May 10, 2023

Where to get cheese in San Francisco

I researched various sources, such as blog posts, cheese shop websites, and Yelp reviews, to gather information on where to get cheese in San Francisco. There was a general consensus on some of the top cheese shops in the city, including Cowgirl Creamery, Bi-Rite Market, Little Vine, and Say Cheese. The sources were relevant to the original query, and I am confident in the recommendations provided.




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Bi-Rite Market

Bi-Rite Market

Bi-Rite Market is known for its extensive cheese selection and knowledgeable employees who can guide customers through their choices. However, the prices at Bi-Rite Market can be quite high, so it's advised to ask for $15 wedges instead. They offer a wide variety of cheese, including comté, manchego, feta, and special varieties like L’Amuse gouda from Amsterdam, and Essex Street feta from Lesbos.
Cowgirl Creamery

Say Cheese

Say Cheese is another popular cheese shop in San Francisco, serving reasonably-priced wines and a superb range of cheese and charcuterie. Their cases include artisan local cheeses, rare imports, and Old World classics. Customers on Yelp have praised Say Cheese for its excellent cheese selection and friendly staff.

Other Notable Cheese Shops

In addition to the shops mentioned above, there are several other cheese shops worth visiting in San Francisco. Some of these include Mission Cheese, which focuses on American artisan cheeses and offers sandwiches and regional wines; La Fromagerie, with a selection of over 40 cheeses from France, Italy, and Spain; Cheese Boutique, which offers about 100 hand-picked cheeses from India to Italy; and 24th Street Cheese Company, known for its pungent and stinking cheeses, diverse beer choices, and salumi alternatives.

Cheese Plus

Cheese Plus is another option to consider, as they provide a wide selection of artisanal cheese that is cut to order and cared for by their expert cheese mongers. They also offer free seasonal tastings, a diverse selection of wine and beer, and a sidewalk cafe that serves coffee, fresh pastries, and their famous sandwiches.

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  • San Francisco is home to the best artisan cheese stores and dairies.
  • Bi-Rite Market has the best cheese selection and knowledgeable employees to guide you through the choices.
  • Cowgirl Creamery has award-winning cheese available at Ferry Building Marketplace.
  • Try Sidekick Cafe at Cowgirl Creamery for warm cheesy meals.
  • Little Vine offers 75 different types and 300 wines, perfect for picnics.
  • Lucca Delicatessen has a variety of cheeses that are aged on the same rack as salami and prosciutto.
  • Lucca Delicatessen uses organic cheese from producers who don’t use hormones created via genetic engineering.
  • Rainbow Grocery has a variety of regional Californian cheese, including handmade, raw, goat, sheep, cow, water buffalo, and more.
  • Say Cheese serves reasonably-priced wines and has a superb range of cheese and charcuterie.
  • Mission Cheese offers artisan cheese, meats, sandwiches, and regional wines.
  • La Fromagerie has a selection of over 40 cheeses from France, Italy, and Spain.
  • Cheese Boutique has about 100 hand-picked cheeses from India to Italy.
  • The 24th Street Cheese Company provides diverse beer choices, salumi alternatives, and pungent and stinking cheeses for amusement at onlookers.
  • The prices at Bi-Rite Market are very high, and you are advised to ask for $15 wedges instead.
  • The cheese selection at Little Vine is reasonably priced, with a third of the types of cheese available for around $20.
  • The owner’s intention when the wine and cheese bar Mission Cheese launched was to “Celebrate American Cheeses.”
  • At Lucca Delicatessen, you can find Locatelli Pecorino Romano and Rocca Parmigiano-Reggiano.
  • Rainbow Grocery stocks various types and kinds of regional Californian cheese.
  • Try the luxurious Sottocenere cheese, an aged cow’s milk cheese from Italy seasoned with nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, liquorice, cloves, and fennel and laced with truffles, at La Fromagerie.
  • Cheese Boutique is also well-known for their homemade baba ghanoush, tabouli, and other Middle Eastern dishes created every week in the rear.
  • Gordon Edgar stocks the main case of Rainbow Grocery with various types and kinds of regional Californian cheese.
  • Cheese from Cowgirl Creamery has received recognition and has won awards.
  • Mission Cheese


  1. William Cross Wine Merchants & Wine Bar
    • 50 reviews
    • Located at 2253 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109
  2. Bi-Rite Market
    • 2 entries in different locations, one at 3639 18th St and another at 550 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA
    • 110 and 233 reviews respectively
    • Categories: Grocery Store, Beer Store, Butcher Shop
    • Love the sandwiches, but some of the entitled white cashiers are rude
    • Achiote Chicken Sandwich recommended by Toma Schneider
  3. Say Cheese
    • 856 Cole St, San Francisco, CA 94117
    • One entry with 1 review and comments for a rude owner, Paddy Doherty
  4. Irving Subs
    • Located at 1298 12th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122
    • 459 reviews
    • Categories: Sandwich Shop, Cheese Shop, Takeout Restaurant
    • Great place to pick up sandwiches and eat them in Golden Gate Park.
  5. Mission Cheese
    • Located at 736 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
    • 305 reviews,
    • Categories: Wine Bar, American Restaurant, Cheese Shop
    • Expensive and wine is more recommended than the food by Marcelo Dozzi
  6. ENO Wine Bar
    • Located at 320 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102
    • 64 reviews,
    • Categories: Wine Bar, Bar, Cheese Shop
    • Heather Dunmoyer recommends the bar but spent all of their money there.
  7. Mission Bay Wine & Cheese
    • Located at 114 Channel St, San Francisco, CA 94158
    • 94 reviews,
    • Categories: Liquor Store, Cheese Shop, Liquor Store
    • Keith Laverty recommends the wine which you can take home. Friendly neighborhood place.
  8. San Francisco Wine & Cheese
    • Located at 141 1/2 Gough St, San Francisco, CA 94102
    • 88 reviews,
    • Categories: Wine Store, Cheese Shop, Sandwich Shop
    • Felix Green is enthusiastic about the wine shop and excellent wine selection at affordable prices.
  9. 24th Street Cheese Co
    • Located at 3893 24th St, San Francisco, CA


  • Cheese Plus provides a wide selection of artisanal cheese that is cut to order and cared for by their expert cheese mongers.
  • They are known for their seasonal items, which include holiday cheese plates, unique gift baskets, and specially curated selections of cheeses.
  • They offer free seasonal tastings so that customers can try out new cheese varieties and find their favorites.
  • Cheese Plus also has a charcuterie counter with meats from noted producers that are minimally processed and naturally produced. Their meats are carefully sliced to order for customers.
  • Their selection includes savory sausage, spicy salami, and smoky bacon. They also have an exceptional selection of pâté, salami, sliced meats, and more that are perfect for entertaining or everyday meals.
  • Cheese Plus has a diverse and eclectic selection of wine and beer that is hand-selected to pair with their cheese, charcuterie, and specialty foods.
  • For wine lovers, they have traditional old-world favorites and wines at modest prices, as well as exceptional classics. Cheese Plus also has a Wine Specialist who can help customers select the perfect pairing.
  • Their beer selection features unique chilled bottles from American craft breweries and beyond.
  • Cheese Plus stocks the world’s finest culinary treasures and accompaniments for their cheese and charcuterie offerings. For example, they have Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil, local San Francisco honey, culinary condiments and spices, imported truffles, outstanding fruit preserves, and more.
  • Cheese Plus has a sidewalk cafe that serves coffee, fresh pastries, and their famous sandwiches. Their Sidewalk Café opens daily at 8AM, offering parklet and sidewalk tables for an al fresco experience. They feature Equator Coffee, a local independent Marin County roaster that has won many awards.
  • Cheese Plus also has market fresh flowers available for purchase, as well as knife sharpening services. Customers can also enjoy outdoor seating at their parklet and sidewalk tables.
  • Cheese Plus is committed to great food that reflects the traditional and authentic heritage of the past. They are not preachy about their high standards and let the food speak for itself.
  • The owner of Cheese Plus is Ray Bair, who has been in the food and wine business for more than 30 years.


  • The webpage aggregates information about cheese shops in the San Francisco Bay Area based on Yelp reviews.
  • The webpage lists the 10 best cheese shops in the area, according to Yelp.
  • The webpage provides the name, address, phone number, and a link to the website of each cheese shop.
  • The webpage includes a section for reviews of the cheese shops, which vary in length from a few words to several paragraphs.
  • The reviews describe the experiences of the reviewers at each cheese shop, including their favorite cheeses and other products, the quality of customer service, and the atmosphere of the shop.
  • The reviews also describe the prices of the cheeses and other products, as well as the availability of specialty items and locally sourced products.
  • Some reviews include specific recommendations for cheeses or other products at the shop.
  • The reviews also include ratings for each cheese shop, based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, as well as the number of reviews for each shop.
  • The ratings range from 4.5 to 5 stars for the top 5 cheese shops, and from 4 to 4.5 stars for the other 5 cheese shops.
  • The webpage provides filters to search for cheese shops based on various criteria, including price range, distance from the user, and whether they offer outdoor seating or accept credit cards.
  • The webpage includes a map of the San Francisco Bay Area, with icons for each cheese shop that link to their information on the webpage.
  • The webpage lists additional links to related pages on Yelp, including a list of wine shops and a list of gourmet food shops in the area.
  • The webpage includes a search bar to search for specific cheese shops or other related topics on Yelp.
  • Some reviews include detailed descriptions of the cheeses at each shop, including the origin, flavor profile, texture, and pairing recommendations.
  • The reviews also provide information about the staff, including their knowledge and helpfulness in selecting cheeses and making recommendations.
  • Some reviews mention specific events or promotions at the cheese shop, such as tastings or cheese-making classes.
  • The webpage includes a section for frequently asked questions about cheese shops, including how to store cheese, how to pair cheese with wine, and how to make a cheese plate.
  • The webpage provides links to other resources on Yelp, including articles about the best cheeses to try and the best cheese pairings.
  • The webpage allows users to write and submit their own reviews of cheese shops, and to rate and comment on existing reviews.

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  • W provides a list of 7 best cheese shops in San Francisco, each described with their address, phone number, and a short description of their selection and/or services.
  • Additional shops are mentioned as honorable mentions.
  • 24th Street Cheese Company is a Noe Valley institution with incisive and friendly service. In addition to cheese, they also boast an interesting beer selection and salumi options.
  • Bi-Rite Market has two locations and offers a well-informed and helpful staff. They have an expansive cheese counter that is not wedged between produce and wine like it is in the Mission. Bi-Rite’s cheese department is hard to match. They have both sheep, goat, cow, or a blend of cheese that can be tasted before buying.
  • Cowgirl Creamery’s flagship cheese shop is located in the Ferry Building Marketplace, but the brand has branches in Farmers Markets and multiple Bay Area locations. They offer blocks of award-winning triple cream Mt. Tam and aged Red Hawk alongside a carefully curated selection of similarly crafted cheeses from around the world. The Sidekick Cafe also serves mac & cheese, grilled cheeses, and Indian naan flatbread melts.
  • Little Vine is a diminutive European-style provisions store focused on cheese and everything that pairs well with it. Despite their small size, their offerings are tremendous at over 75 varieties of cheese and 300 different wines. Complimenting the cheese and wine are a range of cured meats, spreads, ice cream, pastries, and daily sandwich offerings.
  • Mission Cheese features a cut-to-order variety of hand-selected, small produced offerings ranging from Northern California standards like Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog and Cowgirl Creamery’s Red Hawk, to East Coast favorites from Jasper Hill Farms, and Wisconsin’s lesser-known cheesemakers, such as Roelli Cheese Haus and Hidden Springs Creamery. Cheesemonger Sarah Dvorak’s aim here is to keep the roster in constant flux to showcase cheesemakers from all over.
  • Rainbow Grocery reigns over a cheese selection of on average 350 varieties with remarkable and gracious staff. The store also sells organic produce, bulk foods, gluten-free items, vitamins, and supplements.
  • Say Cheese has been anchoring Cole Valley for 37 years with a great selection of cheese and charcuterie, as well as reasonably priced wines. They are within walking distance of Golden Gate Park.
  • Specifics are given about three honorable mentions:
    • La Fromagerie is located at 2425 3rd Street between


  • List of the top 10 cheese shops in San Francisco with ratings.
  • First cheese shop reviewed:
    • The owner’s name is Shirley; her children also work there.
    • Wide selection of domestic, imported, and local cheeses.
    • Knowledgeable staff.
    • Space for hosting events.
    • Rated 5/5 for selection, staff knowledge, and space.
  • More reviews available for the first cheese shop.
  • Reviews and ratings for 9 other cheese shops in San Francisco.
  • Each shop’s address and contact information is provided.
  • Reviews and ratings from customers based on their experiences with each cheese shop.
  • Some reviews include specific mentions of cheeses that were enjoyed.
  • An option to sort the list by rating, distance, or popularity.
  • Each cheese shop has a map locator to help find its physical location.
  • Directions for each cheese shop using public transportation and driving.
  • Photos accompanying each cheese shop, showing some of the cheese selections available.
  • Ability to contact the shop through Yelp or their website.
  • Yelp collects data on how frequently users viewed and clicked on each cheese shop.
  • Yelp’s rating system involves a 5-star rating and a brief explanation of the rating.
  • Some cheese shops have extra categories that customers can rate, such as the establishment’s cleanliness and service.
  • A search bar for users to search for specific cheese shops or types of cheese shops.
  • The option to add photos or tips about the cheese shop to Yelp’s community.
  • Yelp offers a “claimed” tag next to some cheese shops, indicating that the shop owner has claimed their business profile on Yelp.
  • Some cheese shops had a dollar sign value next to their name, indicating the price range at the establishment.


  • Northern California has a number of high-end, artisanal cheese producers.
  • This article provides a list of the top cheese shops in San Francisco.
  • The list is composed of Cowgirl Creamery, Cheese Plus, 24th Street Cheese Company, La Fromagerie, Say Cheese, Mission Cheese, Rainbow Grocery, Lucca Delicatessen, Bi-Rite, and Cheese Boutique.
  • Cowgirl Creamery was founded by Sue Conley and Peggy Smith in the 1990s. It features eight aged cheeses and two fresh cheeses.
  • Cheese Plus is run by Ray Bair and stocks selections from California France, Italy, and beyond, with a strong showing of European classics.
  • 24th Street Cheese Company offers over 300 cheeses with a selection that hails from around the world, including triple creams, aged goudas, sheets milk imports, and locally-produced blues.
  • La Fromagerie was opened by Ruben Donze in 2012 and he largely hails his selection of over 40 cheeses from France, Italy, and Spain.
  • Say Cheese has been in business since 1976. The cases include artisan local cheeses, rare imports, and Old World classics.
  • Mission Cheese sources top-of-the-line American-made cheeses and crafts its own charcuterie in-house. Its pressed sandwiches, served on hearty country levain, feature exemplary pairings.
  • Rainbow Grocery was founded in 1975 by an ashram and staffed by volunteers. The cheese section features all varieties and styles of local California cheese, as well as a smaller selection of imported varieties.
  • Lucca Delicatessen is a narrow, old-school Italian deli with over 50 kinds of cheeses from Denmark, Italy, Vermont, and Wisconsin.
  • Bi-Rite is home to an ever-changing assortment of cheese spanning comté, manchego, feta, and beyond, including special varieties like L’Amuse gouda from Amsterdam, the Essex Street feta from Lesbos, and Parmigiano-Reggiano by the Cravero family in Italy.
  • Cheese Boutique owners Rick and Nada Malouf import French brie, Old Amsterdam gouda, and Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano. Their selection of cheeses spans from Italy to India.

The article delves into each store’s history and the owners’ backgrounds. It also mentions the popular cheeses sold in each store, including Mt. Tam, San Joaquin Gold, rococo parmesan-reg

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