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I researched various sources, including food blogs, review websites, and Reddit discussions, to gather information about Italian restaurants in Portland. There was a general consensus on several highly recommended Italian restaurants, but individual preferences varied depending on personal tastes and experiences. The sources I referred to include Eater Portland, Yelp, OregonLive, Stacker, Global Grasshopper, and Reddit discussions from r/askportland. While the sources provided a range of perspectives, it's essential to consider individual preferences when choosing an Italian restaurant in Portland.




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Nostrana is highly recommended by Reddit users, who describe it as having fantastic pizza and pasta, great wine, and a very Italian atmosphere. It has also been mentioned as Portland's longtime Italian standard-bearer, with roots dating back to the storied prix-fixe palace Genoa.
Mucca Osteria

Mucca Osteria

Mucca Osteria is often mentioned alongside Nostrana as one of the best Italian restaurants in Portland. The restaurant is known for its tender tagliatelle with braised boar ragu and an extensive wine list that has attracted wine-industry professionals for years.


Luce is recommended for its homey atmosphere and mainly pasta dishes, with Reddit users describing it as a classic and easy choice for Italian food.
Piazza Italia

Piazza Italia

Piazza Italia and its sister restaurant, Piazza Italia Beaverton, are known for their authentic Italian dishes like cannolis and tiramisu. Many Reddit users, especially east coasters, highly praise Piazza Italia and compare it to old-school Italian restaurants.


Gumba, previously a food cart, offers innovative and creative Italian food with seasonal ingredients. It is also listed among the best Italian restaurants for delivery in Portland.
Ava Gene's

Ava Gene's

Ava Gene's is known for its seasonal Italian dishes and its chef's focus on Oregon ingredients. It has been referred to as a favorite among Reddit users for not being unnecessarily fancy or total crap.


Allora is described as a casual cafe right out of Rome and is recommended by Reddit users for its relaxed atmosphere. In conclusion, there is a rich variety of Italian restaurants in Portland, Oregon, catering to different tastes and preferences. Nostrana, Mucca Osteria, Luce, and Piazza Italia are among the most frequently mentioned and highly praised options. However, it's important to consider personal preferences and the type of dining experience you're looking for when choosing an Italian restaurant in Portland.

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  • The webpage provides a list of 30 Italian restaurants in Portland, Oregon, with their addresses, type of cuisine, price range, and detailed ratings for food, service, value, and atmosphere.
  • The list ranks the restaurants based on Tripadvisor’s algorithm, which takes into account the average rating and the number of reviews for each establishment.
  • Some of the restaurants have brief descriptions of their food and atmosphere on their respective pages on Tripadvisor.
  • The average rating for the 30 restaurants ranges from 4.0 to 5.0 out of 5, with the majority of restaurants having a rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • The price range for the restaurants is mainly $$$, with some that are $-$$$ or $$$$.
  • Pizza is a type of cuisine offered by nine of the restaurants.
  • The most common type of cuisine offered by the restaurants is Italian, with some also serving American, French, Mediterranean, and dessert.
  • The most highly rated restaurant, based on the average rating and the number of reviews, is Staccato Gelato, which has a rating of 5.0 out of 5 with 290 reviews.
  • The second-highest rated restaurant is Renata, with a rating of 5.0 out of 5 with 276 reviews.
  • The restaurants ranked in positions 28 to 30 have ratings of 4.5 out of 5, while those in positions 1 and 2 have a rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • The restaurant with the highest number of reviews is Mama Mia Trattoria with 588, followed by Apizza Scholls with 568, and Piazza Italia with 544.
  • The webpage has a photo of each restaurant, usually showing the outside of the establishment or a plate of food.
  • The descriptions of the restaurants usually mention their specialties, such as pastas, pizzas, or gelato, as well as the atmosphere of the establishment, whether it is cozy, romantic, or casual.
  • The restaurants are located in different areas of Portland, such as North Portland, Pearl District, Southeast Portland, and Eastside.
  • The list of restaurants was last updated in April 2021.


  • W is a webpage that lists 16 of the best Italian restaurants to check out in Portland, Oregon.
  • W provides the name, address, and description of each restaurant, along with details about the type of food they serve, ambiance, popular dishes, and whether they offer vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free options.
  • Each restaurant description includes a brief overview of the restaurant’s history, style and philosophy of dining, and key highlights of the menu.
  • Pasta dishes are featured prominently in most Italian restaurants, but some offer antipasto, meat entrees, classic pizza, and other Italian dishes.
  • The restaurants have different styles and ambiances, ranging from cozy, traditional trattoria to upscale and modern dining in a chic atmosphere.
  • The webpage notes that some restaurants have outdoor seating areas, and some offer private dining rooms to host special events.
  • Opening and closing hours vary by restaurant, with some opening for lunch, happy hour, or dinner only, or offering take-out as well as dine-in options.
  • W lists the restaurants by name and number, and includes their address, phone number and website.
  • Some of the Italian restaurants listed have been in business for over 20 years, while others are newer and offer modern twists on traditional Italian cuisine.
  • Many of the restaurants feature locally sourced and organic ingredients, and some offer dishes made with seasonal ingredients.
  • Some Italian restaurants include a small grocery store on site where customers can purchase items such as pasta, olive oil, and Italian wine.
  • W is authored by Scott Balaam, a travel and culture blogger and Instagram user who has lived in Italy, Qatar, Ireland, the UK and the US and has traveled extensively throughout the world.

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  • The webpage provides a list of Portland’s 10 best Italian restaurants in nearly every neighborhood throughout the city.
  • The author notes the impressive variety of Italian cuisine in Portland, from red-sauce spots pouring 20-year-old Barolos to food carts with wide sheets of uncut pasta drying in the windows.
  • The author mentions the restaurants’ price point and provides details on their contact information.
  • Accanto, a neighborhood-friendly restaurant that outlived its predecessor, has one of Portland’s best pastas and offers both rustic and refined Tuscan dishes. Their standout dishes include the bucatini all’amatriciana with nicely rendered guanciale or the lumache shells with fresh ricotta and sweet corn.
  • Ava Gene’s, located in Southeast Portland, has a chef who fetishizes Oregon’s ingredients. Their standout dishes include the super al dente pasta and the Ayer’s Creek’s plump Borlotti beans with sliced garlic and rosemary on a piece of toasted Ken’s Artisan bread. They offer traditional Italian dishes in line with Oregonian cuisine.
  • Bar Mingo, a Northwest Portland restaurant, offers fresh pasta from chef Jerry Huisinga and has evolved into one of the author’s favorites in Northwest Portland, a fine place to grab a glass of wine or eat some of Portland’s tastiest risotto.
  • Firehouse, located in Northeast Portland, serves Italian snacks, beautifully charred Neapolitan pizzas, solid cocktails, and the occasional pasta in a brick-and-wood space with a pretty patio. Their standout dishes include Caesar salad, arancini, and wood-fired pizzas.
  • Gino’s has the best wine list in Portland, offering a quasi-completist approach to Barolo. They have an old oak bar and are best for classic wines.
  • Luce, located in East Burnside St., serves simple and more delicate pasta than the average Italian restaurant. Their standout dishes include spaghetti, either agli olio or with buttery clams, and a plain of medium-rare salted rosemary hanger steak soaking in its own juices.
  • Mucca Osteria, located in Southwest Morrison St., serves towering caprese salads, credit-card-thin slices of lamb carpaccio, and classic pastas in a brick-walled space alongside the rumbling MAX trains. Rich tiramisu is a must-have for dessert.
  • Nostrana, located in Southeast Morrison St. is Portland’s long-time Italian standard-bearer, and remains the neighborhood Italian joint of quite a few

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"What is the BEST Italian restaurant in Portland?"

  • r/askportland thread from 6 months ago on high-quality Italian restaurants in Portland.
  • Multiple users recommend Nostrana, Mucca Osteria, and Tartuca.
  • “Fantastic” is the most common adjective to describe Nostrana and Mucca Osteria.
  • Praise for Tartuca’s pizza and pizza crust.
  • All Of Garden recommended semi-sarcastically as a “super unknown secret of Portland.”
  • Different types of Italian restaurants recommended. “Fancy”: Mucca Osteria. American-Italian: Gino’s. Classic easy: Luce. American-Italian but fancy: Lucca. Italian for lunch: Grassa.
  • One user seeks recommendations for good angel hair w pink sauce and saffron risotto.
  • Mixed reviews for Lucca, with one user not a fan but another concurring with previous recommendations.
  • Luce is recommended for a “down-home, more unique meal.”
  • a Cena Ristorante noted for being “molto bene.”
  • Piazza Italia highly praised by east coasters and compared to old-school Italian restaurants. Good deli counter for Roma style meats. One user calls it “the only place that comes close” to east coast Italian food in Portland.
  • Nonna Emilia’s recommended by one user but noted as being “often too salty” by another.
  • Positive reviews for Di Nicola’s, which is noted as one of Portland’s last Italian mom and pops. Some mixed reviews described as “not fancy” but “comforting and tasty.”
  • Gumba recommended as “always so good.” No comments on food quality.
  • Montelupo recommended for picnic table relaxed style by one user and compared to Fillmore Trattoria for being of the same quality but more of a fancy sit-down.
  • One user suggests Gabagool, which is no longer in business but hoping to return in a new location.
  • Ava Gene’s praised by one user and as a “favorite” for being “not unnecessarily fancy or total crap.” Another user confused as to why Ava Gene’s is so highly recommended, as s/he had a bad experience with the pork dish. Some recommendations for Cafe Mingo and Justa Pasta.
  • Despite some mixed reviews, most users agree on the quality of the recommended restaurants.

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"Where can I find some great Italian food in Portland?"

  • Reddit thread discussing recommendations for Italian food in Portland.
  • Original poster asks for recommendations for old school Italian places, great pasta, pizza, and Italian markets that serve food.
  • Multiple recommendations for different types of Italian restaurants, including old school, casual cafes, and East-coast style Italian-American.
  • Specific restaurant recommendations include Nostrana, Luce, Allora, Cibo, Renata, 3 Doors Down, DiNicola’s, Nonna Emilia, Piazza Italia, Gino’s, Montelupo, a Cena, Fino, Casa Italia, Bella’s Italian Bakery, Gilda’s, La Bottega, Sebastiano’s, and Gabagool.
  • Several comments also discuss specific dishes or items to order at certain restaurants, as well as personal anecdotes or experiences.
  • Some recommendations indicate the price range of the restaurant.
  • Several people comment on their positive experiences at Nostrana, mentioning it has great pizza and pasta, great wine, and a very Italian atmosphere.
  • Multiple comments recommend Luce for pasta, describing it as homey and mentioning their tortellini and brodo dish.
  • Allora is recommended as a casual cafe, and is compared to places in Rome.
  • Cibo is recommended for their great happy hour and good pizza.
  • Renata is mentioned for their amazing fresh pasta.
  • 3 Doors Down is described as pretty old-school Italian-American, and recommended to get the penne alla vodka.
  • DiNicola’s is recommended for excellent classic and unassuming Italian food.
  • Montelupo is recommended for their small market and tasty pasta dishes, specifically their Mafaldine and Pappardelle, and is described as consistently delicious.
  • Nonna Emilia is recommended for their delicious Italian food and pizzas.
  • Bella’s Italian Bakery is recommended for their amazing breads, pastries, sandwiches, and sfogliatelle, and occasionally has them on the right day.
  • Gilda’s is recommended for their really good sauce.
  • La Bottega in Vancouver is recommended for being on the money every time.
  • Sebastiano’s is described as a Sicilian market that popped in Montavilla this year and is recommended for their delicious sandwiches and pastries.
  • Gabagool in St. John’s is described as very good.
  • Gino’s in Sellwood is recommended for their amazing food.
  • La Buca is recommended for being pretty damn good.
  • Campana Restaurant is recommended.
  • Pastini is recommended for pasta cravings.
  • Ball


  • The webpage provides a list of the 10 best Italian restaurants in Portland, OR as reviewed by customers.
  • Each restaurant listed includes a brief description and review.
  • The list is ranked based on customer ratings and reviews.
  • The “Related Searches” section provides a list of other popular Italian restaurants in Portland.
  • The “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” section offers information on the best Italian restaurants for delivery in Portland.
  • The section lists five Italian restaurants that offer delivery to customers in Portland, including Grassa, Piazza Italia, Casa Italia On Division, Mucca Osteria, and Gumba.
  • The website displays customer reviews for each of the five delivery Italian restaurants listed in the “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” section.
  • The customer reviews highlight each restaurant’s best dishes and service quality.
  • The website offers a link where additional Italian restaurants can be found.
  • The page has a sponsored result section that includes reviews and recommendations for different types of restaurants, including Italian.
  • The sponsored result section presents a range of customer reviews on the restaurants and typically a link to the restaurants’ website.
  • The sponsored section includes a coffee shop offering various espresso options and energy drinks.
  • The webpage includes an option to add Italian businesses to Yelp for free.
  • The page provides a “Can’t find the business?” section that allows users to search for an Italian restaurant that is not on the list.
  • The website’s “More Nearby” section provides a list of additional Italian restaurants that are not in the top 10 but still good and nearby.
  • The “More Nearby” section lists six Italian restaurants in Portland that offer different dishes and service.
  • The page offers a “Related Articles” section that offers tips and other relevant information on finding the best Italian restaurants in Portland.
  • The page has a DOI number and the date it was last updated, which is May 2023.
  • The “Sponsored Results” section presents ads from different types of restaurants, including Italian.
  • The sponsored results consist of customer reviews and recommendations for each restaurant.
  • There are multiple award dishes of various types of pasta and the best Pizza, which is a specialty of many Italian restaurants in Portland.

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  • Portland has built itself a remarkably robust Italian food scene in recent years, including osterias and trattorias, wood-fired pizzas, handmade pastas, and Italian food carts and markets for in-home dining.
  • Eater has compiled a list of 22 Italian restaurants and food carts in Portland.
  • Certain restaurants offer classic Italian dishes, while others provide innovative Italian American fusion.
  • Some Italian restaurants feature grilled fare and sandwiches.
  • Gumba (previously a food cart) and Grand Army Tavern both offer heaping portions of meatballs, while others like Ava Gene’s serves seasonal Italian dishes.
  • North Portland’s Ragazzi Pizza Co. is known for its pies topped with ricotta and local produce.
  • Those who want a taste of Sunday family dinners can visit Storico Fresco Alimentari or Tastebud.
  • Lovely’s Fifty Fifty also serves wood-fired pizza, seasonal salads, and ice cream.
  • Mucca is known for its tender tagliatelle with braised boar ragu down to the deep wine list that made it a wine-industry hangout for years.
  • Lardo is the pasta equivalent of Grassa - fast, affordable, reliable, and tasty.
  • La Buca serves Italian-American fare like chicken Parm.
  • Piazza Italia and its sister restaurant, Piazza Italia Beaverton, specialize in authentic Italian dishes, like cannolis and tiramisu.
  • Burrasca offers Tuscan-style cuisine.
  • At Del Merei Grille and Market, customers can shop for ingredients for DIY pasta dishes.
  • Campana serves a variety of Bruschetta, which acts as sort of an amuse-bouche, followed by entrees with creamy polenta or seasonal vegetables.
  • Nonna’s Cucina & Bar offers classics like lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs.
  • At Angel’s, the menu includes fried chicken smothered in marinara sauce and mozzarella, along with chicken cacciatore and lasagna.
  • Ken’s Artisan Pizza offers wood-fired pizza with a healthy dose of creativity.
  • Lucca offers a wide range of Italian-American cuisine, from minestrone to chicken Florentine.
  • Fratelli offers hearty Italian dishes, like gnocchi, meatballs, and chicken cacciatore, and pizza with toppings like smoked salmon and flank steak.
  • Sizzle Pie has pizza options featuring pickles or vegan sausage, along with classic pies.
  • Italian Fisherman serves options like sea

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