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Healthy lunch spots in Seattle

I researched healthy lunch spots in Seattle by examining various sources, including Yelp, Emerald Palate, Seattle Met, Reddit discussions, and The Infatuation. There was a general consensus on some popular healthy lunch spots in the city, with multiple sources providing recommendations. However, the sources varied in their specific suggestions and focus, which means the following list is not exhaustive, but it does provide a good starting point for finding healthy lunch options in Seattle.




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Bounty Kitchen

Bounty Kitchen

Bounty Kitchen is a popular choice for healthy meals, with locations in Queen Anne and Denny Triangle. They serve breakfast and lunch, with most menu items leaning towards healthy options, such as fresh vegetarian and hearty grain bowls, sandwiches, and an all-day brunch.
The Fat Hen

The Fat Hen

Located in Ballard, The Fat Hen offers Italian-leaning brunch options for breakfast and lunch. Some of their best dishes include prosciutto Benedict, homemade granola & fruit, and vegetable Benedict.
Portage Bay Cafe

Portage Bay Cafe

With locations in Ballard, U-District, Roosevelt, and South Lake Union, Portage Bay Cafe is known for its organic brunch. Their slogan, "Eat like you give a damn," embodies their approach to serving healthy meals. Some of their best dishes are oatmeal, French toast, buckwheat pancakes, grain bowls, and a toppings bar.

Poke Square

Poke Square, with locations in Ballard and Eastlake, serves lunch and dinner with a focus on poke bowls. Customers can choose from a base of rice, salad, or a mix, and then select their proteins and toppings.
Cafe Flora

Cafe Flora

Located in Madison Valley, Cafe Flora is a well-known spot for innovative vegan and vegetarian dishes. They offer a menu that changes by the season, featuring inventive textural harvests, and are particularly known for their Oaxaca tacos and portobello wellington.

Reddit Suggestions

A Reddit discussion on the best lunch spots in Seattle mentioned TATS in Pioneer Square for Asian-fusion sandwiches, Hot Mamas Pizza in Capitol Hill for affordable pizza slices, Red Bowls on 3rd for budget-friendly Asian food, and Honey Hole on Capitol Hill for sandwiches.
Via Rosa 11

Via Rosa 11

Located on Bainbridge Island, Via Rosa 11 serves exemplary pasta and pizza in a welcoming atmosphere. Some recommended dishes include burrata and speck pie, fusilli tossed in vodka sauce, porchetta panini, and housemade sausage and tubs of pesto.
Sushi Kashiba

Sushi Kashiba

Sushi Kashiba in Pike Place Market is a highly regarded sushi spot that offers a pristine sushi experience and an omakase menu. Overall, Seattle offers a wide variety of healthy lunch spots to suit various tastes and preferences. The aforementioned options should provide a good starting point for those seeking a nutritious meal in the city.

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  • Bounty Kitchen:

    • Neighborhoods: Queen Anne & Denny Triangle
    • Meals: breakfast & lunch
    • Best for: good morning avocado sandwich
  • The Fat Hen:

  • Neighborhood: Ballard

  • Meals: breakfast & lunch

  • Best for: Italian-leaning brunch

  • Best dishes: prosciutto Benedict, homemade granola & fruit, and vegetable Benedict

  • Portage Bay Cafe:

  • Neighborhoods: Ballard, U-District, Roosevelt, & South Lake Union

  • Meals: breakfast & lunch

  • Best for: organic brunch

  • Best dishes: oatmeal, French toast, buckwheat pancakes, grain bowls, and toppings bar

  • Poke Square:

    • Neighborhoods: Ballard & Eastlake
    • Meals: lunch & dinner
    • Best for: poke bowls
    • Best dishes: choosing a base of rice, salad, or mix, different proteins, and toppings
  • Eve:

    • Neighborhood: Fremont
    • Meals: dinner only
    • Best for: breakfast bowls
    • Vegetarian options: poke bowl without mayo, squash salad, eggplant wrap
  • Preserve & Gather:

    • Neighborhood: Greenwood
    • Meals: breakfast & lunch
    • Best for: toasts
    • Best dishes: Ricotta toast, amazing chocolate chip cookie, Fulcrum Coffee
  • Mr. Gyro’s:

    • Neighborhoods: Wallingford & Ballard
    • Meals: lunch & dinner
    • Best for: chicken shawarma
    • Best dishes: grilled chicken served on top of rice with a Greek salad, hummus, and tzatziki sauce
  • Next Level Burger:

    • Neighborhood: Roosevelt
    • Meals: lunch & dinner
    • Best for: vegan burger
    • Famous dishes: American burger with the Beyond vegan patty and strawberry coconut milkshake
  • RockCreek:

    • Neighborhood: Fremont
    • Meals: dinner only
    • Best for: Cauliflower salad & raw fish
    • Best dishes: raw or cured fish dishes, cauliflower farro salad
  • Duĕ:

    • Neighborhood: Capitol Hill, Roosevelt, & Kirkland
    • Meals: lunch & dinner
    • Best for: healthy pasta
    • Speciality: ancient grains to create pasta with more protein and fiber and less carbs than typical wheat pasta, gluten-free


  • Sushi Kashiba in Pike Place Market is a highly regarded sushi spot that offers a pristine sushi experience and an omakase menu.
  • Anar is a Middle Eastern, vegetarian restaurant in Amazon’s Doppler Building downtown Seattle. It offers upmarket grain bowl-and-juice bar takeout with a small area for seating. The Mujadara is a recommended dish with a blend of sour, tart, sweet and savory flavors, served on a bed of brown rice and green lentils with magenta pickled turnip, cilantro, pumpkin seeds spiced with Aleppo pepper, and Seattle’s own Ellenos yogurt.
  • Bounty Kitchen is an organic cafe atop Queen Anne that offers fresh vegetarian, hearty grain bowls, sandwiches, and an all-day brunch. Most items on the menu are vegetarian, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, or dairy-free.
  • B-Side is a counter-service spot on Capitol Hill that serves delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The restaurant offers seasonal and locally sourced food that is healthy without emphasizing it. The rice bowl is mentioned to be particularly delicious, with a satisfying bite of puffed wild rice and amaranth, char-roasted turnips and broccoli, chickpea-miso dressing, and a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg.
  • Cafe Flora in Madison Valley is well-known for its innovative vegan and vegetarian dishes. It offers a menu that changes by the season and features inventive textural harvests. The Oaxaca tacos and portobello wellington are two dishes that must remain on the menu.
  • Dueminuti is an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill with fewer carbs, low-gluten, and low-carb options that taste superb. It offers hand-crafted pasta made from flours such as quinoa, rice, rye, corn, and beans for added fiber, protein, and bite. Their sauces are also unique, such as Sicilian pesto made with mint and almonds and braised hen with pistachios and citrus zest.
  • Eve is an American/New American restaurant in Fremont, known for its ‘70s elevated hippie food menu, featuring organic starters, spreads, salads, veggies, mains, and egg-crowned grain bowls.
  • Evergreens are a local fast-casual chain restaurant that crafts salads that are made to order while offering customization with greens, wraps, and grain bowls with a variety of toppings to choose from.
  • FOB Poke Bar is a Hawaiian poke restaurant where customers can assemble a bowl with uncommon add


  • Featured takeout options include Cocktail Bars, Pizza, Coffee Roasteries, Desserts, Beer, Wine & Spirits, and Sandwiches.
  • There is an advertisement for Oleato beverages at Starbucks Reserve Roasteries.
  • There is an advertisement that offers sweet deals to prime members at Amazon Fresh stores.
  • The webpage provides a list of businesses that offer ‘healthy lunch’ options in Seattle with customer reviews and ratings:
    • Wholesome, healthy, sustainable eating
    • Super yummy and healthy!! Lots of fresh ingredients and veggies. I really loved the Thai Peanut &
    • Was looking for a quick healthy lunch and nailed it. Had the Herradura sandwich that had smashed…
    • Delicious and healthy lunch! It is on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for.
    • Mediterranean salad: i need something healthy to counteract my lunchtime carb bonanza.
    • After a long day of walking around and seeing the area, a healthy lunch seemed like a good choice.
    • It seems like a solid choice for a healthy lunch.
    • Really beautiful and trendy place around SLU with healthy, vegetarian (vegan?)
    • The rice bowl is an incredible staple that is healthy breakfast at its finest, the frittata of the…
    • Voted Seattle’s “Best Healthy Lunch” and for having the “Best Gluten-Free Menu”, my friend and I…
  • There is a sponsored result for a business that has mixed ratings by customers.
  • Related searches for “healthy lunch” in popular locations such as “nearby cities” and “neighborhoods” are listed.
  • There are related talk topics including a discussion about bringing lunch to work, eating healthy before indulging in unhealthy food, and a vegan nacho recipe.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers consists of a customer review of a specific “healthy lunch” business in Seattle.
  • The webpage is dated for May 2023.


  • Filipino counter located in the Pike Place Market
    • Serves “the best lunch Downtown,” and “some of the best Filipino food in the city”
    • Best dishes: tart pork adobo over rice, crunchy lumpia wands, and shiny red longanisa sausage
    • Has been open since 1987
  • The Pink Door
    • Atmosphere combines burlesque circus and trattoria
    • Offers views of the water
    • Serves Italian food such as lasagna
  • Matt’s in the Market
    • Located on the third floor of a Pike Place building
    • Offers a view of the market
    • Serves a crispy catfish sandwich and a “candy bar square” dessert
  • Dough Zone
    • A small Seattle-based chain
    • Offers xiao long bao, buns, and noodles
    • Best dish: Q bao pork buns
  • Pane Pane
    • Serves a variety of sandwiches
    • Located in a nook of Downtown
    • Best dish: teriyaki meatball bánh mì
  • Maíz
    • Serves Mexican dishes
    • Freshly-ground corn masa is a key ingredient
    • Best dishes: sopes topped with stewed chicken, pickled onion, cotija, and crema
  • Post Alley Pizza
    • Serves pizza with homemade ranch and calabrian chili buffalo sauce for dipping
    • Offers granulated garlic for seasoning
    • Serves hoagie sandwiches loaded with Italian cold cuts and dressed chicories
  • Mr. West Cafe
    • A very attractive space with a lot of plants, marble, gold accents, and monochrome wall art
    • Offers matcha lattes, curried avocado toast, and breakfast sandwiches
    • Serves salads such as brussels sprout caesars and niçoise
    • Has a diverse and exciting wine selection
  • Market Fresh
    • A buffet-style hot bar
    • Serves a double-coated, nori pepper dredged fried chicken sandwich with pineapple gochujang and garlicky aioli on brioche
  • Pasta Casalinga
    • Offers bowls of handmade pasta for under $20
    • Menu rotates based on fresh ingredients from the “ocean,” “garden,” and “farm”
    • Best dishes: rigatoni with lamb and juniper berry ragu, or spaghet


  • 13 lunch spots to consider in Seattle, WA
  • Via Rosa 11 on Bainbridge Island is a good place to eat exemplary pasta and pizza. Recommended dishes include burrata and speck pie, fusilli tossed in vodka sauce, porchetta panini, and housemade sausage and tubs of pesto.
  • Marmite offers interesting soups with sunchokes in the mix, plates of really fresh leaves, and unique sandwiches.
  • Sugo is a sushi counter that specializes in handrolls. Recommended dishes include sesame-forward ahi poke, marinated ikura, and melty chopped otoro. Vegetarians have options such as truffled mashed avocado with tempura crunchies, fried green beans, and crispy battered tofu with sweet onion and pea shoots.
  • Matt’s In The Market offers a fried catfish sandwich, potato chips with bacon dip, and candy bar square.
  • The Butcher’s Table in South Lake Union is a modern steakhouse with an antique leather barstools and statement-piece light fixtures. Recommended dishes include the burger and beef fat fries.
  • Deru Market is a magical little cafe in Kirkland that offers delicious sandwiches, soups, pizzas, and massive layer cakes in flavors like coconut and salted peanut butter dark chocolate.
  • Pizzeria Pulcinella in Rainier Beach serves excellent Neapolitan pizzas and baked pasta dishes. Recommended menu items include margherita pizza, chili oil, and spumoni ice cream.
  • Shawarma King offers delicious shawarma, mezzes, and mint lemonade. Harra fries are a must-order.
  • The Pink Door offers amazing views of the waterfront pier to enjoy over a casual combo of shawarma, mezzes, and mint lemonade.
  • Damn The Weather is a chilled-out natural wine bar that serves oysters, fresh pasta, and sandwiches. It’s recommended to grab a seat at the bar and a burger alongside their duck fat fries.
  • Salumi offers Italian sandwiches that work for any kind of lunch. The homemade cured meats and mozzarella are worth a try.
  • Sushi Kappo Tamura serves quality nigiri in an elegant space. Recommended menu items include scallops and sockeye salmon.
  • Ba Bar is an excellent Vietnamese spot that offers a big bowl of phở or vermicelli for lunch. Soft serve is a perfect way to cap off the meal.

In addition to the lunch spots, the webpage also includes:

  • A brief

"Best of Seattle: Lunch"

  • “Best of Seattle: Lunch” thread in r/SeattleWA discusses popular lunch spots in Seattle.
  • This is part of a weekly post about the best of Seattle.
  • TATS in Pioneer Square for Asian-fusion sandwiches.
  • Hot Mamas Pizza in Capitol Hill for affordable slices of pizza.
  • Red Bowls on 3rd for affordable Asian food.
  • Honey Hole on Capitol Hill has sandwich options.
  • Nate’s Chicken and Waffles on First Hill for soul food.
  • 3 Girls Bakery and Mr. D’s at Pike Place Market for sandwiches and gyros.
  • Fogon on Capitol Hill or RN74 downtown for sit-down lunch options.
  • Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
  • Royal Grinders in Fremont for sandwiches.
  • Il Corvo near Pioneer Square for traditional Italian dishes.
  • Sinbad’s Gyros, Nuna Ramen, PCC deli, or Teriyaki at Yaks for Fremont pick options.
  • El Borracho, La Vaca for homestyle street burritos, Falafel King, and Pho Cycle for West Edge area.
  • Okinawa Teriyaki, Fado Irish Pub, and Mee Sum Pastry for downtown Seattle.
  • Thai 2 Go at 2nd & Marion for cheap Thai options.
  • Berliner for Döner Kebab in downtown Seattle.
  • Blue Water Taco Grill for a fast lunch option.
  • Artisan Cafe at 5th and Vine in Belltown for banh mi and Vietnamese iced coffee.
  • Chu Minh Tofu Deli on 12th & Jackson for vegetarian or vegan options.
  • Green Leaf in Belltown for Vietnamese dishes.
  • Lan Hue in Little Saigon for banh mi and seating.
  • Saigon Deli for carry-out Vietnamese dishes.
  • Uwajimaya for onigiri and grab-n-go options.
  • Chip and Drew’s on 2nd Ave in downtown for build-your-own salads.
  • Umma’s Lunch Box on 5th and University by Rainier Square for Korean dishes.
  • Ferry Noodle House for curry across the street from Okinawa Teriyaki.
  • Whole Foods Westlake for burritos, sandwiches, soups, and hot food bar.

""Cheap eats" recommendations in Seattle?"

  • Recommendations for cheap eats around Seattle
  • User suggestions for food spots providing value for money
  • Suggestions for good lunch options in Seattle
  • Saigon Deli recommended by multiple users for a $4 bahn mi sandwich
  • Lan Huê Sandwich and Bakery on 10th and Jackson suggested for a “buy 5, get one free deal”
  • Dim Sum King in the International District suggested by a user
  • Teriyaki madness in Capitol Hill suggested for pounds of yakisoba for cheap
  • Musashi’s in ID (International District) recommended for cheap food and good quality
  • Uwajimaya’s deli food recommended as a reasonable option
  • Cheap Burritos mentioned at Gorditos
  • Honey Hole suggested where sandwiches can be shared and a good happy hour
  • Harry’s Bar mentioned for cheap drinks
  • Lucky’s Pho in Fremont recommended by a user
  • Voula’s Offshore Cafe near Lake Union suggested for huge portions for good prices
  • Suggestions for specific deals and price points throughout Seattle, including happy hour discounts

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