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chinese food near university of washington

I researched Chinese food near the University of Washington by examining various sources such as Reddit discussions, TripAdvisor rankings, Foursquare, Eater Seattle articles, Seattle Met, and Thrillist. The sources provided several recommendations and insights into the quality and authenticity of Chinese food in the Seattle area. There was a general consensus on some popular and highly rated restaurants, while others were mentioned less frequently. Overall, the recommendations provided should give you a solid idea of where to find good Chinese food near the University of Washington.




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Reddit Recommendations

According to a Reddit thread discussing authentic Chinese food in the Seattle area, some popular recommendations include Seven Star Pepper, Harbor City, Mike's Noodle House, Sichuanese Cuisine, Xi'an Noodles, Country Dough, Kau Kau, and Bamboo Village. Notable mentions in the University District are Little Duck, which serves delicious Northeast Chinese cuisine, and Red Pepper, known for Hong Kong style tea room food. Some users also mentioned that the quality of Chinese food in Seattle can vary across different restaurants even within a few blocks of each other.

TripAdvisor Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in University District

TripAdvisor lists the 10 best Chinese restaurants in the University District, including Xi'an Noodle, Din Tai Fung, Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant, Dough Zone Dumpling House, Kau Kau Barbeque Market, Facing East, Green Leaf, Araya's Place, and Yummy House Bakery. These restaurants offer a variety of Chinese and Asian cuisines, with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Thrillist Recommendations

Thrillist highlights the Chinatown-International District as the home of many excellent Chinese restaurants, including Honey Court Seafood Restaurant, Dough Zone Dumpling House, Xi’an Noodles, and Seven Stars Pepper. The area offers a wide variety of Chinese cuisine, ranging from traditional to contemporary dishes.

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  • Chef Liao is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood.

    • Menu favorites include honey walnut prawns, beef chow mein, and Szechuan green beans with pork.
    • Reviewers recommend the Chow Foon dish.
  • Chengdu Memory is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s International District.

    • Reviewers recommend the spicy hot pot.
    • Some reviewers note that the servers may bring more food than needed, so it’s wise to order a little to start.
  • New Luck Toy is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s West Seattle neighborhood.

    • The menu changes frequently, offering Americanized as well as Sichuanese dishes.
    • Reviewers recommend the frozen drinks in tiki cups.
    • One reviewer notes that the prices may be slightly higher than other immigrant Chinese restaurants.
  • Xi’an Noodles is a Chinese restaurant in the University District of Seattle.

    • Reviewers recommend the spicy cumin lamb hand-ripped noodles dish.
  • Kau Kau Barbeque Market is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s International District.

    • Menu favorites include the beef tomato curry with Hong Kong-style noodles, and the Land & Sea stew.
    • Reviewers also recommend the homemade stir-fried noodles with fermented chili sauce.
  • Jiaozi! is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s International District.

    • Menu favorites include the handmade pickled cabbage and pork dumplings, squid ring appetizer, and hot oil noodles.
  • Mike’s Noodle House is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s International District.

    • Menu favorites include Hong Kong-style noodle soups and congee. Reviewers recommend pairing the congee with Chinese donuts.
    • Reviewers also note that the prices are low but commensurate with portion size. There may be lengthy wait times due to limited seating.
  • Chiang’s Gourmet is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood.

    • Menu favorites include crispy scallops in garlic and hot pepper, and dishes with homemade noodles.
    • Reviewers note that the smaller “Chinese” menu offers more authentic dishes.
    • The roast pork with crispy skin is highly recommended.
  • Plenty Of Clouds is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

    • Reviewers recommend the dry fried chicken with too many chilies.
    • There is a solid happy hour from 9-10pm and 5-6pm.
  • Julie’s Garden is a Chinese restaurant in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood

"*Legit* Chinese food in Seattle area?"

  • A Reddit thread titled “Legit Chinese food in Seattle area?”, with a post by a user looking for authentic Chinese food in the Seattle area similar to what you can find in the San Gabriel Valley of LA.
  • Reddit users offer recommendations for authentic Chinese food in the Seattle area, including Seven Star Pepper, Harbor City, Mike’s Noodle House, Sichuanese Cuisine, Xi’an Noodles, Country Dough, Kau kau, and Bamboo Village.
  • Some users provide additional details on specific restaurants:
    • Seven Star Pepper recommended by multiple users and noted to be really good.
    • Xi’an Noodles has multiple locations, and some users recommend Qin up in Edmonds over it.
    • Country Dough is better than average.
    • Kau kau is great for bbq pork and roast pig/side pork.
    • Sichuanese Cuisine between 148th and 156th on 24th near Microsoft is pretty authentic.
    • Little Duck in U-District is delicious and true to Northeast Chinese cuisine.
    • Red Pepper in the U District is recommended for Hong Kong style tea room food.
  • The Reddit thread also notes that there are many different regional styles of Chinese food, and that Seattle has a variety of quality Chinese restaurants across the different styles.
  • Some users indicate that the quality of Chinese food in Seattle can vary across different restaurants even within a few blocks of each other.
  • Other recommendations for Chinese food in the Seattle area include Yea’s Wok in Newcastle, Rocking Wok in Wallingford, and Facing East in Bellevue.
  • The post also includes some off-topic comments, such as references to sauces and dumplings from specific restaurants.
  • One user recommends going to Vancouver, B.C. if seeking truly authentic Chinese food in the Pacific Northwest.


  • The article features various Chinese restaurants in the Seattle area, highlighting their specialties and popular dishes
  • A note is made that restaurants in the Seattle area tend to draw influence from across regional Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines
  • Xi’an Noodles has multiple locations in the Seattle area and specializes in biang biang noodles, which are handmade and have a satisfying texture
  • Imperial Garden in Kent is known for their dim sum menu, perfectly fried sesame balls, and standout dish: the Beijing Duck, which is served with steamed pancakes
  • Looking for Chai, located in Bellevue and Edmonds, is known for their Three Spiced Chicken with Basil (aka three cup chicken) and sizzling platter with chicken steak or pork chop
  • A+ Hong Kong Restaurant in the Chinatown-International District has a standout braised beef brisket stone pot dish that is highly regarded by Chinese grandmas and also features salt and pepper chicken wings that are crispy and laced with curry
  • Chengdu Taste is a Southern California favorite that expanded to Seattle and is known for their classic Sichuan dishes and exceptionally good laziji chicken
  • Tyger Tyger is located in Queen Anne and offers “Sichuan-inspired” dishes like wok-seared brussels sprouts with Chinese sausage and black vinegar chili oil
  • Friendship BBQ in Northgate features Northeastern-Chinese-style grilled skewers with a cumin-forward seasoning and garlic eggplant as a standout side dish
  • Dan Gui in Bellevue/Bel-Red serves classic dishes like ma po tofu and eggplant with preserved egg and offers a fermented glutinous rice ball “soup” for a sweet option
  • Mama’s Dough in Kent has a standout soup dumpling game with options like pork, crab, or vegetable filling and also has braised beef pancake rolls
  • Dumpling Generation in Edmonds and Lake Forest Park is known for their savory and juicy hand-rolled baskets of steamed dumplings and homemade noodles in dishes like beef noodle soup and tomato egg and noodles.
  • Spicy Style of Sichuan offers dishes like stir-fried sour-and-spicy shredded potatoes, eggplant with chili peppers and preserved eggs, and steamed pork belly with buns.
  • Harmony Palace is located in the Chinatown-International District and features rice rolls, noodle dishes, and dim sum, including the popular Cantonese XO sauce and Singapore-style curry fried rice
  • Spicy PoPo Szechuan Fish in Bellevue/Bel-Red features spicy and numbing


  • University of Washington is one of the biggest urban universities in the US, with more than 40,000 students and 20,000 faculty and staff.
  • University District, known as the U District, is a big college town inside a city, and The Ave is its main street, where Huskies gravitate when they’re craving an off-campus meal.
  • Most of the restaurants in the area are affordable, casual spots, and the options are eclectic with lots of good Asian food.
  • There are over 20 boba tea shops in the area.
  • Thanh Vi is among a number of Vietnamese restaurants on The Ave.
  • Xi’an Noodles is a popular spot for wide, chewy biang biang noodles that are made by hand every morning and served with chili oil.
  • The Morsel is a biscuit shop that makes everything on the menu, including its staple baked good, gluten-free.
  • There is a small Sichuan restaurant on The Ave that serves dishes like the “boiled fish with green pepper oil”, made with soft fish filets, snappy bean sprouts, crunchy slices of lotus root, slippery glass noodles, and more, in a light Sichuan peppercorn broth.
  • The Alley is a Korean restaurant in the area that offers generous portions of banchan.
  • Korean Tofu House serves some of the best sundubu-jjigae (spicy soft tofu stew) in the University district, with options for various meats and seafood added in.
  • Sultan Gyros Grill is hard to beat for its Falafel Super sandwiches, loaded with feta, hummus, vegetables, and crispy falafel.
  • Earl’s is the perfect college bar with strong and affordable drinks, multiple pool tables, and great food. A super combo of four onion rings, four jalapeno poppers, four mozzarella sticks, two chicken strips, two full-size corn dogs, and an enormous pan of waffle fries costs just $19.
  • Taste of India is a Roosevelt Way standby that serves a wide survey of Indian cuisine and has a large heated and covered outdoor dining area.
  • Big Time Brewery and Alehouse is one of the best hangouts on The Ave, offering good wifi and hoppy beers that pair well with well-executed bar food like chicken tenders and burgers.
  • The Mountaineering Club opened in 2019 on top of the new Graduate Hotel, offering some of the best views of Seattle from any bar or restaurant. The spirits


  • Provides a list of the 10 best Chinese restaurants in the University District, Seattle.
  • Categorizes the restaurants based on establishment type - Restaurants.
  • Lists down possible meal options offered by the restaurants - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  • Mentioned that online delivery is available.
  • Offers a classification of restaurants based on the pricing options they offer - Cheap Eats, Mid-range.
  • Rates the restaurants based on traveler ratings- “& up” (referring to the star rating).
  • Cuisines of the listed restaurants include Chinese, Asian, American, and Cafe.
  • Listed down popular dishes available in the restaurants - Noodle, Tempura, Beef, and Lamb.
  • The dietary restrictions of Vegetarian Friendly are specified.
  • The listed restaurants are said to be good for families with children.
  • Information is provided about the current status of the restaurants - Open Now.
  • The restaurant features include Takeout, Reservations, Seating, and Delivery.
  • Mentioned that the neighborhood of the restaurants include University District, International District, Downtown, and Queen Anne.
  • Listed the names of the 10 best Chinese restaurants:
    • Xi’an Noodle
    • Din Tai Fung
    • Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
    • Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant
    • Dough Zone Dumpling House
    • Kau Kau Barbeque Market
    • Facing East
    • Green Leaf
    • Araya’s Place
    • Yummy House Bakery
  • Each of the listed restaurants has been provided with brief information on the type of Chinese cuisine they offer and what makes them unique.
  • Xi’an Noodle is known for Hand-Ripped Noodles and Biang Biang noodles.
  • Din Tai Fung is known for its famous Xiao Long Bao Dumplings.
  • Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is known for its hotpots and for offering a different type of dining experience.
  • The Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant is known for its spicy cuisine.
  • Dough Zone Dumpling House is known for its Pork Dumplings and Dumplings with Red Chili Sauce.
  • Kau Kau Barbeque Market is known for their Char Siu and Roasted meats.
  • Facing East is known for its Taiwanese style cuisine.
  • Green Leaf is known for its Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Araya’s Place is known for its Vegan Thai cuisine.
  • Yummy House Bakery is known for its baked goods and dim sum.


  • Seattle’s Chinatown-International District holds the highest concentration of excellent Chinese restaurants, from big-budget regional chain outlets to old-school chop suey spots, takeout dim sum counters, and all-you-can-eat premium hot pot vendors.

  • Visitors can venture to authentic restaurants, such as Honey Court Seafood Restaurant, with fresh tanks to pick out live seafood, or Dough Zone Dumpling House, for Shanghai-style soup dumplings.

  • There are popular Szechuan restaurants such as Xi’an Noodles, with simmering bowls of Yunnan soup or hand-pulled noodles, and Seven Stars Pepper, for fiery stir-fried specialties.

  • People who want more exotic Chinese dishes can try Facing East Restaurant, which features juicy Baos in pork or chicken varieties, Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup, and spicy Kung Pao Squid.

  • Seattle resident Hsiao-Ching Chou, a food writer, recalls how dish choices in American Chinese restaurants have expanded in the past few decades, with more people traveling and exploring different cultures. This has opened up access to regional cuisines, created a broader customer base and demands for ingredients.

  • Traditional dishes in 1980 didn’t sell as customers favored Americanized options, notes Hsiao-Ching Chou, author of Vegetarian Chinese Soul Food book. However, customers now have a better understanding of Chinese cuisines and wanna try more traditional options.

  • There are different types of restaurants, which will fulfill different types of needs and food choices, according to Hsiao-Ching Chou.

  • Despite offering countless delectable choices, the fame of the area is attributed to specialties like Din Tai Fung and Kau Kau BBQ, with outlets in LA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

  • The article explains that while seven genuine Chinese restaurants still exist today in the International District, 70 years ago, there were over 100.

  • A few restaurants to dine in while in Seattle include Harbor City Restaurant, which tops its dumplings off with snappy Shanghainese crab, or Szechuan Noodle Bowl, for its fiery King’s Special Noodle Bowl.

  • The International District is distinguished by its long history of Chinese businesses, which decided to stay despite the Chinese Exclusion Act, which prohibited many Chinese immigrants from entering the USA.

  • The act notwithstanding, entrepreneurs and immigrant families endured and maintained their status. Some businesses have been operational for over a century, with Kam Wah Chung Co. and Wing Luke Museum showcasing the past history of the area.

  • The article


  • W’s article provides a list of 20 Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants in the Seattle area.
  • Little Ting’s Dumplings is a restaurant with locations in Seattle and Bellevue.
    • Serves boiled dumplings and pan-fried pot stickers in various flavors such as pork and fennel, chive and scallop, and sea cucumber and pork.
    • Occasionally offers specials like sea urchin dumplings.
  • Xi’an Noodles has restaurants in the University District, downtown’s Westlake Center and Bellevue.
    • Known for serving hand-pulled, wide biang-biang noodles that are made from scratch every day.
    • Served in hot chili oil.
    • Meat toppings are available, such as spicy cumin lamb.
  • Little Duck is a pint-sized restaurant that serves Northeastern Chinese dishes.
    • Menu includes dishes from other parts of China.
    • Serves fried rice dishes.
    • Serves particularly refreshing jellyfish salad with cucumber matchsticks.
  • 19 Gold is a small restaurant in Fremont that is a popular destination for Taiwanese food and bubble tea.
    • Serves braised combination platters featuring duck wings and pork intestines.
    • Serves malatang bowls featuring 19 different spices, that can include meat, seafood, vegetables, dumplings, and even udon noodles.
    • Serves minced pork over rice or noodles.
    • Serves bone marrow-rich beef noodle soup with a slightly spicy kick.
  • Yongshen Guo, owner of 151 Days, raises his own Bresse breed chickens for at least 150 days.
    • Located at his restaurant, which he opened in 2021 under a new apartment complex in Redmond.
    • Grew up in Inner Mongolia.
    • Serves chicken noodle soup with properly matured chicken.
  • Buerjia focuses mainly on Chinese sauerkraut fish (suan cai yu).
    • Pickled mustard greens constitute the “sauerkraut” portion.
    • Has big bowls of hot-and-sour broth containing chunks of fish topped with chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns.
    • Diners decide the size of their fish orders as well as what else to put in the broth.
  • Dan Gui’s mapo tofu at Dan Gui in Bellevue is made with fermented black beans and chili fava bean paste
    • Has delicious cold dishes like cucumber salad and wood-ear salad.
    • Serves excellent renditions of American

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