May 09, 2023

podcasts on supreme court cases

According to the user's query, I researched various sources discussing podcasts on Supreme Court cases. The majority of the information came from Reddit threads , with additional information from a listing of the best Supreme Court podcasts by Feedspot . There was a consensus among users on several podcast recommendations, but opinions on political leanings and depth of analysis varied. Given the numerous sources and user opinions, I am confident in providing an overview of the most recommended podcasts related to Supreme Court cases.




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More Perfect by Radio Lab

More Perfect, a spinoff series from Radio Lab, is a popular podcast that explores landmark Supreme Court cases. This podcast is frequently recommended in various Reddit threads.
Amicus by Slate

Amicus by Slate

Amicus by Slate provides up-to-date discussions of the US Supreme Court. It is recommended as a solid podcast for discussing the Court's decisions and its role in American life. Some users have mentioned that it has a left-leaning bias.

Strict Scrutiny

Strict Scrutiny is a podcast that focuses on SCOTUS outcomes and is hosted by four law professors. It is considered left-leaning but informative, with hosts discussing real-world implications of cases.

Opening Arguments

Opening Arguments is a podcast that covers interesting developments in court cases nationwide, often covering SCOTUS cases. Users have mixed opinions on the podcast's political leanings and how it sometimes focuses on politics instead of legal analysis.

U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments

U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments presents oral arguments before the Supreme Court of the United States, presented by Oyez, a multimedia judicial archive at the IllinoisTech Chicago-Kent College of Law. It is an informative podcast to hear oral arguments without commentary.

Advisory Opinions

Advisory Opinions is a politics/culture/law hybrid podcast with an emphasis on SCOTUS cases when appropriate, hosted by David French and Sarah Isgur. It is recommended as a podcast with a conservative perspective.

Other Podcasts

Numerous other podcasts were mentioned in the discussions, including Make No Law by PopeHat, Constitutional by WaPo, Civics 101 by NHPR, Lawfare by Brookings Institute, American History Tellers, Bound By Oath, Dissed, and What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law. These podcasts cover various aspects of Supreme Court cases, constitutional law, and legal history, providing a well-rounded and diverse selection of options for listeners.

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  • The webpage lists the 10 best Supreme Court podcasts to follow in 2023 ranked based on traffic, social media followers, and freshness.
  • The top podcast on the list is “Supreme Court decision syllabus (SCOTUS),” where the decisions of the Supreme Court are summarized by the court itself, with no personal commentary.
  • The second-ranked podcast is “Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick,” a show about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America.
  • “Short Circuit Podcast” is ranked third on the list. It is a podcast that breaks down some of the week’s most intriguing appellate decisions, with a unique brand of insight, wit, and passion for judicial engagement and the rule of law.
  • “Liberty Under Law,” ranked fourth, is a podcast produced in partnership with the Robert H. Jackson Center. It aims to explore contemporary issues of equality, fairness, and justice with a Jacksonian lens through in-depth conversations with experts.
  • “U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments,” ranked fifth, presents oral arguments before the Supreme Court of the United States, presented by Oyez, a multimedia judicial archive at the IllinoisTech Chicago-Kent College of Law.
  • Ranked sixth is “Law360’s The Term,” a podcast from Law360 for the busy U.S. Supreme Court watcher.
  • “In Plain Cite,” ranked seventh, is a podcast about developments in federal criminal defense law, focusing on the US Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, produced by the Federal Public Defender Office in the Southern District of West Virginia.
  • “The Highest Court Report,” ranked eighth, is a weekly report on what SCOTUS is up to and why it matters. The podcast aims to report on some of the most influential, underreported, and misunderstood institutions in the United States.
  • “Strict Scrutiny,” ranked ninth, is a legal podcast that seeks to provide in-depth analysis of the Supreme Court’s most significant cases and trends.
  • Finally, “First Mondays,” ranked tenth, is a podcast that discusses the latest Supreme Court cases and news with a humorous and informative perspective.

Overall, the webpage provides a list of solid podcast recommendations for anyone interested in the Supreme Court, with brief descriptions of what each podcast covers.

"Recs for podcasts that discuss Supreme Court cases?"

  • Reddit post in r/podcasts titled “Recs for podcasts that discuss Supreme Court cases?” posted 2 years ago
  • User seeking podcasts that discuss historical landmark cases and ideally current ones as well
  • User has already listened to “Amicus” with Dahlia Lithwick and was looking for a podcast that supplements this sort of analysis
  • Various users replied with podcast recommendations and their opinions on them
  • One user recommended “Opening Arguments” which discusses current Supreme Court cases, but there were mixed opinions on the podcast’s political leanings and how it sometimes focused on politics instead of legal analysis
  • Another user recommended “First Mondays” which had left-leaning hosts but provided a fair and balanced review of cases with a focus on facts and knowing the justices. However, one of the hosts got caught in a Title IX investigation
  • Other podcasts recommended included: “What Trump Can Teach Us about Con Law”, “We the People”, “Stay Tuned with Preet”, “Another Way with Lawrence Lessig”, “5-4”, “Strict Scrutiny”, “The Ginsberg Tapes”, “U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments”, “The Citizen’s Guide to the Supreme Court”, “Landmark Cases”, and “PBS NewsHour Supreme Court”
  • One user recommends a National Constitution Center podcast where they discuss important legal issues, including SCOTUS, and have law professors discuss current issues
  • Some users discuss their desire for unbiased legal analysis without political spin, while others believe that politics and law are intertwined and cannot be completely separated
  • Users also discuss their desire for in-depth dive into cases, including an examination of chains of arguments, research into the background of authors of opinions, and explanation of the constitutional history behind cases. Some users recommend a podcast called “More Perfect” for this type of analysis.
  • A user who identifies as a law student expresses their appreciation for some of the recommended podcasts in helping them better understand concepts they are studying in Con Law 1.
  • Overall, the comments section offers a variety of podcast recommendations and opinions on those recommendations, with some users seeking unbiased legal analysis, while others think the relationship between politics and law cannot be completely separated.

"Any podcasts that will go over this week's supreme court rulings in depth?"

  • A Reddit thread titled “Any podcasts that will go over this week’s supreme court rulings in depth?” is discussing different podcasts that cover supreme court cases in detail
  • A user suggests a podcast called Strict Scrutiny which is about SCOTUS outcomes and already issued a special podcast on the recent gun ruling and another one is expected to be released soon for the rest of the recent rulings
  • Other user comments on whether this podcast leans left or right in its coverage and suggests Advisory Opinions as an alternative that is center-right
  • Another user recommends Opening Arguments as the absolute best legal issues podcast
  • Many users suggest different podcasts that cover the recent rulings, including Left, Right, and Center, 5-4, Cafe Insider, The Daily, It could happen here, The Al Franken Podcast, and Boom! Lawyered
  • Some podcasts have already covered the recent rulings on abortion and gun control, such as The Daily and What Roman Mars Can Learn About Con Law
  • The Slow Burn podcast has done a whole series on Roe v Wade and may include an episode about the recent ruling
  • Slate’s Amicus podcast is recommended as solid, especially when Dahlia Lithwick has Mark Joseph Stern on, and the podcast tends to put things in clear language
  • Opening Arguments already had two episodes covering the history and closely related case laws of the recent ruling and discussed the Dobbs leaked opinion when it came out
  • Users discuss the ramifications and history of the Supreme Court rulings, whether there’s a bias towards left or right-wing leanings in various podcasts, and whether former Obama staffers will mention how the recent rulings are his fault for not codifying Roe into law when he was President

(Note: The notes are slightly under 400 words as I focused on being concise and specific.)

"Looking for a podcast on the Supreme Court"

  • Reddit post dated 2 years ago
  • User is asking for a recommendation for a podcast on the United States Supreme Court
  • User specifies that he/she is looking for a podcast that breaks down the cases the Supreme Court hears, the majority and minority rulings, and the social and legal implications.
  • Reddit users recommended the following podcasts:
    • More Perfect - a show about the Supreme Court from Radiolab
    • 5-4 - a show that dissects and analyzes the Supreme Court’s decisions
    • Citizens Guide to the Supreme Court - a show about the Supreme Court cases and decisions
    • Amicus - a show that discusses the Court’s decisions and its role in American life
    • Unprecedented - a show from Slate that covers a wide range of legal issues, including the Supreme Court
    • SCOTUStalk - a show that covers the Supreme Court’s decisions and its impact on the law
    • We the People - a show that features scholars and lawyers discussing current and historic Supreme Court cases
    • Bound by Oath - focuses mostly on the 14th amendment but covers Supreme Court’s role on the subject
    • Make No Law - specifically about SCOTUS cases involving the first amendment from PopeHat
    • Advisory Opinions - a politics/culture/law hybrid with an emphasis on SCOTUS cases when appropriate
    • Strict Scrutiny - a rigorous analysis of the Supreme Court’s cases, run by four law professors
    • Opening Arguments - covers interesting developments in court cases nationwide, often covering SCOTUS cases
    • Mic Dicta - previously defunct, this show split into two, one being Hostile Witness, which Charles Star does on an occasional basis, and ALAB series comes out more regularly with the other guys.
    • American History Tellers - covers the law, including the Supreme Court’s history and cases.
    • Radio Lab - a show that covers the Supreme Court, including an episode titled “Kittens Kick the Giggly Blue Robot all Summer”
  • Some Reddit users provided additional information on the recommended shows.
  • Reddit users cautioned listeners not to take legal advice from a podcast.

"Best podcast for major SCOTUS cases I’ve listened to. Any other recommendations?"

  • The webpage is a discussion thread on Reddit with the topic “Best podcast for major SCOTUS cases I’ve listened to. Any other recommendations?”.
  • Multiple Reddit users have shared different podcast recommendations related to the Supreme Court.
  • The National Constitution Center’s “We The People” podcast, hosted by Jeffrey Rosen, is suggested to be an informative podcast with a mix of views.
  • Advisory Opinions is recommended by some users as a podcast with a conservative perspective, hosted by David French and Sarah Isgur.
  • 5-4 is recommended for individuals left of center who may want a “results-oriented court,” while Divided Argument is suggested for those who prefer a closely balanced and nuanced view.
  • Strict Scrutiny is suggested as a left-leaning but informative podcast with three women law professors as hosts making real-world implications for cases.
  • Other suggested podcasts are SCOTUStalk and the We the People podcast for centrist content and Amicus Brief, but it has a left-leaning bias based on a user’s comment.
  • SCOTUS 101 is deemed “too transparently biased” by one user, while another user likes it.
  • Oyez is suggested as an informative podcast to hear oral arguments, while another user hopes to find a podcast that reads opinions without comment.
  • One user’s podcast, Emphasis Added, is suggested with an episode about the appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, however, it is not only dedicated to SCOTUS cases.
  • Some users commented on their favorite Justices and what they like about them.
  • Some users also discussed particular episodes of podcasts in detail, including a transcript of DC v. Heller (5-4) and comments about the justices and briefs used in the case.
  • More Perfect is mentioned in a negative light concerning a change in its direction.
  • Some users also commented on the biases of specific podcasts with varying opinions.
  • Some users asked for more recommendations or information about other podcasts.
  • Overall, the webpage has numerous recommendations and discussions among users about podcasts dedicated to covering Supreme Court cases.

"Any podcasts about the history of the Supreme Court of the United States or episodes about landmark cases and how the court came to the decisions that they did?"

  • Reddit post titled “Any podcasts about the history of the Supreme Court of the United States or episodes about landmark cases and how the court came to the decisions that they did?” by a user asking for podcast recommendations
  • Discussion thread with multiple comments that provide recommendations and suggest various podcasts related to the Supreme Court of the United States
  • Podcasts recommended include:
    • More Perfect by Radiolab, which explores landmark Supreme Court cases
    • 5-4, a podcast that takes a critical view of the Supreme Court and analyzes its decisions, with an emphasis on outcomes and politics
    • Make No Law by Popehat, a podcast that focuses on the First Amendment to the US constitution
    • Constitutional by WaPo, which explores the US constitution and its interpretation
    • Civics 101 by NHPR, which covers the US government as a whole but also includes episodes on the Supreme Court
    • Lawfare by Brookings Institute, which focuses mainly on national security law but has several episodes related to the Supreme Court
    • Amicus by Slate, which provides up-to-date discussions of the US Supreme Court
    • We the People by the US Constitution Center, which analyzes current and past Supreme Court cases
    • American History Tellers podcast, with an 8-part series called Supreme Court Landmarks that explores key historical Supreme Court cases
    • Bound By Oath, with a first season that explores the 14th Amendment and a second season that focuses on immunity doctrines such as qualified immunity for police, with interviews of legal scholars and more
    • Dissed, a podcast that follows important Supreme Court cases and focuses on the dissenting opinions, featuring legal scholars and historians and providing context for the cases
    • What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law, a podcast by Roman Mars from 99% Invisible that covers the US Constitution through the lens of current events
    • Opening Arguments, a podcast where a comic and a lawyer discuss the law in general; has covered topics such as Roe vs. Wade and specific Supreme Court cases
    • Throughline, which has a series called “Misrepresentative Democracy” that explores democracy and the Supreme Court in 2020
    • “This Land” from Crooked Media, which explores the Supreme Court case of McGirt vs. Oklahoma and other topics related to the Supreme Court
    • C-SPAN’s Landmark Cases series, a podcast that explores important and influential US Supreme Court cases
  • Users comment about the quality and content of the

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A brief history of how the Supreme Court became the highest judicial authority in the United States

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Top 5 podcasts that provide a detailed analysis of recent Supreme Court cases