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Beaches in durrës, Albania

I researched various sources, including websites dedicated to beaches in Durrës, Albania, top-rated beaches in Albania, and the Albanian Riviera, as well as Reddit discussions regarding beach recommendations in the area. There was a decent amount of consensus regarding popular beaches in Durrës and its surrounding areas. Some sources provided more recent information, while others were a few years old. Overall, I gathered a comprehensive list of beach recommendations and related information for visitors to Durrës, Albania.




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Durrës Beach

Durrës Beach

According to Beach Atlas, Durrës Beach is the longest beach in Albania, spanning 10.5 km of sandy coastline, and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. It offers various amenities, such as lifeguard supervision, sun umbrella and lounger rentals, free Wi-Fi in some areas, accessibility for visitors with limited mobility, and a large parking lot. The beach is surrounded by hotels, resorts, and bars, and visitors can enjoy water sports activities, such as jet skiing. Durrës Beach is conveniently located around 33 km from the capital city, Tirana.
Lalzi Bay Beach

Lalzi Bay Beach

Lalzi Bay Beach, located about 30 km north of Durrës and 25 km from Tirana, has been a popular summer destination in recent years. With its golden sand, fantastic sea, and numerous hotels, bars, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, it is considered one of the highest-standard beaches on the entire Adriatic coast in Albania.

Kallm Beach

Kallm Beach is situated 3-4 km from Durrës, and is the only rocky beach in the area. It is located in the middle of a hilly terrain and is known for its crystal-clear water and green hills. Bars and restaurants are available nearby, without being too intrusive.
Cape of Rodon

Cape of Rodon

Cape of Rodon is a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Tirana, and visitors must walk around 500 meters to reach Rodoni Castle and the cape. The area offers beautiful views and historical sites.

Golem Beach

Golem Beach is easily accessible by vehicle, and visitors can park directly in front of the beach, beside the road, mostly under pine trees. It is a popular choice for those on a budget and offers sandy beaches and affordable accommodations.
Himare and the Albanian Riviera
Ksamil Beach

Ksamil Beach

Ksamil Beach, located in Southern Albania, is a popular destination known for its white sand and crystal-clear waters. It is ideal for relaxation and swimming. In summary, Durrës and its surrounding areas offer a variety of beaches for visitors to explore. Some popular options include Durrës Beach, Lalzi Bay Beach, Kallm Beach, Cape of Rodon, Golem Beach, Himare, the Albanian Riviera, and Ksamil Beach. These beaches provide a range of amenities, activities, and accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets.

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  • Albania offers some of the world’s most beautiful and top-rated beaches.
  • The Albanian Riviera, located along the south coast, is a popular tourist destination with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.
  • Ksamil Beach is located in Southern Albania and is one of the country’s most popular destinations. The beach is known for its white sand and crystal-clear waters.
  • Saranda Beach, located on the Ionian Sea, is one of the largest beach towns in Albania and is known for its beautiful backdrop of mountains and crystal-clear waters.
  • Dhërmi Beach, situated in the Vlorë County of southern Albania, is one of the top-rated beaches in Albania for relaxing and taking in the beautiful views.
  • Gjipe Beach, located near Himara in the south of Albania, is one of the top-rated and most beautiful beaches in the country.
  • Spilea Beach, located on the Adriatic Sea, is known for its crystal-clear water and white sand.
  • Himara Beach provides stunning views that make it one of the top-rated beaches to visit in Albania.
  • Activities available at the beaches in Albania include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and various water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.
  • Butrint National Park in the Albanian Riviera offers visitors a glimpse into history with its magnificent archaeological remains from Illyrian, Greek and Roman times as well as lakes, forests, and lagoons.
  • Visitors can explore the Ottoman architecture and cobblestone streets in the city of Berat, located in the Albanian Riviera.
  • The Albanian coastline has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a secluded spot away from the crowds or a lively beach town.
  • Local markets selling unique souvenirs and delicious restaurants that serve up traditional cuisine can be found near the beaches.
  • Albania is a beautiful country situated on the Mediterranean Sea and known for its picturesque beaches.
  • Safety measures such as understanding local swimming flags and lifeguards can help ensure visitors’ safety while enjoying their time on the coast.
  • The stunning and unspoiled nature of the beaches in Albania attracts tourists from all over the world.


  • The Durrës Beach in Albania is ideal for visitors who wish to experience the traditional sunbathing experience and various water-based activities.
  • Durrës Beach is the longest beach in Albania, spanning across 10.5km of sandy coastline.
  • The beach is supervised by lifeguards throughout the day.
  • Visitors are offered rentals of sun umbrellas and loungers for a nominal fee.
  • Some areas of the beach are equipped with free Wi-Fi internet access.
  • The beach is both dog-friendly and accessible to visitors with limited mobility.
  • Toilets and showers are available to visitors.
  • The beach is surrounded by several opulent hotels, resorts, and bars.
  • Durrës is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Albania, with approximately 600,000 tourists visiting the beach every year.
  • Visitors have access to a large parking lot located adjacent to the beach.
  • Beachgoers can enjoy water sports activities such as jet-skiing.
  • The beach is an ideal location for sun lovers, and visitors can expect perfect sun conditions throughout the year.
  • Durrës is conveniently located approximately 33 km from the capital city, Tirana.
  • Albania is a safe country for travelers, and the beach area is a secure location for visitors.
  • Visitors can shop for local products and souvenirs, eat at various restaurants located around the beach area while enjoying the scenic views of the coastline and surrounding area.
  • There are numerous artificial shelters and sea walls around the beach to protect visitors from the high waves and strong winds.
  • Visitors can rent kayaks or pedal boats for a pleasant experience at sea.
  • The beach area is easily accessible via public transport. Visitors can board a bus or taxi to reach the beach area from Tirana or neighboring areas.
  • Beachgoers can also take a leisurely stroll along the beach, enjoy the fresh air, and enjoy the cool sea breeze while exploring the beach.
  • Durrës is famous for its rich ancient history. Visitors can explore the city, visit ancient ruins, and learn about the fascinating history of the area.
  • Visitors can enjoy the scenic views of the sunset while relaxing on the beach or enjoy a romantic night out at one of the many restaurants and bars around the beach.

"Help mi find a nice beach near durres"

  • A user posted on the r/albania subreddit three years ago looking for a nice beach near their hotel in Durrës, Albania.
  • The user mentioned that the beach near their hotel was very crowded and dirty.
  • One user suggested taking the bus and going north towards Currilat for a clearer beach.
  • Another user suggested going to Golem, which is a taxi ride away or taking a bus that goes there, and shared a Google Maps link to the location.
  • A third user suggested going to Tropical Resort at the end of the “durres-plepa” bus line as it is less crowded and offers a cleaner sea although it is more expensive than other beaches in the region.
  • One user advised not going to Durrës for the beach and going almost anywhere else.
  • Users also provided tips on how to get to these beaches, such as taking a furgon and going further south or north to find clearer beaches.
  • Multiple users advised that the farther away from the hotel or Durrës port one goes, the clearer the beaches will be.
  • One user commented that finding a clean beach in the Durrës area is like “mission impossible.”
  • Overall, the comments suggest that finding a clean and not crowded beach near Durrës is difficult and may require traveling outside of the immediate area.


  • Albania’s coastline is rugged and includes traditional villages, isolated bays, and beaches with turquoise waters that were considered undiscovered gems until recently.
  • The Albanian Riviera has seen development in the form of asphalt roads, hotels, restaurants, and holiday homes, but there are still idyllic and breathtaking spots.
  • Dhërmi: a dazzling strip of white rock several kilometers long that is lapped by deep blue water and is a famous beach in Albania; outside peak season, it’s very quiet, and even in mid-August, there is enough space to find a quiet spot away from the crowds; there are lots of coves and smaller bays to explore, including the famous Drymades beach; smart hotels are found on the beach.
  • Palasa: the first accessible beach on the Riviera after negotiating the incredible descent through the zigzagging Llogaraja Pass; a glorious stretch of white sand sprinkled with a handful of low-key eateries; building work begins on a sprawling, ugly apartment complex that will change the landscape of the beach and bring an increased number of bathers.
  • Ksamil: South of Saranda, the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera; the three small islands in its turquoise bay are an easy swim or boat ride away, and there are always fewer people here than on the busier town beach; this is a big tourism center for locals, and it can get very crowded in summer.
  • Bunec: a little charmer of a cove near Saranda; quiet and divided by a river which runs down from the mountains above; a good option for those looking for a bit more comfort while remaining in a pleasingly unspoilt place; both the Bunec Bed, and Breakfast and Naza Hotel have smart double rooms right next to the water.
  • Himara: a well-established stop on the tourist trail, the town beach is crowded; Llamani beach, a wide, white stone beach that is 4km south of the town and backed by rolling hills, is a good alternative; in Himara itself, Potami beach is also an alternative to the main one, and you’ll find it just south of the center, beyond the large rock that cuts the town in two.
  • Borsh: the largest unbroken stretch of beach in Albania, 7km-long; quite a sight as you approach it along the dramatic coastal road; even more remarkable is that tourism has barely touched Borsh, despite its significant community and busy olive-oil production

"best quiet albanian beach towns/beaches?"

  • A Reddit user is looking for a quiet beach town in Albania for a week in August.
  • They prefer a sandy beach over a rocky one and dislike crowded beaches.
  • Another Reddit user suggests that it is very hard to find a very beautiful non-rocky beach town in Albania.
  • However, they suggest some local beaches such as Seman, darëzezë, or ndërnënas in Fieri or Dalane in Vlore that are mostly visited by locals and are clean.
  • A Reddit user suggests picking a touristic village or beaches along the Adriatic coast that are away from big cities such as Durrës.
  • They recommend Plazhi i Gjeneralit or Spille in Kavaja as good options.
  • A Reddit user adds that Plazhi i Gjeneralit and Spille in Kavaja lack accommodation and amenities.
  • They suggest going a bit further and staying in Mali i Robit in Durrës.
  • A Reddit user advises against going to Borsh, Jale, or Dhërmi beaches due to their popularity with tourists.
  • They suggest going to the Himara region for quieter beaches.
  • The Reddit user recommends Livadhi, Borsh, and Qeparo in Himara.
  • They also mention Filikuri beach and Llamani beach in Lukove as options.
  • A Reddit user suggests Ksamil in Saranda as a quieter option despite being relatively popular.
  • They mention two beaches in Ksamil: Gjipe Beach and Manastiri Beach.
  • A Reddit user advises against going to the beaches in Valbona, as they are cold and not really suited for swimming.
  • They suggest visiting the Blue Eye attraction instead.
  • Another Reddit user recommends Drymades beach in Dhermi as a quieter option.
  • They suggest that the Albanian Riviera is the most picturesque coastline, but it can be crowded.
  • They recommend visiting in the offseason (May-June, or September) to avoid crowds.
  • A Reddit user suggests avoiding Shkoder and heading to the Komani Lake instead.
  • They recommend taking a ferry to Fierze and staying at the Bujtina Berishta guesthouse.
  • Another Reddit user recommends the Dajti Mountain National Park near Tirana.
  • They suggest taking the cable car to the restaurant at the top and enjoying the view.
  • They mention that there are hiking trails in the national park.
  • A Reddit user suggests a few things to do in Tir

"Best beaches in Albania? (And some questions)"

  • The webpage is a Reddit post from 5 years ago, titled “Best beaches in Albania? (And some questions)” posted in the r/albania subreddit with 8 points.
  • The original poster asked for recommendations for remote bays and asked if it was a good idea to sleep in the car to save money on a low budget. They also mentioned planning to visit Berat and asked for other recommendations.
  • Multiple users replied with their recommendations for beaches and places to visit in Albania.
  • A Reddit user recommended Himare, which has crystal clear water but rocky instead of sandy beaches. They also recommended the Albanian Riviera, which includes Kruja and Gjirokaster in addition to Berat. They suggested staying in the car or camping since there are a couple of places dedicated to campers in the riviera.
  • Another user recommended Durres on a budget since it has sandy beaches and cheap room options in AirBnBs or by asking locals. They suggested couchsurfing as an option for free accommodation.
  • Other recommended beaches included Ksamil, Borsh, Grama Bay, Gjipe Beach, Krorez Beach, and Bunec pier. However, some of these beaches require sleeping in a tent as they are not accessible by car.
  • A Reddit user warned that businesses may not allow access to showers or toilets without renting a sunbed and suggested renting a camping tent for extended stays. They also mentioned the possibility of couchsurfing for free accommodation.


  • Durres is one of the best areas to enjoy holidays in Albania with a variety of beaches and places to have fun, swim, relax, and eat the best seafood.
  • 10 different beach destinations have been listed with detailed descriptions, including their distance from Durres, facilities available, water entry, swimming distance, places to eat, beach bars, location of parking, and accommodation options nearby.
  • Lalzi Bay Beach is located about 30 km north of Durres and 25 kilometers from the capital of Tirana and it has been the number 1 summer destination among the other beaches of Durres in the recent years. The beach offers golden sand and fantastic sea and since it is equipped with many hotels, bars, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, this beach is considered one of the beaches with the highest standards of the entire Adriatic coast in Albania.
  • Kallm Beach is located 3-4 km from the city of Durres and can be considered as the last beach that has not been spotted like other areas. It is located to the west of the Durrës mountain and to go there must follow the road of Currilave. It is the only rocky beach in Durres and is situated in the middle of a hilly terrain. The crystal-clear water of the sea and the green hills make this beach very special. Bars and restaurants are available by the beach and it won’t disturb with high volume music.
  • Cape of Rodon is only a one and a half hour drive from Tirana and has pretty good road conditions. You have to walk for around 500 meters from the parking area to reach Rodoni Castle and the cape. You will see some beautiful villages and be blessed with lovely views along the way. Along the way, you will also see bunkers built into the hill from the time of communism. They are slowly being taken over by nature. Besides the beach, you can visit the castle of Skanderbeg and St Anthony Church.
  • Golem Beach is several kilometers long and on the widest part around 100 meters wide. The water entry is very nice, and the point of swim is at around 30 meters. You have a lot of beach services available on the beach, such as plenty of beach bars and restaurants. Accommodation is available in all forms, mainly as hotels, and even as resorts.
  • Currila Beach is located in the Durrës region and is very easy to reach with any kind of vehicle. It is several kilometers long and up to

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