July 16, 2023

Best bed cooler

During my research, I found several discussions on Reddit where users shared their experiences and suggestions for the best bed cooling solutions. The sources included discussions from the r/BuyItForLife, r/sleep, r/lifehacks, r/BedBros, and r/Mattress subreddits. There was a general consensus on some popular options, such as the ChiliPad, Ooler, and Eight Sleep products. However, there were also numerous individual preferences and experiences shared, making it difficult to determine a single "best" bed cooler. Overall, the discussions provided valuable insights and a variety of recommendations for cooling solutions.




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ChiliPad and Ooler

ChiliPad and Ooler

ChiliPad and Ooler bed coolers were frequently recommended in multiple discussions as effective solutions for hot sleepers. These water-based systems circulate water through a pad, providing customizable temperature settings that can cool users down to freezing. Users appreciated the ability to schedule temperature changes, making it possible to warm up the bed before getting in and cool it down later on. However, some users reported issues with the Ooler controllers and the longevity of the products.
Eight Sleep


BedJet is another option for those seeking a bed cooling solution. Users described it as somewhat difficult to set up, but effective once up and running. BedJet provides air-based temperature control and can be adjusted using a smartphone app.

Fans and Other Cooling Methods

Several users recommended using fans, such as the Vornado 733DC, to circulate air quietly and efficiently for a cooler sleeping environment. Other suggestions included using multiple pillows to regulate body temperature, placing a firm pillow between the knees and lower legs, and using weighted blankets with cooling covers. Overall, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to bed cooling, as individual preferences and experiences vary. It is essential to consider multiple options, read user experiences, and make an informed decision based on personal needs and budget.

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"Bed cooling/heating systems?"

  • The webpage is about bed cooling/heating systems that can regulate the temperature of a bed and help hot sleepers achieve better sleep.
  • Users recommend two products which are BedJet and Ooler.
  • A user recommends the sleep number dual temp mattress protector which is essentially the same concept.
  • A user mentions chilli-pad from the first site that can only cool up to around 10 degrees less than the room temperature is, and it may be good for normal people.
  • One user mentions that these products are better options than blasting AC or getting a separate cooling unit for the room.
  • Users recommend these products because they are effective in regulating temperature and can maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night, which is essential for a good sleep.
  • The BedJet is a little difficult to set up, but it works great once it’s up and running. A user rated it 11 karma.
  • Another user mentions that the website-based testimonials could be suspicious. Rated 2 karma.
  • An Ooler user says that it is the best thing they have ever bought and that it works great. They are particularly impressed by its functionality to schedule temperature, which can warm up the bed before they get in and cool it down later on. The temperature range is 60-118F, and it needs maintenance once a month to keep it running smoothly. A user rated it 10/10 and highly recommends it.
  • A user reports that they bought three cooling/heating units and they did not last long. They had trouble getting a hold of customer service to replace them while still under warranty. Rated 1 karma.
  • A user mentions that they use the sleep number dual temperature mattress protector every night. They leave it on fan-only mode, and it helps move air underneath the blanket. It is particularly helpful in cooling the bed. Rated 1 karma.
  • Another user recommends trying out the sleep number dual temperature mattress protector in a sleep number store if there is one nearby before making a decision. Rated 1 karma.
  • A user mentions that their dad uses chilli-pad and likes it, but it doesn’t work for him because he sleeps very hot and gets night sweats. Rated 1 karma.

"Recommendations for "Hot Sleepers""

  • Reddit thread titled “Recommendations for ‘Hot Sleepers’ “ from r/BedBros
  • Original post asking for comforter recommendations that are cooling enough for those who sleep hot, as well as other recommendations for sheets, mattress toppers, and other bedding products
  • Replies to the post include:
    • 100% cotton comforter (5 karma)
    • Cooling blanket (2 karma)
    • Ooler Pad (4 karma) and Chilipad (1 karma)
    • Light blanket designed for cooling (5 karma)
    • Bamboo sheets (1 karma)
    • Latex hybrid mattress (1 karma)
    • Dyson fan (1 karma)
    • Weighted blanket with bamboo cover (1 karma)
    • Bed fans (1 karma)
    • Commenter giving dietary and spiritual advice (-5 karma)
    • Joke comment about using meth to cleanse chakras (2 karma)
  • Commenters also discuss the benefits of keeping the room cool with air conditioning or open windows, and the use of sleep masks to block out light
  • Some commenters note that what works for one person may not work for another, and suggest purchasing items from places with generous return policies
  • Total of 12 comments with varying degrees of helpfulness or relevance to the query.

Note: The webpage does not provide a clear “best” bed cooler, but offers a variety of suggestions that may be helpful to someone who sleeps hot.

"best way to cool room down?"

  • User on Reddit asks for ways to cool down a room without AC, given $50 budget and living in a humid area
  • Users suggest several options, including a dehumidifier (1 karma), which would improve comfort level, but may increase temperature
  • Several more users suggest getting a window unit AC (1-3 karma), which would be more effective than any other solution, but likely outside of budget
  • Some users note that since OP lives in a humid area, solutions that rely on evaporation, cooling the body, or swamp coolers may not be effective (1-7 karma)
  • Some users suggest using a fan (6-22 karma), which can help a lot in combination with other methods, but alone may not do as much
  • Others recommend tactics to prevent the room from getting hot in the first place, such as keeping windows closed and blocking sunlight (34 karma)
  • Another user suggests getting assistance from local organizations or programs like Coops or mental health centers (26 karma)
  • Various suggestions include:
    • Having a tile or concrete floor (32 karma)
    • Keep no west-facing windows, or shade them (32 karma)
    • Mop floors and leave them wet (32 karma)
    • Keep the house shut up and dark (32 karma)
    • Don’t cook inside, cook outside (32 karma)
    • Take a cool shower and wear loose fitting clothes (32 karma)
    • Freeze gallon jugs of water, setting one in a tray with a fan blowing onto it for a DIY AC (25 karma)
    • Hang wet clothes and towels around the room for evaporative cooling (16 karma)
    • Freeze wet washcloths to put on skin (16 karma)
    • Use baby powder, take cold showers, keep electronics to a minimum, and cover windows that get full sun (16 karma)
    • Hang a wet towel around your neck to cool down (9 karma)
    • Use a used AC unit found on Kijiji or at garage sales (9 karma)
  • Other users make non-helpful or humorous comments of varying levels of sarcasm or absurdity (1-64 karma)

"I need a life hack to cool down my mattress"

  • User is having trouble sleeping due to getting hot too easily
  • Wool mattress pad is suggested and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, but initially has a slightly barnyard smell that goes away within a month or two (11 karma)
  • A latex topper is suggested as a solution to the issue (10 karma)
  • Natural fiber sheets/breathable sheets are mentioned as a potential solution (6 karma)
  • A memory foam gel pad is recommended but expensive. It can cause some discomfort due to too much warmth while sleeping (3 karma)
  • ChiliPad to regulate temperature is highly recommended but expensive (2 karma)
  • Another solution is to try bamboo sheets as they are cooling and rarely pill (2 karma)
  • A hammock may be more comfortable and has better airflow, but might take a few nights to get used to (1 karma)
  • Waterbeds can be used to regulate temperature and have different temperatures on both sides of the bed, but are likely expensive (0 karma)
  • Opening the window to allow fresh air and avoided high humidity in the room could help, as well as making sure to stay hydrated (1 karma)
  • Freezing a bottle of water and wrapping it in a towel can provide a makeshift ice pack (2 karma)
  • Liquid cooling pad for dogs could be placed under the fitted sheet (2 karma)
  • Keeping feet outside the blanket can help regulate body temperature (1 karma)
  • Going to bed earlier can promote cooler body temperatures as the night wears on (1 karma)
  • Someone recommends the Eight Sleep mattress designed for hot sleepers (1 karma)
  • Not all cooling solutions work for everyone (i.e. user experience with memory foam) (3 karma)

"Best “Cooling”mattress"

  • A user in r/Mattress posted about wanting a new mattress because they are a hot sleeper.
  • They are looking for a king-size bed and the user is a side-sleeper while their partner sleeps on their stomach and side.
  • Users in the comments recommend avoiding foam mattresses as they are notorious for sleeping hot.
  • Some recommended materials include bamboo sheets and latex wool and cotton beds.
  • Some specific recommended beds include the Alexander Signature Hybrid, Nectar Luxe, Luxe Breeze from Tempurpedic, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora or Sedona, and Purple hybrids.
  • A user specifically recommends the SleepEz organic bed as the coolest option with a decent price point.
  • One user highlights the active cooling features of Eight Sleep Pod Pro, a cooling mattress topper.
  • Other suggested solutions include using cooling mattress covers, temperature controlling pillows, and investing in fans.
  • There is debate over whether Tempur-pedic mattresses sleep cool or not, with some users recommending Luxe Beze for optimal active cooling.
  • A user disagrees with the notion that a mattress alone can provide cooling and recommends investing in breathable sheets and changing bedding for the season.
  • Another user suggests investing in a mattress that can offer personal settings for temperature control and airflows.
  • Some users recommend hybrid mattresses while others recommend latex mattresses, and some recommend both as high-quality options.
  • Some users warn about the high cost of certain cooling mattresses and suggest that quality and cooling features can be found in more affordable mattresses.
  • Users are encouraged to do research into the materials used in mattresses that they are interested in.
  • Reddit users generally agree that a mattress can greatly affect quality of life and that it is worth investing in a comfortable and cool sleep experience.

"hot sleeper, what are some bedding you swear by?"

Relevant: True Importance: 9 Notes:

  • Reddit post on r/BuyItForLife about products and brands that help hot sleepers sleep cooler
  • One user suggests the Eight Sleep product for hot sleepers
  • Another user recommends Chili pad or Ooler bed cooler to sleep cooler at night
  • A user asks if the Ooler bed cooler and Chili pad go under the fitted sheet and what do they feel like
  • Some users say they are similar to a heating pad or electric blanket, but instead cooling pad
  • Another user shares that the Chili pad and Ooler bed cooler are water-based systems that circulate water through the pad. They have different temperature settings and can cool you to freezing
  • One user advises to spend on quality sleep if any individual spends a good portion of their life in the bed
  • Other users suggest using linen or pure cotton light blankets which are breathable, lightweight, and help hot sleepers sleep better. Brands mentioned include Quince and Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Comforter
  • Some users prefer to have no layers, while some prefer only having a light sheet or a very light, thin blanket
  • It is suggested to avoid microfiber materials
  • One user recommends using a good fan, such as the Vornado 733DC, which circulates air quietly and efficiently for a peaceful sleep
  • Some users prefer using multiple pillows while sleeping, which can help regulate body temperature
  • One user recommends using a weighted blanket of 25 pounds for a “single” blanket
  • Another user recommends placing a firm pillow between their knees and lower legs to help sleep better and cooler
  • Users discuss the longevity and maintenance of these products
  • Some user shared reviews they read about the performance of the Chili pad
  • A user said they purchased the Ooler bed cooler this year and they are pleased with their purchase
  • One user advised others to sleep naked with a moderate weight blanket
  • Another user reminded other users to ditch their comforter unless it’s genuinely cold out and there’s no heating
  • A few users provide links to the sites where individuals can buy these products, including Ross, TJ Max, Macy’s, and Amazon
  • Many users express their gratitude for the suggestions and help
  • A few users joke about how fancy or luxurious these recommendations seem to be

"Active Bed Cooling Systems // Some Experiences"

  • Title: “Active Bed Cooling Systems // Some Experiences”
  • Written 1 year, 11 months ago on r/sleep
  • Author prefers very cold sleeping environments, and has tried several HVAC efficiency improvements to achieve this
  • Reviews different aspects of each system, including positives and negatives, durability, features, app usability, and customer support
  • Systems reviewed and experiences shared:
    • Chilipad with Cube controllers (July 2019)
    • Oolers (upgraded to in August 2019)
    • ChiliBlanket with an Ooler controller (experienced for several days as replacement for Ooler)
    • Moona cooled pillow (mid-July 2021)
    • Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover (ordered three months prior to post, added review update in Dec 2022)
    • briefly mentions Embr watch as not helpful
  • Provides pricing information for each system
  • Shares some of the author’s personal experiences with each system:
    • Experienced issues with the Ooler controllers, the blanket’s weight and cooling ability, and the Moona’s form factor and scheduled auto-on function; liked the Moona’s cooling ability and benefit to sleep hygiene
    • Found the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover to have a higher quality and more reliable performance than any previous system; appreciated the device’s ability to track sleep profiles, fill notifications, and wake-up features but experienced discomfort due to the tightness of the sleep cover that alters the feel of the mattress and the sleep-staged cooling profile as it’s implemented in the app
  • Devotes a section to the author’s wishlist for additional features, specifically the ability to download a log of temperature the Ooler unit registered throughout the night and a better sleep-staged cooling profile in the Eight Sleep app
  • Updates post in Dec 2022 to reflect continued satisfaction with Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover
  • Overall preferences:
    • Dislikes Embr watch, finds Kryo customer support to be helpful but experiences issues with Ooler functionality and durability; not satisfied with Moona customer support’s lack of response but finds the device to be beneficial to sleep hygiene
    • Currently prefers the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover, finds its performance to be reliable and high quality
  • Karma review of post: 16 points

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