrid options mentioned included the Kia Niro, Lexus CT200H, and the 2023 Kia Sportage. The Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota Sienna were also suggested as potential options. Some users recommended considering electric vehicles, such as the Ford Mach E or Ioniq5, for fuel savings and other benefits.

Concerns and Considerations

While many users praised hybrid cars for their fuel efficiency, some expressed concerns about maintenance costs and battery life. Others argued that hybrid cars might not be worth the extra upfront cost, especially for those who drive fewer miles per year. However, some users countered these concerns, stating that break-even points could be reached within 4-6 years, depending on the specific model and driving habits. Overall, the decision to purchase a hybrid car largely depends on individual priorities, such as fuel efficiency, reliability, comfort, and personal preferences. It is important to take into account the specific models, their features, and potential maintenance costs when making a decision.

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"Best plug in hybrid or full EV on the market?"

  • The webpage is a Reddit post wherein a user in r/electricvehicles is asking for recommendations on the best hybrid car or full EV in the market.
  • Users are discussing their personal experiences with what is considered the best car on the market right now, and those that are coming out in the next year or two.
  • A user who owns a Model Y and a Prius Prime suggests these two cars are the best all-around EVs as per their experience.
  • Another user suggests the EQS as it has a beautiful and spectacular interior, while another user disagrees and suggests that the Polestar 1 is the best PHEV with 619 HP and 52 miles of EV range.
  • Other PHEVs that are being discussed include the BMW X5 E, the Audi A7 TFSI e, Lexus NX 450H PHEV, and the Toyota RAV-4 Prime as the one to go for, which the poster is in love with.
  • Other users agree with the RAV-4 Prime suggestion, saying it’s the sweet spot for a PHEV with functionality and looks, but the Prime’s interior can be dull.
  • The Pacifica was also suggested to be the most useful PHEV in its class.
  • Users also discuss what to look for in a hybrid or PHEV car beside the best range or performance, like having a cool interior design or being fun to drive.
  • Some users suggest waiting until a good deal on a used PHEV arises while waiting for future BEV models.
  • The thread agrees that the hybrid or EV to go for is very dependent on each user’s needs.
  • Some users provide suggestions on cars that are dropping in the next year or two, such as the VW ID8, a non-deluxe version of the Lucid Air Dream, or the rumored Ford Explorer EV.
  • Users of the subreddit recognize the limitations of the current EV market, and that it’s expected to improve radically in the next few years, with better models and improved technology for the charging infrastructure.
  • The thread agrees that while the current EV technology is developing at an incremental but leisurely pace, the hybrid choices are much more flexible, and many appealing PHEVs are available like the Prime or the Pacifica that give the user the best of both worlds for a limited period until they are ready to adapt.

"[Long Post] I'm thinking of buying a Hybrid instead of a gas-only car for my next car and would like your thoughts on it."

  • The post discusses the decision to buy a hybrid car instead of a gas-only car based on factors such as gas mileage, reliability, and budget.
  • The poster currently owns a 2009 Toyota Matrix with poor gas mileage and is considering a Honda Accord Hybrid, Hyundai Elantra Hybrid, Sonata Hybrid, or Toyota Camry SE as potential replacements.
  • Availability of hybrid cars is limited in Canada due to the pandemic and chip shortage, making it difficult to find new options.
  • Some Reddit users recommend Toyota hybrids, as they are considered reliable and share the same technology as the Prius.
    • (3 karma) Toyota hybrids share the same time-tested technology used in the Prius. These cars can easily go 300K miles or more without major repairs.
  • Others argue that hybrid cars are overpriced and suggest getting a gas-only car with high gas mileage instead.
    • (2 karma) The Mazda3 is a great car with good fuel economy. The poster should do the math to see if getting a hybrid is worth the higher cost vs. fuel savings.
    • (1 karma) The poster’s friend suggests getting a gas-only family sedan like a Camry SE or Honda Accord instead of a hybrid. These cars get better gas mileage than the poster’s Matrix and are more affordable and widely available than hybrids.
    • (1 karma) One user would never get a hybrid due to the additional maintenance costs and would recommend a used gasoline car or a full electric car instead.
  • Some users note that hybrids have fewer moving parts and lower maintenance costs than gas-only cars and can often go hundreds of thousands of miles without major repairs.
    • (2 karma) Hybrids take away a number of internal combustion engine (ICE) parts that can fail over time, such as the starter, alternator, timing belt, and various pumps, and also reduce strain on others such as the transmission and brake pads.
    • (1 karma) Hybrids have less maintenance costs than conventional gasoline vehicles, and the engine rarely has to work hard or accelerate hard since it is always assisted by the hybrid battery and electric motors. This results in less strain on the engine and greater reliability in the long run.
  • Other users recommend looking into PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) as an alternative to traditional hybrids, as they have only one drivetrain and can typically be driven in all-electric mode for shorter distances.
    • (1 karma) Personally, this user would only consider a PHEV over a traditional hybrid due to the

"Best Hybrid Car right now"

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"2022 Hybrid SUV Comparison"

  • The webpage is a Reddit thread in the subreddit “r/whatcarshouldIbuy”.
  • It was posted 1 year and 3 months ago, and has 10 points.
  • The thread is about a comparison of four hybrid SUVs for someone who wants to get great gas mileage, with a budget of around $35,000, and is looking for something in the small size SUV market.
  • The four hybrid SUVs being compared are the Toyota RAV 4 hybrid, Honda CRV hybrid, Ford Escape hybrid, and Hyundai Tucson hybrid.
  • The OP lists their three priorities when deciding on the best fit for them: reliability, snow handling, and comfortable to drive.
  • A Reddit user recommends the RAV4 hybrid and Ford Escape hybrid for reliability, and the Honda CR-V hybrid and Tucson hybrid as the next best options.
  • The 2023 Kia Sportage hybrid and 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV are suggested as other SUVs to consider.
  • The CR-V is recommended as the most comfortable for rear passengers, while the Escape beats out the RAV4 in that department due to its slideable rear seats.
  • The OP mentions concerns about the RAV4’s highway noise level and seat comfort.
  • A Reddit user recommends the Tucson based on Consumer Reports and the car’s amenities in relation to its cost.
  • There is a discussion about difficulties in finding a dealer with the Tucson in stock and the long waiting periods for some SUVs due to the ongoing pandemic.
  • Another Reddit user recommends considering a base trim Subaru Outback as a potential alternative to a hybrid.
  • There are additional comments about the RAV4’s reliability and high MPG, experienced-based insights into driving these SUVs in the snow, and personal preferences for different models.
  • A Reddit user who purchased a 2022 RAV4 hybrid shares their positive experience with the vehicle so far, including its fuel efficiency and their perceptions of its road noise.
  • Finally, a Reddit user warns about the possibility of the corrosion cable affecting the RAV4.

"A reasonably priced hybrid that doesn't look boring?"

  • A Reddit user posted on the r/whatcarshouldIbuy subreddit asking for recommendations for a reasonably priced hybrid car that doesn’t look boring.
  • The user is not a ‘car person’ but is interested in tech, and was initially interested in a Tesla but they have a budget of $30k and does not think their lifestyle and financial goals would suit a Tesla purchase at this point in their lives.
  • The user is looking for a car that is ‘reliable, hybrid with good mileage, and doesn’t look completely boring.’
  • They are open to purchasing a used car if it’s a luxury or really reliable brand.
  • Toyota and Lexus hybrids are recommended as they are considered reliable. Specific recommendations include the Corolla, Camry, and RAV4 hybrids, as well as the Lexus ES300h.
  • The Honda Insight is suggested as a good-looking car with nice and reliable features. The Accord and Civic hybrids are also mentioned as options.
  • One user recommends the Ford Fusion Hybrid as an alternative that looks nice, although it’s not as well-built as a Toyota model. The interior is considered to be spacious and comfortable.
  • The Ford Fiesta ST is another suggestion, as it has solid reliability and performs well with good fuel economy. It also has a manual transmission.
  • One user recommends the Lexus CT200H as it is a luxury brand but may not suit the user’s budget.
  • The newer models of the RAV4 are also suggested.
  • The users who made recommendations had different karma points - one user had 6 karma, two had 2 karma, and three had 1 karma, and one has no karma count.

"Are Hybrid Cars worth it?"


  • A Reddit user asks if hybrid cars are worth it because of the better mileage per gallon and the lower cost of gas.
  • They mention being interested in a 2018+ Toyota Camry hybrid or Ford Fusion hybrid.
  • Some users recommend getting a hybrid car, specifically a Toyota hybrid.
  • One user has a Prius and gets 550 miles to a full tank by filling the tank once every 2 weeks. They also mentioned that hybrid batteries can last until 150k to 200k miles and that the money saved on gas can pay for the battery replacement and then some.
  • Another user said Toyotas are strong and can last over 250k miles with batteries lasting beyond their predicted lifespan.
  • One user recommended looking into the Kia Niro because of its spaciousness.
  • A user recommended against American-made cars, as they build unreliable products, while Japanese cars value quality over a dollar.
  • Another user suggested diesel cars, which have better fuel efficiency than gas and are environmentally friendly. They recommended getting a Volkswagen diesel that is relatively the same price as a Toyota and has no battery problems to worry about.
  • One user cautions that hybrid batteries have to be replaced at 100k miles and may cost $4-5k.
  • There is discussion about the environmental impact of hybrid batteries, but this is refuted with non-toxic hybrid batteries that can be fully recycled.
  • Advantages mentioned by users for hybrid cars include savings on gas, preparing for a less carbon-dependent future, hybrid cars being an excellent choice for money-saving, and heavy builds for safety in accidents while being extra easy to handle.
  • One user has a 2007 Camry Hybrid that they bought new and at 102,999 miles, is the best car they ever had.
  • There is a comment thread about the term “Japs” that goes off-topic.
  • Users also discuss if miles mentioned by another user are in miles or kilometers.

The webpage is essentially a Reddit thread discussing hybrid cars. The consensus is that hybrid cars are a great investment, especially Toyotas. Hybrid batteries can last up to 200k miles, well beyond their predicted lifespan. The discussion also included alternative car options like diesel cars, Volkswagen diesels, and the Kia Niro. Users mention potential cost concerns over hybrid battery replacement, but recommend that hybrids are a great way to save money on gas. The environmental impact of hybrid batteries is also mentioned, but was refuted through non

"Searching for the best hybrid suv"

  • A Reddit user is looking for advice on buying a hybrid SUV that gives great mileage, has stylish interior, and can perform well in cold climates.
  • The budget of the user is 50k, and the user intends to keep the car for a long time.
  • Toyota RAV4 is suggested as the best option, but the user is not too keen on its cramped interior.
  • The 2021 Mazda CX-5 is suggested as an alternative, but it has terrible gas mileage and no hybrid models.
  • Toyota Sienna is recommended as a viable alternative. It fits the user’s criteria for a vehicle price tag, mileage, interior, and AWD, however, some users are hesitant because it is a minivan.
  • Toyota Venza is also suggested as a good hybrid option with luxurious interiors and features, but users who own it mentioned it has poor cargo space.
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid is also suggested as another viable hybrid SUV that can give the user luxurious space and room.
  • Some Reddit users suggest that purchasing an EV like Ford Mach E or Ioniq5 can give fuel savings and other benefits.
  • Nissan Pathfinder is suggested as another option to consider.
  • A Reddit user suggests that the Toyota RAV4 feels cramped, and it has smaller trunk space than the CX-5 and Rogue.
  • The cargo size of various vehicles is discussed.
  • A Reddit user recommends the Toyota Venza as it fits all the user’s criteria for price, mileage, interior, and AWD.
  • Sienna and Highlander are also recommended as they both have luxurious interiors and are known for their great performance.
  • A user suggests the Ioniq5 because it is already available at dealers up and down both coasts.
  • Mach E and Ioniq5 have been mentioned multiple times because they offer fuel savings and other benefits.
  • A user recommends not taking the word “cramped” on Reddit seriously, as for him, the CX-5 is roomy even though it is the smallest car compared with RAV4 and Rogue.
  • Cargo size is a common topic among Reddit users. If you want luxurious space, go for Venza, if you want a big cargo area, you can check RAV4.
  • Several users suggest RAV4, Venza as the best hybrid options with great MPG and luxurious interiors.
  • Pathfinder, CX-5, and Highlander are also suggested as great car alternatives.
  • Some users discuss the gas mileage of Sienna, which is significantly lower than other options, and this is a common

"Would you buy a hybrid vehicle in 2021? Why or why not?"

  • A thread titled “Would you buy a hybrid vehicle in 2021? Why or why not?” was started on the subreddit r/whatcarshouldIbuy 2 years ago.
  • One user recommends hybrids, saying he has been driving one for 2 years and it offers payback within 10 years or sooner due to increased resale value. He also mentions lower maintenance costs and reduced engine emissions and noise as benefits of hybrids.
  • Another user asks if a hybrid is worth it for someone who plans to drive only 2.5k miles over the next two years and maybe 4,000 miles per year after that. A third user responds that the payback on hybrids vs. ICE (internal combustion engines) is a maximum of 4 years and even faster for models such as the Highlander vs. Highlander Hybrid.
  • A different user who switched to a hybrid from diesel and petrol cars says hybrid cars provide instant power with zero clumsiness on acceleration, making them ideal daily drivers.
  • Another user recommends hybrids for those who do mostly city driving but take longer road trips or can’t charge an electric car at home or work. Some local or state incentives might also make hybrids more cost-effective.
  • A user who recommends against hybrids believes there is too much stuff that can go wrong and that hybrids won’t last as long as ICE cars. They also argue that the extra upfront cost is often overlooked. However, another user disputes this conclusion, saying they compared the Corolla 2021 LE to the Corolla Hybrid base model and break-even occurs around 6 years at only 10,000 km/year.
  • Another user recommends hybrids for the increased power, more miles per tank, less wear on the engine, less pollution, and longer-lasting brakes. They also mention that hybrid SUVs are a second faster to 60 mph and that hybrid technology is improving.
  • One user expresses hesitation about buying a hybrid since they are waiting for EVs to improve and offer more charging points, but they haven’t decided yet.
  • Other users mention that hybrids offer a happy medium between ICE and EV vehicles, and many recommend hybrids such as the Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, and Honda Accord.
  • One user offers a fun fact that a Prius has better wind resistance than an F1 car due to its lower drag coefficient and frontal area.
  • Another user jokes that F1 cars need wind resistance to keep their wheels on the ground.

Overall, the webpage contains an insightful discussion among users about the pros and cons of hybrid vehicles.

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