June 20, 2023

the best restaurants in Raleigh NC with a skyline view

I researched the best restaurants in Raleigh, NC with a skyline view by examining six sources, including Reddit discussions, Yelp search results, and a Visit Raleigh blog post. The sources provided mixed reviews and varied recommendations, with some consensus on a few restaurants, such as The Willard, 10th and Terrace, and Wye Hill Kitchen + Brewing. However, there was also a discussion on what constitutes a skyline view and the geographic area of downtown Raleigh. Given the mixed opinions, the uncertainty level remains moderate.




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10th and Terrace

10th and Terrace is mentioned as having an amazing view of Raleigh's cityscape in a Reddit discussion. The restaurant is listed among the best outdoor restaurants in downtown Raleigh. However, there are no additional quotes or detailed descriptions available from the sources researched.
The Willard
Wye Hill Kitchen + Brewing

Wye Hill Kitchen + Brewing

Wye Hill Kitchen + Brewing is mentioned in the Visit Raleigh blog post as a place with sweeping views of downtown Raleigh's skyline. The restaurant is a brewpub specializing in chef-driven, vegan- and vegetarian-friendly bar food. This option seems to cater to a wider audience looking for skyline views and diverse food options.

Clouds Brewing

Clouds Brewing is recommended on Yelp as a great spot to grab a beer and a bite to eat, with a nice view of the downtown Raleigh skyline. The location also offers a rooftop open-air bar. Clouds Brewing might be a good option for those looking for a more casual dining experience with a skyline view.
Boylan Bridge Brewpub

Boylan Bridge Brewpub

Boylan Bridge Brewpub is mentioned in a Reddit discussion as having a great view of downtown and being a place where users could sit on the deck for hours to watch the world go by. However, the restaurant received mixed reviews in another Reddit discussion, with some individuals expressing dissatisfaction. This option might be worth considering, but it has received mixed feedback.
The Cortez Seafood + Cocktail

The Cortez Seafood + Cocktail

The Cortez Seafood + Cocktail is rated 4 stars on Yelp and described as having "stunning views" and a visible skyline. Additionally, the restaurant features freshly-prepared seafood with local products and offers a rotating selection of fresh oysters obtained both locally and nationally. The Cortez could be an attractive option for those looking for a seafood dining experience with a skyline view.
Level7 Rooftop Bar and Lounge

Level7 Rooftop Bar and Lounge

Level7 Rooftop Bar and Lounge is rated 4 stars on Yelp and praised for its "amazing views" and "360-degree views of downtown Raleigh". This option could be a good choice for those looking for a rooftop bar experience with a panoramic skyline view.

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  • The webpage provides a curated list of over 50 restaurants and places to dine outdoors in Raleigh, NC, ideal for fall weather.
  • The list includes restaurants with large patios, intimate tables for two, rooftops, and tent setups.
  • Lynnwood Brewing Concern and Wilson’s Eatery share a massive outdoor dining space.
  • Prime Barbecue in Knightdale serves brisket, sausages, pulled pork, and all the other smoked meats and side treats you could ask for.
  • St. Roch Fine Oysters + Bar serves flawlessly-fresh and expertly shucked oysters with an array of accompaniments.
  • Rosewater Kitchen & Bar brings a European-style neighborhood bistro to life with a menu of sharable dishes complemented by American wines, craft cocktails, and local beer.
  • Irregardless Café is one of Raleigh’s oldest and most revered restaurants and named one of OpenTable’s top 50 restaurants in America for vegetarians.
  • Jimmy V’s Osteria + Bar serves modern Italian favorites paired with local beers, craft cocktails, and a cozy ambiance on the open-air patio.
  • Mulino Italian Kitchen & Bar serves hand-made pasta or wood-fired pizza while sitting poolside in Mulino’s secluded courtyard.
  • Jolie features “le rooftop,” open to customers on a first-come, first-served basis. It is a critically acclaimed French bistro.
  • Margaux’s Restaurant has been a neighborhood staple for nearly 30 years and serves an ever-changing menu with a side of Southern hospitality.
  • Sitti serves authentic Lebanese, and Gravy has a pasta sauce named after it.
  • Bittersweet is a coffee, cocktail, and dessert hangout that hits the spot for date nights, remote work sessions, and more.
  • The Cortez features freshly-prepared seafood with local products and offers a rotating selection of fresh oysters obtained both locally and nationally.
  • Sam Jones BBQ serves whole hog barbecue that’s served with sweet coleslaw and a generous portion of cornbread. It came from a long line of family that knows Eastern-style barbecue and is renowned for it.
  • Kō•än has a menu focused on sharing food that celebrates the unsung heroes of Southeast Asian cuisine.
  • Humble Pie Club has dinner fare that’s meant to share, and a brunch menu that draws guests from across Raleigh.
  • Gringo A Go Go serves chilaquiles and margaritas.
  • Bowstring Pizza and Brewyard serves wood-fired pizzas, local beers, and craft cocktails out of a


  • Lists Top 10 Best Restaurants With a View near Raleigh, NC 27608 on Yelp.
  • Sponsored Results:
    • Mention’s a restaurant with a seating arrangement that wasn’t conducive to conversation, but the food was ‘good’.
    • A restaurant that wasn’t the couple’s first choice but was the only option. Doesn’t mention anything about the food.
    • Raleigh Crab House - a Cajun-style seafood restaurant located in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Restaurants with the view of Raleigh skyline:
    • Mentions The Willard restaurant being wanted to try with pictures of a great view. They sat at a table outside with some of the best views of Raleigh. It offered cocktails, flatbread pizza, and views during the golden hour.
    • The star is for capturing the view of the Raleigh skyline. It isn’t a fast-food restaurant, and not to expect the service to be quick.
    • The place provides a nice view but has a moderately priced drinks menu.
    • Up close and personal view of the kitchen.
    • Glenwood Avenue - a tropical greenery-adorned restaurant that offers a front seat view of the bustling street below.
    • A top restaurant upon viewing; doesn’t mention the view.
    • Great service and an awesome view of the open…
    • The view was great - doesn’t mention anything else about the restaurant.
  • They have added a section titled “Can’t find the business?” with a call-to-action for businesses that are not listed and can be added to Yelp for free.
  • The page has a “Related Searches in Raleigh, NC” section. It has only restaurants with a view in popular locations. Examples:
    • The Melting Pot - a fondue restaurant in Durham that offers a view.
    • The Sky Room - a locally-owned rooftop restaurant that is the highest in the Chapel Hill area.
    • The Bridge Club - a cocktail bar in the heart of downtown Raleigh.
    • Clouds Brewing - a craft beer bar with over 40 taps, two levels, and a view of downtown Raleigh.
  • The page contains a “Related Talk Topics” section. The eminent topic is “Downtown Durham” and the following are the sub-bullets:
    • Downtown Durham is awesome!
    • Bar Virgile for great cocktails.
    • Alley Twenty-Six also.
    • The Durham Hotel has a rooftop bar with a nice view.
    • The GrEAT Mongolian Grill in Cary appears to have closed for good.


  • Yelp search results for “restaurants with a view” in Raleigh, NC
  • Sponsored Results: First Watch, Raleigh Crab House
  • All “restaurants with a view” results: includes The Willard, Pilot House, The Cortez Seafood + Cocktail, The Terrace at Seaboard Station, Clouds Brewing, Whiskey Kitchen, Level7 Rooftop Bar and Lounge, Roy’s Raleigh, The Stateview Hotel, Tobacco Road Sports Cafe
  • Related Searches in Raleigh, NC: “skyline view restaurants”
  • Most of the restaurants are located in downtown Raleigh, with a few just outside the city center
  • Each restaurant has a brief description, its address, website, phone number, and ratings/reviews from customers (including date of visit and sometimes the number of people in their party)
  • Ratings range from 3.5-5 stars, with most restaurants earning at least 4 stars
  • Some of the more highly rated restaurants with skyline views include:
    • The Willard (4.5 stars, “spectacular views”)
    • The Cortez Seafood + Cocktail (4 stars, “stunning views,” “you can see the skyline”)
    • The Terrace at Seaboard Station (4 stars, “great views,” “amazing skyline”)
    • Clouds Brewing (4 stars, “awesome outdoor patio,” “nice views of the skyline”)
    • Level7 Rooftop Bar and Lounge (4 stars, “amazing views,” “360-degree views of downtown Raleigh”)
    • Tobacco Road Sports Cafe (4 stars, “nice balcony with views of downtown Raleigh”)

"Where is the best place to take photos of Raleigh's skyline?"

  • The post on r/raleigh titled ‘Where is the best place to take photos of Raleigh’s skyline?’ is nine years old, has 14 points and contains recommendations from multiple users.
  • One user recommends the bridge and another user recommends the grounds of Dorothea Dix for skyline photos.
  • A few users recommend locations that can provide a view of the skyline while in a car, including the South Saunders and Western Blvd intersection and Exit 298B off of 40.
  • A user suggests the top of the new parking deck next to the new science museum, which is absolutely deserted and provides amazing views 11 floors up.
  • A user suggests Wake Forest at the Beltline as a great vantage point, although unsure where a photographer would set up to get a shot.
  • Another user recommends chartering a small aircraft to fly near the downtown area for $100-$150, suggesting Total Flight Solutions out of Louisburg.
  • Only one user suggests a restaurant with a skyline view that the post contains; the bar/restaurant in the Holiday Inn on Hillsborough Street.
  • The user claims it has an “interesting perspective” as it is up fairly high. They recommend going there during a quiet time, mentioning that the restaurant has no trouble with customers taking photos out of the window.
  • One user comments on the best time to take these photos, suggesting sunrise or sunset.
  • Additionally, one user mentions that they love the view of downtown and could sit on the deck of Boylan Brewery for hours to watch the world go by.

"Raleigh Skyline from Origin Hotel"

  • Picture of Raleigh skyline taken from the Origin Hotel
  • Post on Reddit with 302 upvotes
  • Post is 1 year, 11 months old
  • Three comments on the post:
    • One user recommends “Good day, Good night” restaurant for their Margarita pitcher - 15 karma
    • Another user thanks the OP for sharing the picture and says they haven’t seen that view before - 1 karma
    • A third user says they love the view but the buildings are not in the best shape - 1 karma

"15 of DOWNTOWN RALEIGH’S Best Outdoor Restaurants"

  • The webpage lists 15 outdoor restaurants in downtown Raleigh, some of which have a skyline view.
  • User reviews in the comments section are mixed. Some individuals express dissatisfaction with Boylan and Carolina Ale House, and some suggest other places not on the list; MoJoe’s Burgers, Moonlight, Mellow Mushroom, and Armadillo Grill.
  • One user recommended Remedy Diner as having a great backyard spot.
  • Some of the restaurants on the list that may have a skyline view include:
    • 10th and Terrace
    • Raleigh Times Bar
    • Carolina Ale House (mixed reviews)
    • Irregardless Café
    • Chuck’s
    • Boylan Bridge Brewpub (mixed reviews)
    • Calavela Mexican Restaurant
    • The Rooftop Bar at the Durham Hotel
    • The Pit
    • Sitti
    • José and Sons
    • The Oxford
    • Sitti and Gravy both have large patio seating areas
    • Vidrio Wine Bar
  • A few individuals suggest that the list does not necessarily identify the BEST places, but rather restaurants that have outdoor seating, in general.
  • Users engaged in a discussion regarding the geographic area of downtown Raleigh, with some individuals suggesting the downtown proper was only a few blocks between Moore Square and Nash Square, while others suggested anything within the 90 square blocks bounded by North, South, East, and West streets, and development and density since both 1792 and the growth that started within the last generation.
  • There was also a discussion regarding different perceptions of what constituted a skyline view and what areas are considered downtown Raleigh and what ones are not.
  • Specific restaurants receive both praise and criticism from commenters, with some remarks being:
    • “10th and Terrace has an amazing view of Raleigh’s cityscape!” (+1 karma)
    • “If you’re in the mood for some more upscale food and a gorgeous view head over to Death & Taxes.” (+1 karma)
    • “I’m not really picky when it comes to fried things drenched in buffalo sauce. Haha” (+1 karma)
    • “Boylan only has a great view if you have the narrowest vision ever.” (+14 karma)
    • “The amazing part is I have never had the same server and it has always been the same level of awful. I guess they’re going for consistency.” (+1 karma)
    • “MoJoe’s is definitely tops in the Triangle for burgers.” (+1

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