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best piano practice rooms nyc

I conducted research on the best piano practice rooms in New York City by examining various Reddit threads discussing this topic. The sources ranged from 10 years old to recent discussions, and the suggestions provided varied in terms of pricing, location, and availability. While there seems to be a consensus on a few popular practice room options, many other suggestions were offered with varying levels of support. Below, I break down the most frequently mentioned and supported options, as well as some alternatives and additional information on finding piano practice rooms in NYC.




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Michiko Studios

Michiko Studios

According to a Reddit discussion from 3 years ago, Michiko Studios near Times Square offers hourly rates for practice rooms with pianos available. Another user in a separate thread also recommended Michiko Studios, mentioning that the studios charge $16/hour for studios DEF or G. This option appears to be one of the more popular and affordable suggestions for piano practice rooms in NYC.
National Opera Center

National Opera Center

In another Reddit thread, the National Opera Center on 7th Ave was mentioned as an affordable option for piano practice rooms. Rehearsal studios with pianos are available for as cheap as $10/hour. This option provides a cost-effective choice for individuals looking to practice piano in New York City.
Greenwich House Music School

Greenwich House Music School

Greenwich House Music School in West Village was suggested in a Reddit discussion as a place to find piano practice rooms. While no specific details on pricing or availability were provided, this option could be worth exploring for those looking to practice piano in the West Village area.
Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music was mentioned in a Reddit thread as a place that used to offer practice room rentals for cheap rates, with each room having a full-size piano. It is unclear if this option is still available, but it could be worth looking into for those seeking affordable practice rooms in Brooklyn.

University Practice Rooms

Some Reddit users suggested checking with local colleges and universities to see if they allow non-students to use their practice rooms. This option may be more difficult to access, as some institutions may have restrictions on non-students using their facilities. However, it could be a potential option for those who are willing to explore various campuses.

Public Libraries and Churches

A few users suggested using pianos at NYC public libraries, which may be free but may require a library card and advance reservations. Another user recommended checking with local churches, as some may have pianos available for practice. These options may be more limited in availability and may require planning ahead, but they provide potential free or low-cost alternatives for piano practice in the city.

Other Options

Some users discussed the possibility of finding shared and co-working spaces with pianos available for use. While specific suggestions were not provided, this could be an avenue worth exploring for those looking for more unconventional practice spaces. Additionally, a few users suggested purchasing a digital piano or electronic keyboard as a more affordable option for practicing at home.

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"music practice space in NYC?"

  • A reddit user was looking for somewhere cheap or free to practice music between things while spending three days in New York. [3 karma]
  • The music building near 39th & 8th Avenue has rehearsal space. [n/a]
  • There are also a number of rehearsal/recording studios on 30th/8th. [n/a]
  • Indieambassador.com lists the top five NYC rehearsal spaces for a band on a budget.
  • Another reddit user had a fondness for the Sweatshop in Brooklyn, which is good for rock bands. [2 karma]
  • Opera Center of America is $10/hour for a beautiful studio with a piano. [3 karma]
  • A reddit user suggested going to the Shetler Studios on west 54th street for the best rates. The penthouse rooms there are small, with unreliable, but cheap pianos. Same-day bookings get discounted. [2 karma]
  • A reddit user discouraged going to the music building (39th and 8th), because the guy who runs it is super sketchy, and it’s filthy. They suggested renting a space three times the size of the room you’d get there, in a place where you don’t share the space, and it is half the price. [1 karma]
  • The description of an upright piano set up under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO in a nice little area, was also recommended to the initial Reddit user. [1 karma]
  • One Reddit user claimed the entire layout of the Sweatshop in Brooklyn smells like piss. [1 karma]

"Places to practice piano?"

Page: https://www.reddit.com/r/cmu/comments/22ywq0/places_to_practice_piano/

  • Reddit post from 9 years ago (April 2014) on finding piano practice rooms on CMU campus
  • User post title: “Places to practice piano?”
  • User is a person who plans to continue playing piano and would like to know if there are places on campus to practice piano privately
  • Some users provide recommendations for various locations on campus with pianos:
    • Donner house basement - 2 piano practice rooms (at time of posting, living in Donner not required to use them)
    • Morewood - 2 practice rooms with pianos on first floor
    • Stever - 1 piano
    • Mudge - 1 baby grand piano in public lounge
    • Res on 5th - 1 piano
    • West Wing - 1 piano
    • Hamershlag - 1 piano
  • One user recommends contacting Sharon Johnston’s office in the School of Music building for access to music major’s practice rooms equipped with individual practice rooms with 1 or 2 pianos each
  • Several users caution to be respectful of music majors who need the rooms for their coursework
  • One user recommends trying to get access to practice rooms on the CFA building’s (College of Fine Arts) third floor, which has upright Steinways in good condition, some of which might have special permission required for access
  • Another user cautions that non-majors may not be allowed to use the CFA practice rooms, but suggests that it may be possible to get special permission for access
  • One user recommends trying to take private piano lessons at CMU even if not a music major, but notes that they can be quite expensive
  • Another user notes that the Baldwin grand piano in the organ room in CFA (south end of first floor) is the best piano on campus but only available for certain purposes and may only be accessed through organ lessons
  • One graduate student in piano comments that piano practice rooms (especially ones with pianos that are worth a damn) are very limited on campus and heavily used during peak hours (around 10am-7pm), so it may be best to avoid using them then
  • They also recommend being mindful of piano and vocal majors who need the rooms for their coursework
  • They suggest that people are more likely to be okay with non-majors using the CFA rooms in the evenings or early mornings, but recommend

"Recommendation - Building with a piano/practice room"

  • Request for recommendations for apartments in Manhattan that have a practice room with a piano as an amenity.
  • OP plays piano and wants regular access after not having access for a decade.
  • 170 Amsterdam on the UWS is the only building mentioned that fits the description.
  • Recommendations for piano lessons for adults are welcome.
  • Users provide alternative suggestions if finding an apartment building with a piano is difficult.
    • Join a community band.
    • Find access to a practice room outside of the home.
    • Rent a separate practice room.
    • Purchase a pressure-sensitive keyboard with a pedal for personal use.
  • Pianist also weighs in on rarity of pianos in apartment buildings, and suggests International House apartments near Columbia have access to practice rooms.
  • User suggests finding a church with a piano to work something out with a minister.
  • No other apartment building recommendations are made.
  • Comments have low karma, ranging from 2-4.

"Where to practice piano?"

  • Reddit thread from 4 years ago discussing piano practice rooms at Cornell University.
  • Several options mentioned including Lincoln Hall, RPCC, and dorms on North and West for upright and grand pianos.
  • Lincoln Hall is the main location for piano practice rooms where uprights and grand pianos are available.
  • Lincoln Hall offers 24-hour access to grand piano keys for $100 a semester, and you can also reserve times for grand piano rooms.
  • Uprights/keyboards are unlocked and free for anyone to use.
  • Dorms on North and West have pianos in lounges.
  • RPCC has a grand piano and an upright on 2F, but people are usually studying there.
  • WSH has two grand pianos, one is in the library (where people usually study) and one in the memorial room (where there’s often events) but I’ve seen people practice there.
  • Cornell Piano Society is mentioned as a resource to ask questions about piano availability on campus, find out about events, and they also have student lessons if you want to teach/take them (they provide a grand piano key if you teach lessons).
  • Two users discuss the fee for practicing in Lincoln Hall and believe it to be either $75 or $100 depending on whether it is for reservations or 24-hour access.
  • A user in the comments section asks about the price for booking these piano practice rooms and gets referred to the music department’s website.
  • Another user shares that grand piano rooms have schedules on the doors, meaning they can be reserved.
  • Some users mention that some practice rooms may already be occupied and to be respectful of other students’ needs.
  • Lincoln Hall is mentioned to not be too far from North, just over the main bridge to campus.
  • One user suggests practicing in Sage Hall on the weekends when it is usually empty.
  • Another user suggests using the Glee Club’s practice pianos, but it is unclear how accessible they are to non-club members.

"Practice rooms with piano?"

  • User asked for suggestions on good places to practice piano in NYC, including any free options
  • Brooklyn Conservatory of Music used to rent practice rooms for cheap rates, and each room has a full-size piano. (User with 6 karma suggested)
  • Michiko Studios near Times Square offers hourly rates for practice rooms with pianos available. (User with 3 karma suggested)
  • Greenwich House Music School in West Village has practice rooms available. (User with 1 karma suggested)
  • Another user suggested piano practice rooms at the New York Piano Academy in Bushwick but did not provide further information on pricing or availability. (User with 1 karma suggested)
  • Some users suggested using pianos at NYC public libraries, which may be free but may require a library card and advance reservations.
  • One user suggested checking with local churches, as some may have pianos available for practice.
  • Another user suggested checking with local colleges and universities to see if they allow non-students to use their practice rooms.
  • Others recommended searching for shared and co-working spaces that may have pianos available for use.
  • There were a few comments from users cautioning that some practice rooms may have limited hours or require advance reservations. Some users emphasized the importance of checking the soundproofing of practice rooms to avoid disturbing neighbors.
  • A few users suggested buying a digital piano or electronic keyboard as a more affordable option for practicing at home.
  • One user suggested using the Simply Piano app as a virtual practice tool.
  • Another user suggested contacting the Yamaha Piano Salon in Midtown Manhattan to see if they offer practice rooms.

"Musicians of NYC, where do you practice?"

  • This is an old Reddit thread from 10 years ago in which a singer moving to NYC was looking for advice on where to practice apart from their apartment.
  • A commenter suggests practice studios that can be rented for a fee. Some are in the Village, some around 34th & 8th, and the farther west, the more they are rock-oriented. They provide further context that logistics impact the availability of rehearsal spaces with heavy equipment, as vans full of amps and drums find it easier to park on the West Side.
  • Another suggestion is Turtle Bay, a music school on 52nd St. between 3rd and 2nd. It is mostly for classical and opera but also has pianos for jazz musicians and folk singers. Rooms come with or without pianos, the latter going for a cheaper hourly rate. The place is open to anyone who wants to rent time there and is noted for its heating in the winter. However, it has poor AC for the summer. Teachers who are not affiliated with the school are not allowed to rent rooms to teach.
  • A redditor suggests Pearl Studios on 8th and 35th. Musicians can rent small rooms with a piano for $20/hour, but they tend to get booked often.
  • Other commenters suggest the subway as a place to practice for its acoustics, but some say it’s not a real option.
  • Another recommendation is 6/8 studio in the East Village, which is highly rated for its quality and affordable pricing.
  • One redditor suggests finding a band share, and they mention that they found one on Craigslist in Greenpoint for $230/month for two nights a week and that it offers more convenience than hourly rentals.
  • In response to a redditor who asked about areas and sounds in NYC for musicians, a commenter shares information on the different neighborhoods, clubs, and scenes one can explore and how they evolve over time.
  • Some redditors suggest cross-posting the query to the NYCmusicians subreddit and ask for further advice if needed.
  • The original poster is thankful for all the suggestions and notes that some of their inquiries could only be answered by people with real knowledge of the NYC music scene.

"Practice Rooms in New York City"

  • A Reddit user on r/piano asked for suggestions on places where they could practice the piano in New York City for free or cheap
  • One user suggested that they could try sneaking into the practice rooms of universities. They claimed they used to do that at their university even though they weren’t a music student.
  • Another user commented that this is only an option if the music buildings are left unlocked, which can be harder to find in NYC. They also added that music students often need to use practice rooms and won’t appreciate outsiders using their resources.
  • Michiko Studios on 46th St was recommended by a user. The studios charge $16/hour for studios DEF or G.
  • The National Opera Center on 7th Ave was suggested by another user. They mentioned that rehearsal studios with pianos were available there for as cheap as $10/hour.
  • Another user recommended CAP21 as a possible place to practice. They linked to rentals available on their website which were around $20, although they added that some rentals were a little cheaper.
  • The user who suggested CAP21 also included the address of the studios: 18 West 18th St.
  • One user noted that some people have found cheaper options for piano practicing in NYC.
  • Comments from Reddit users on the post received upvotes ranging from 1-7.

Overall, the webpage contained suggestions for places to practice the piano in New York City that are relatively affordable. These suggestions included Michiko Studios, the National Opera Center, and CAP21. In addition to these, one user suggested attempting to use the practice rooms in universities, although they noted that it can be challenging to do so in NYC, and that music students may object. The comments on the Reddit post received few upvotes, but the information shared by users could be beneficial for someone looking for a place to practice the piano in NYC.

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