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pros and cons of honda

I researched various sources, including MotorTrend, Consumer Reports, and Reddit discussions, to gather information on the pros and cons of Honda vehicles. There was a general consensus that Honda cars are reliable, fuel-efficient, and offer good value for money. Most sources were related to the original query, discussing various aspects of Honda vehicles. Based on the research, I am fairly confident in the information provided.




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Pros of Honda Vehicles

Honda vehicles are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability. The Honda CR-V, for example, comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged I-4 engine as standard across all trim levels, offering good performance. Honda models like the Civic, Odyssey, and Accord have been mentioned in Consumer Reports' "10 Cars that Will Last 200,000 Miles" list, indicating their longevity. Furthermore, Honda vehicles consistently rank high in road-test performance, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety.

Cons of Honda Vehicles

Some users have reported certain drawbacks in specific Honda models. For instance, the Honda Fit may struggle with acceleration at high speeds or when going uphill, depending on the weight and cargo. Road and wind noise might be noticeable in some Honda models, particularly at highway speeds. Another limitation is the small fuel tank in the Honda Fit, which requires more frequent refueling.

Reliability of Modern Honda Vehicles

Modern Honda vehicles are considered more reliable than their counterparts from 8 or more years ago. Most complaints about new Honda cars come from elderly customers who have difficulty with the new technology, rather than issues with the transmission or engine. It is worth noting that proper maintenance plays a significant role in the longevity and reliability of Honda vehicles.

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  • The 2022 Honda CR-V was named MotorTrend’s 2018 SUV of the Year.
  • Every trim level of the 2022 Honda CR-V comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged I-4 engine producing 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque.
  • Honda Sensing safety suite comes as standard equipment on each CR-V trim, providing a wide-ranging active safety system.
  • LX trim’s standard configuration includes the 1.5 L engine, including FWD (AWD optional), and misses out on advanced technology such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity, and has a meager 5.0-inch non-touchscreen and only a four-speaker stereo and one USB port.
  • 2022 CR-V Hybrid is available on EX, EX-L and Touring Platinum trims only, features a 2.0-liter I-4 hybrid powertrain producing 212 hp and 232 lb-ft torque, improving fuel economy up to 40/35 mpg city/highway. However, it is also $1200 more expensive than the standard AWD version.
  • EX trim, priced at $2,500 higher than LX, includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through a 7.0-inch touchscreen, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats, a power moonroof, proximity key with remote start, heated side mirrors with turn signal indicators, two rear-seat USB ports, and satellite radio.
  • There is a speaker count of six on the EX.
  • EX-L trim, priced $2,500 higher than EX, has additional features such as power liftgate and leather seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, a four-way power passenger seat, and an auto-dimming mirror with Homelink.
  • The EX-L four speaker stereo audio systems now is upgraded to a speaker count of eight.
  • Touring trim, $3,200 more expensive than EX-L AWD, has further features like roof rails, chrome exhaust tips, and a hands-free power tailgate. It features AWD as a standard option and a 19-inch wheel but comes at the expense of a slightly worse ride quality. It also has a speaker count of nine due to the addition of a subwoofer.
  • Some people may miss the satellite navigation, which is exclusive to the Touring trim level, but great phone map options make this feature less essential nowadays.
  • The website suggests that the best trims for 2022 Honda CR-V are the


  • Consumer Reports conducted a 2015 Auto Survey that gathered data on over 740,000 vehicles.
  • The survey aimed to predict how cars will hold up and determine the reliability outlook for each brand.
  • Honda is not among the brands excluded from the survey due to a lack of data on two or more of their models.
  • The reliability scores of 28 car brands are shown in a table in numerical order, starting from the highest to the lowest.
  • Honda is ranked as the 6th most reliable car brand, with a predicted reliability score of 67, according to the table.
  • The table shows the reliability range between the top and bottom model of each car brand, with blue bars illustrating the span for each brand.
  • Honda is not included in the blue bars, indicating a more consistent and reliable range of models compared to other brands.
  • The table indicates that 97% of Honda models are predicted to be reliable, with the remaining 3% falling in the average reliability category.
  • Honda’s minivan Odyssey is predicted to be the most reliable model in the brand’s lineup, with a score of 82.
  • Honda Civic, CR-V, and Fit are also predicted to have high reliability scores, ranging from 69 to 72.
  • Acura, a luxury brand owned by Honda, is ranked as the 8th most reliable car brand according to the same table, with a predicted reliability score of 63.
  • Consumer Reports also published an article on the “10 Cars that Will Last 200,000 Miles”, and Honda models Civic, Odyssey, and Accord were listed among them.
  • The article mentions that Honda’s maintenance costs are usually lower than their competition, and that Honda’s attention to detail contributes to their longevity.
  • However, the article notes that these cars’ ability to last 200,000 miles also depends on proper maintenance and care by the owner.
  • The webpage does not provide information about any cons specific to Honda vehicles.

"Seriously considering the 2018 Honda Fit LE as my first car. Pros and Cons?"

  • Query: Pros and cons of Honda Fit

  • Background: A 26-year-old male who has just completed 5 years in the military is considering the 2018 Honda Fit LE as his first car. He wants a car that can haul his stuff around as he will be moving around quite a bit and has to be great at mileage, reliable, affordable, and not flashy.

  • The Honda Fit meets the requirements outlined in the query for space, fuel efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

  • Users have noted the following cons of Honda Fit:

    • At high speed or when going uphill, the car may struggle with acceleration (dependent on weight and cargo)
    • Road and wind noise are perceptible, particularly at highway speed
    • Due to its small size, it can be difficult for taller individuals to be comfortable on long trips
    • The car comes with a small fuel tank that requires more frequent refueling
  • Users have mentioned that the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) models tend to be loud inside, mainly due to the AC belt in the transmission

    • The CVT consists of two pulleys connected by a metal band. One pulley constantly changes based on the accelerator
    • In terms of longevity, the CVT is supposed to last around 100k miles, and if the belt breaks, the entire transmission has to be replaced
    • One user has spent money and time getting butyl-backed aluminum for the floor, mass-loaded vinyl for door panels, and sound-deadener to reduce noise in the car
  • On the plus side, the Honda Fit is a utilitarian city car and easy to park and handle

  • Fuel economy and reliability are highly rated by users

  • Users have reported an average fuel economy of 33-36 MPG in mixed driving in southern California, and up to 39 MPG during highway trips

  • Honda Fit does not have much maintenance, and the main concern is oil changes that are affordable (4-qt) and easily accessible

  • The Plug, air filter, and transmission fluid are easy to reach

  • It has plenty of interior room and can handle big items, making it more convenient than a truck

  • Passengers mention that it’s roomier on the inside than it looks on the outside

  • The LX and EX models of the Fit usually come with rearview cameras

  • The car has the potential to rev high and be fun to drive with a 6-speed as


  • Consumer Reports surveys its members to obtain reliability ratings and owner satisfaction data.
  • The webpage provides reliability ratings, owner satisfaction data, and brand perspectives.
  • The reliability ratings show how well vehicles have held up and the odds that an owner could be inconvenienced by problems and repairs.
  • Owner satisfaction reveals if a vehicle met expectations.
  • The webpage provides data for different car types and brands, including trucks/SUVs and specialty cars.
  • Details about specific car models can be found on their relevant webpage.
  • The information on the webpage has been updated on May 2, 2023.
  • The webpage does not contain information specific to Honda cars, but it provides a general overview that could help inform a decision about the reliability of Honda cars compared to other brands.
  • The webpage has two sections: “Reliability and Owner Satisfaction” and “More on New & Used Cars.”
  • The “Reliability and Owner Satisfaction” section includes best and worst lists for the different types of vehicles and brand perspectives for different car companies.
  • The “More on New & Used Cars” section contains links to other articles that could be helpful when making a decision about which car to purchase, including lists for the best and worst cars for the money and best new cars under $30,000.
  • The webpage uses a template that includes a “v” button to view the webpage, a “t” button to discuss the webpage, an “e” button to edit the webpage, and a “DOI” reference number.

"Is Honda actually as reliable as people say."

  • The subreddit post is titled “Is Honda actually as reliable as people say” and was submitted 1 year and 4 months ago.
  • The post asks whether Honda is still more reliable than brands like Mazda, Toyota, Chevy, Lexus, and Kia.
  • A user with 230 karma said that, in their opinion, Honda is still reliable and can last a long time with proper maintenance. They also mentioned that Toyota is equally reliable.
  • A user who previously worked at a Honda dealership and now works at a Toyota dealership said that both brands are very reliable and that most mechanics agree. They also said that modern/newer cars are generally more reliable than their older counterparts.
  • Another user said that Honda cars are usually easier to work on than other brands.
  • A user questioned whether new cars are actually reliable due to the prevalence of sensors and technology in them. Another user replied that newer cars are more reliable than older cars despite the complexity and that they would still recommend Honda and Toyota to others based on personal experience.
  • A user with 178 karma commented that most complaints about Honda cars come from elderly customers who have difficulty with the new technology. They also mentioned that it is rare for newer Honda models to have transmission or engine issues, only encountering such issues in super old models.
  • A user asked specifically about the reliability of Honda’s hybrid models, to which no one replied.
  • A former Mazda technician commented that Mazda is also up there with Honda and Toyota in terms of reliability, despite there being no money in being a Mazda tech.
  • Several users mentioned their positive experiences with Honda cars lasting a long time, with one user driving a 2011 Honda CRV with 213k miles and minimal issues.
  • Another user mentioned that their 2016 Honda CRV certified used car did not come with genuine OEM parts and that he had to take an extended warranty.
  • One user had issues with a VTC actuator in their 2013 CRV, but decided to stick with the brand because they had positive experiences with other Honda models.
  • The same user who had VTC actuator issues said that they knew several K-series Honda engines with VTC rattle issues during a cold start-up, but that there was no significant harm from this issue and that it was a “nice” problem to have.
  • Another user said that many Toyota 2.5L engines from 2010-2017 have a similar issue with the gears despite redesigns of the parts.
  • A user suggested that VTC cam


  • Toyota and Honda, both based out of Japan, are popular vehicle manufacturers worldwide that are known for building high-performing vehicles that are affordable, dependably designed, and have good fuel economy performance.
  • Toyota offers a wider variety of vehicle options (20) compared to Honda, which has a slightly smaller lineup (14), with Toyota getting the edge because it has more variety overall and within each class.
  • In terms of safety ratings, Honda is one of the best among any automaker, with many Honda models routinely scoring a perfect 5-star rating based on annual NHTSA ratings.
  • Toyota gets the slight edge for overall reliability compared to Honda because Toyota typically uses similar designs year over year and just needs to make slight tweaks or changes to their design for optimal performance.
  • Honda’s small cars provide a good variety, with traditional sedans, the hatchback, coupe, and hybrid options that generally score well and have class-leading fuel economy performance. They have solid interior entertainment and technology options, and most safety features come standard.
  • Honda dominates in the small and midsize SUV class, with its options providing a surprising amount of sporty handling, cargo and passenger space, and standard technology and safety features.
  • Toyota’s compact and midsize SUVs offer good options for tech and entertainment, reliability, and overall safety, but fall short compared directly to Honda. Toyota’s larger SUVs can give more confidence if you’re looking to go off the beaten path.
  • Toyota gets the win in the pickup trucks category with two options, the compact Tacoma and full-size Tundra, while Honda only has one option, the Ridgeline. The Ridgeline is one of the highest-scoring truck options in the market and offers handling and agile ability similar to its SUV cousins.
  • The Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are highly rated minivans, with both providing affordable base models that seat up to 8 people and plenty of safety and technology features.
  • Both Honda and Toyota offer extensive options from their main lineup and provide customers with plenty of variety in the electric and hybrid space. The electric and hybrid lineups feature plenty of space, affordability, and of course, fuel efficiency.
  • The CoPilot app is mentioned throughout the article, which provides readers with a curated list of the best used Honda listings in their area and tracks and suggests maintenance tasks. The CoPilot car shopping app also helps readers search the inventories of every dealership in their area to make a personalized list of the best car listings in their area. CoP


  • The best car brands excel in road-test performance, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety.
  • The highest overall scores are based on the average from all current tested models.
  • BMW, Subaru, Lexus, and Honda are among the top car brands that consistently rank high in road-test performance, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety.
  • BMW claimed the top spot this year due to especially strong road-test performances and solid owner survey results.
  • Genesis made the biggest leap in rank this year, rising 12 positions due to improved reliability.
  • Lincoln climbed 10 places on the strength of reliability and added safety systems.
  • Chrysler dropped a dozen spots due to the well-below-average reliability of the Pacifica Hybrid minivan.
  • Brands with fewer models are subject to significant year-to-year shifts.
  • The rankings help shoppers identify the brands that are worth considering and those that need more caution.
  • The bottom-ranked car brands tend to fall short in road tests and/or reliability and may not consistently offer good cars across their model range, so buyers should be wary.
  • For a brand to be included in the ranking, Consumer Reports (CR) must have tested at least two current models from the brand.
  • Predicted reliability ratings are based on problems reported by members in 17 trouble areas in CR’s Annual Auto Surveys.
  • Owner satisfaction predictions are based on whether CR members said in the surveys that they’d buy the same vehicle again if given the chance.
  • Safety includes an assessment of any available crash-test results and extra points assigned to vehicles that come standard with crash-prevention systems.
  • The Overall Score for individual models is based on four key factors: the road test, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety.
  • For the road-test score, Consumer Reports put vehicles through more than 50 tests and evaluations.
  • Green Choices reflect how many CR-tested vehicles earned the designation for being in the top 20 percent of vehicles with the cleanest emissions, according to the EPA.
  • Fiat, Maserati, Polestar, Ram, and Rivian aren’t included in the rankings this year because CR hasn’t tested at least two current models from these brands.
  • Becoming a member provides access to digital ratings, and Consumer Reports investigates, researches, and tests so that consumers can choose with confidence.

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