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where to buy typewriters

I conducted research on where to buy typewriters by examining various sources, including online stores specializing in selling vintage typewriters, articles offering advice on purchasing typewriters, a Reddit discussion, and reviews on different categories of typewriters. There was general consensus among the sources on the types of typewriters available and the factors to consider when purchasing them. The sources provided a mix of recommendations on where to buy typewriters, both in-person and online.




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Vintage Typewriter Shoppe

The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe is a veteran-owned online store that has been in business for over 19 years, offering excellent to mint condition antique and vintage manual typewriters and supplies. Their typewriters are fully functioning and have been degreased, cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and tested, and come with a warranty. The website is divided into several categories, including portable typewriters, standard typewriters, foreign language typewriters, and accessories and supplies.

Typewriters 101

Typewriters 101 offers advice on purchasing typewriters, mentioning that there are two main types: desktops and portables. They discuss various factors to consider when buying a typewriter, such as model, style, era, and historical background or backstory. The website suggests looking for typewriters in-person at antique stores, garage sales, and typewriter repair/sales shops, as well as online options like eBay, Etsy, and Goodwill.

Reddit Discussion

A Reddit post in r/typewriters discusses buying typewriters, with users sharing their experiences purchasing them from eBay, as well as checking thrift stores and Craigslist for metal-bodied typewriters, and suggesting not to spend more than $75 on a typewriter.
Jot & Tittle Typewriters

Jot & Tittle Typewriters

Jot & Tittle Typewriters is a business that sells refurbished and restored typewriters and provides advice on factors that go into the price of a vintage typewriter, such as age, condition, brand, color, availability, demand, original paperwork/cases, cost to acquire, and level of service or repairs done.

Gadgets Reviews

Gadgets Reviews provides a review of the four most popular categories of typewriters: Mechanical, Electromechanical, Digital, and Electronic. The website lists specific typewriter models within each category, such as the Manual Royal Typewriter, Qwerkywriter S Typewriter, American Crafts Typewriter, and Nakajima Electronic Typewriter.


Chairish is a website that discusses the potential of vintage typewriters as decorative and functional items in homes and offices. They suggest creative ways to incorporate typewriters into various settings, such as using them as guest books at weddings, creating specialty documents or labels, setting up a family messaging center, and encouraging children's creativity.

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  • Typewriters are making a comeback in recent years, and there is a demand for them.
  • “New” typewriters currently sold online are cheaply manufactured in China and lack the quality of original machines.
  • There are two main types of typewriters: desktops and portables. Desktops are heavy and durable, while portables are lightweight but lack features to save space.
  • Styles and types of typewriters vary. The art-deco style featured on 1920’s and 1930’s models are always valuable and attractive, but some of those machines aren’t great for heavy and reliable use. Some people choose a typewriter from 1970 for writing a novel than a machine from the 1920s.
  • Model, style, era, and historical background or backstory of the typewriter can all impact the value of the machine. European or Italian typewriters are typically more expensive.
  • There are many different places to buy typewriters, both in-person and online. In-person stores include antique stores, garage sales, and typewriter repair/sales shops. When purchasing a typewriter in person, a buyer should evaluate the cosmetic and mechanical condition of the machine.
  • If a buyer chooses to buy a typewriter online, other websites similar to the webpage are available that buy, clean and service, and then resell typewriters to buyers. There are also online auction websites that sell typewriters including eBay, Etsy, and Goodwill. These websites host many un-knowledgeable sellers, but there are few reliable dealers who sell on both websites.
  • To evaluate a typewriter’s cosmetic condition, the paint, labels, chrome, and more should be considered. When evaluating mechanical condition, a potential buyer should test every function on the typewriter.
  • Sticky keys are normal and easily fixed, but major issues can be costly to fix. An ideal option when choosing a typewriter repair/sales shop is one where all repairs are already complete and the machine is ready to type.
  • Additionally, prices vary depending on the model, style, era, and historical background or backstory of the typewriter.

Overall, W is highly relevant to answer the query for where to buy typewriters. The page provides extensive information on what a potential buyer should consider when buying a typewriter, including the different types and styles of typewriters, the cosmetic and mechanical condition of a typewriter, and where to buy typewriters in person and online. W also provides valuable insights into the historical background


  • The webpage provides a review of the four most popular categories of typewriters, namely Mechanical, Electromechanical, Digital, and Electronic typewriters.
  • Mechanical typewriters are manual typewriters that were the first in the market and operate by striking an ink-soaked ribbon onto the paper.
  • Electromechanical typewriters feature a wall plug, regular mechanical keys with some enhanced features, and an automated carriage return function.
  • Digital typewriters come fully digitized and designed to pair with Bluetooth devices or USB ports to print letters to the screen, while Electronic typewriters provide a fully digitized experience with automated centering, underlining, and carriage return functions.
  • The Manual Royal Typewriter is a compact yet easy-to-use typewriter with a 12.5-inch carriage and maximum print width of eleven inches. It features the standard eighty-eight characters on black and red nylon ribbon and comes with a sturdy carrying case, making it more portable.
  • The Qwerkywriter S Typewriter is a unique typewriter that combines a mechanical typewriter and a wireless keyboard with dual knob encoders and complete USB/wireless device connectivity. The Qwerkywriter can be paired with up to three wireless devices at once, allowing the user to type multiple messages simultaneously.
  • The American Crafts Typewriter is a retro design typewriter that adds an artistic touch to any writer’s study. With a base metal construction and multiple ink ribbon colors, it’s possible to create interesting invitations, cards, and artistic layouts.
  • The Nakajima Electronic Typewriter is an intuitive electronic typewriter with a wide thirteen-inch carriage, automatic centering, underlining features, and the ability to erase entire lines or characters.
  • The webpage provides a table listing 9 typewriters, their specifications, and prices.
  • The webpage explains the criteria for choosing the best typewriter, such as finding a machine that combines the features of a mechanical typewriter and a wireless keyboard, considering the brand’s reputation, and ensuring that the device is customizable, easy to use, lightweight, and sturdy material.
  • The page reviews typewriters that cost between $200-$260 and lists their advantages and disadvantages to help the buyer make an informed decision based on their specific needs.
  • The webpage notes that traditional electronic typewriters are nearly obsolete due to the personal computer’s advent and offers tips on what to consider before purchasing a digital typewriter.
  • Digital typewriters offer nearly every feature of more


  • The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe is a veteran-owned and operated online store that has been in business for over 19 years.
  • They specialize in offering for sale excellent, to mint condition antique and vintage manual typewriters and supplies.
  • The writing machines offered on the website are fully functioning and have been degreased, cleaned, oiled, adjusted, and tested, including the installation of new ribbons.
  • The site claims that they come with a 1-year to 5-year warranty and that if a warranty issue arises, the shoppe pays shipping both ways.
  • The website does not offer repairs or restorations; it only sells manual typewriters.
  • Their customer service is highly focused on providing buyers the best experience possible, offering a 100% money-back guarantee (including return shipping) and free shipping to U.S addresses since 2004.
  • They also claim their typewriters to be of the highest quality available, stating that anyone looking for the finest, original vintage and antique typewriters offered anywhere in the world need not look any further.
  • The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe links to a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” page that explains their commitment to their customer’s happiness.
  • The typewriters for sale are divided into several categories, including:
    • Portable Typewriters
    • Standard Typewriters
    • Foreign Language Typewriters
    • Accessories and Supplies
  • The shop has a category for “Featured Items,” showcasing a few specific typewriters, as well as a “New Additions” section.
  • The site is simple in design, but aesthetically pleasing, with a vintage theme that showcases both the typewriters and the accessories in beautiful photographs.
  • The menu bar across the top of the page allows users to access links to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages.
  • The site’s homepage features a quote from a Tom MacDonald song: “Welcome to the system, everyone’s a victim.”
  • The bottom of the page has a copyright notice that states that the rights to all pictures, written content, and other content are reserved and cannot be used without written permission from the Vintage Typewriter Shoppe, Inc.
  • The copyright notice also requests that individuals use the word “Typewriter” in any email correspondence.

"Buying a typewriter: Where to start?"

  • The webpage is titled “Buying a typewriter: Where to start?” and was posted 7 years ago on the subreddit r/typewriters.

  • The user who authored the post expressed their interest in buying a vintage completely manual typewriter. They do not want an electric typewriter and prefer a typewriter with a metallic housing versus a plastic housing.

  • Recommendations were solicited for what the best brands of typewriters to buy are, and how much a decent price for a typewriter is.

  • The post inquired about whether typewriters require different types of ribbons, or if they use universal ones.

  • One user responded to the post with advice on buying typewriters on eBay, including setting a price point and sticking to it, finding models of interest, checking past sold listings, looking for broken typewriters to repair, and putting in a search radius of 50 miles to explore nearby physical stores.

  • Another user on the post shared their personal experience with buying their first typewriter from eBay. They recommend buying from somewhere where the typewriter can be tested beforehand and using online sellers that offer returns or exchanges.

  • The post also included a discussion on the standardization of typewriter ribbons across different types of typewriters, with one user claiming that most manuals use universal ribbons.

  • A user shared a list of typewriters they purchased through eBay, including an Olympia SM9 with a wide carriage for $40, an Olivetti-Underwood 21 (Olivetti Studio 44) for $39, and an Olivetti Lettera 32 for $25, which required a wipe down and a replaced drawband.

  • Another user recommended checking thrift stores and Craigslist for typewriters, especially metal-bodied ones, and cautioned against spending more than $75.

  • One user joked about how buying typewriters can become addictive and result in having a large number of them.

  • Finally, one user recommended against buying online, but rather buying in person to test the typewriter, and shared a store in Los Angeles called “Star Typewriter” with a large collection of typewriters.


  • Article discusses factors that go into the price of a vintage typewriter:
    • Age: Older typewriters typically have a higher price.
    • Condition: The typewriter’s working condition is important for determining its value.
    • Where you purchase the typewriter: Prices vary depending on the reseller.
    • Brand (Make/Model): Some brands are more expensive than others.
    • Color: The original manufacturer color is more valuable than repainted ones. Some colors are more in demand than others.
    • Availability & Demand: The rarity of the typewriter and its popularity determine its price.
    • Original paperwork/cases: Rare typewriter accessories or manuals add value.
    • Cost to acquire: Resellers pay more for typewriters, which raises the price to the buyer.
    • Level of service or repairs done: Refurbished or restored typewriters cost more.
  • The author created a chart of recommended prices for typewriters in good, working condition based on the brand and model:
    • Smith Corona Electrics (1940-50s): $225 -$295
    • Smith Corona Electrics (1940s-50s), special colors: $275-$350
    • Smith Corona Electrics (1960s-70s): $140-$199
    • Smith Corona Manuals (1930s – 50s): $250+
    • Smith Corona Manuals (1960s-70s): $130 – $175
    • Corona (1900s-1920s): $275 – $450
    • Royal (1900 – 1920s): $300 – $800
    • Remington (all dates): $199 – $400
    • Olympia (all dates): $275 – $550
    • Olivetti (all dates): $225 – $400
    • Hermes: $300 – $695
    • Sears (Royal): $125 – $190
  • The author recommends purchasing a typewriter from a reseller who has performed some level of service or repairs on the machine for optimal performance. She explains that prices for these machines vary depending on their level of restoration.
  • The author mentions her business Jot & Tittle Typewriters, which sells typewriters on Etsy and updates their inventory every Saturday.
  • The author shares her personal opinion on repainting typewriters into fun colors.
  • The article includes recommendations for what to look for and questions to ask when buying a typewriter:


  • The website specializes in selling vintage and antique typewriters.
  • Typewriter models available include Royal, Remington, Underwood, LC Smith Corona, Corona, Olympia, etc.
  • Investment grade typewriters are priced in the range of low $600’s to high $900’s. Some are much higher.
  • Prices are based on condition, make, model, color, font, scarcity, rarity, warranty (90 day, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year or 5 year) and consumer demand.
  • Most available typewriters sell via customer requests before being listed.
  • The website mentions that some typewriters have already been sold.
  • New listings of typewriters were expected to be added soon at the time this webpage was created.
  • A quote from Saint Augustine references taking care of one’s body and soul.
  • The owner of the website, Scott, changed their listing time to 9 PM EST by customer suggestion to give everyone an opportunity to view the typewriters on a larger screen and/or away from work.
  • The website uses “SOLD!” to indicate that an item is sold and no longer available for purchase. “NEW” indicates that the item has been recently listed on the site.
  • Some available typewriters have extras included in the price.
  • The website mentions that most typewriters sell via customer requests before being listed; it is not necessary to list if someone is already in line to buy it.
  • The website lists several examples of typewriter models that have been sold.
  • A copyright statement notes that all rights, including pictures and written content, are reserved and cannot be used without written permission from The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe, Inc.
  • Correspondence with the owner of the website should include the word “Typewriter” in the subject line.
  • The website was created in 2004 and is named


  • In a world of taps, swipes, downloads and digitizing, a vintage typewriter can seem woefully antiquated — more of a novelty than a vehicle for the next great American novel.
  • Vintage typewriters still have plenty of potential when considered not as trailblazing tech but as relics ripe for reinvention.
  • Antique typewriters are ripe for reuse in ways that are both fully functional and totally fun.
  • The page lists four ways to add vintage typewriters in homes and offices:
    • Super-Charge the Guest Book with a Vintage Typewriter
      • A vintage typewriter can be used instead of a typical guest book at a wedding.
    • Optimize an Office with an Antique Typewriter
      • Unlike printers that struggle to print on anything that doesn’t fall within the paradigmatic 8” x 10”, vintage typewriters can accommodate papers with a myriad of different thicknesses and sizes.
      • They can be used as a specialty appliance that can type up recipes on index cards or on gift labels.
      • They can also be used to slide children’s artwork through a vintage manual typewriter’s ribbon to clearly mark it with a name and date before hanging it on the fridge (or retiring it to a stockpile in the closet).
    • Pass on Post-It Notes with a Vintage Typewriter
      • Refashioning a refurbished vintage typewriter as a place to work on a continual family ledger.
      • A vintage manual typewriter can be used as the center of a family’s messaging center in a high-traffic area, such as a kitchen or an entryway.
      • Hung above an antique manual typewriter, a bulletin board is a spot-on place to affix your family’s dispatches.
    • Add Novel Appeal to a Playroom with an Old Typewriter
      • The typewriter can become far more than just a decor piece but a functional learning tool as well.
      • Encouraging kiddos to type on one can be a masterful lesson in precision.
      • A red, blue or aqua typewriter will be all the more appealing to your little writer.
      • Olivetti released a fire engine model known as the “Valentine” in the 1960s that collectors covet.
      • Part of the appeal of the Hermes model is its keys, which feature a contrasting mint green color.
  • Chairish offers a good selection of old typewriters for sale.
  • Happy typewriter shopping!

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