April 06, 2023

best saas affiliate platform

I conducted research on the best SaaS affiliate platforms by going through various sources, including Reddit discussions in r/digital_marketing, r/SaaS, r/Affiliatemarketing, and r/AffiliateMarket, and articles from websites like affiliatewp.com and impact.com. There was a reasonable amount of consensus among the sources, although some platforms were mentioned more frequently than others. My level of certainty is relatively high, given the number of sources and user experiences shared. However, it is essential to consider that individual preferences and requirements may vary, so the best SaaS affiliate platform for one user may not be the best for another.




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Rewardful was recommended by multiple Reddit users and was praised for its positive experience [3] [8] . However, one user mentioned that integration with PayPal is not available, but the higher affiliate cut makes up for it [2] . Rewardful works well with Paddle integration and offers an Affiliate Finder search engine for cold outreach [8] .


FirstPromoter was recommended by Reddit users in both r/SaaS and r/Affiliatemarketing [2] [6] . One user mentioned that they tried both LinkMink and FirstPromoter, ultimately choosing FirstPromoter because their coders were familiar with it [2] . FirstPromoter offers invoicing, the possibility to decline affiliates, and is considered easier to manage at scale [8] .


Tapfiliate was mentioned by Reddit users as a platform they were using or curious about [3] [9] . It offers features such as personalized affiliate links and coupon codes, a branded dashboard, custom sign-up fields, and a variety of publisher types [5] . Tapfiliate also provides highly accurate reports and click tracking [9] .


AffiliateWP was listed as one of the best affiliate software for SaaS products in 2023 by affiliatewp.com [5] . It offers easy integration, advanced tracking, multiple commission structures, customizable affiliate dashboard, user-friendly interface, responsive customer support, affiliate portals, personalized affiliate landing pages, vanity affiliate coupon codes, direct link tracking, custom affiliate slugs, and real-time analytics [5] .


Reditus was suggested by Reddit users as a good option if you use Stripe [1] . It offers SEO-friendly links, a partner agreement template, custom landing pages, and the ability to set up multiple affiliate tiers [5] .

LinkMink and Getrewardful

LinkMink and Getrewardful were mentioned by a Reddit user who had positive experiences with their customer support [2] .

Other Notable Platforms

Other platforms mentioned in my research include Hubspot, Omnisend, ConvertKit, AWeber, Leadpages, Unbounce, SEMrush, EasyAffiliate, Trackdesk, Everflow, PartnerStack (GrowSumo), Ambassador, Tune, CAKE, HasOffers, Reflio, and Tolt.io [1] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] . Each of these platforms has its own unique features and benefits, so it's essential to evaluate them based on your specific needs and requirements. In conclusion, Rewardful, FirstPromoter, and Tapfiliate were among the most frequently mentioned and positively reviewed platforms. However, it's crucial to consider individual preferences and requirements, as the best SaaS affiliate platform for one user may not be the best for another. It's recommended to explore each option, compare their features, and possibly try a demo or free trial before making a final decision.

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Source: "Affiliate software" (from reddit, r/SaaS)

  • Rewardful
    • Works with Paddle integration
    • Affiliate Finder search engine
    • Cold outreach possible
    • Slow build
  • FirstPromoter
    • Invoicing and possibility to decline affiliates
    • Difficult to manage at scale
  • Ambassador
    • Custom links and a higher volume of custom links controlled by the affiliate
    • Works better with enterprise users
  • PartnerStack
    • Expensive to start out
  • Reflio
    • Open-source and privacy-friendly
    • Starts from $0/month
    • Stripe only, soon branching out to Paddle, Braintree and Charbee

Source: "Affiliate tracking via GA or actual affiliate s..." (from reddit, r/Affiliatemarketing)

  • Google Analytics (GA)
    • Last click attribution
    • Cross device tracking
  • Affiliate Tracking Software
    • Tracks click + view purchasers
    • Uses custom URL with referral set on page
    • Tracks conversions on thank you page
    • Cross domain tracking issue
  • Facebook Pixel
    • Track ad impressions
    • Track ad clicks
    • Track outbound clicks
    • Track form submission
    • Optimize ads based on any of these events
    • Build custom/lookalike audiences accordingly
  • Tapfiliate
    • Click tracking script installed on website
    • Stores tap_vid cookie in visiting user’s browser
    • Tracks conversions when user makes a purchase in online shop or signs up for product/subscription
    • Highly accurate reports

Source: "How to find the right platform for SaaS affilia..." (from web, impact.com)

  • SaaS Platforms
    • Allows users to manage connections and contracts directly with their affiliate partners
    • Gives users total control over the partner experience and gives them full access to affiliate data
    • Automates and simplifies the partnership process
    • Has partner discovery tools to help find the perfect partners outside of a network’s radar
    • Allows users to run reports without limitations
    • Look for a solution with transparent pricing, with no hidden costs
    • Integrates with CRM, simplifying sales tracking
    • Allows partners to submit leads
    • Has an asset and resource repository
    • Has a resource area for training and certifying partners
    • Has flexible contracts
    • Has robust reporting around the status of submitted leads
  • Affiliate Networks
    • Puts users in touch with the affiliates in the network
    • Quality of service varies widely between networks
    • Restricts clients to the partners in the network, which may include a diverse range of partnership types
    • Can come with inflexible contracts that constrain a brand’s capacity to move and scale efficiently
    • Relies on an account manager to assist with reporting and analysis

Source: "Best Affiliate/Partnership Management Platform" (from reddit, r/Affiliatemarketing)

  • First promoter
    • Has tracking capability
    • Monthly exits
  • Rewardful
    • Tracking capability
    • Monthly exits
  • Ambassador
    • User experience for partners
    • Out of price range for starting the program
  • Tune
    • Management
    • Long-term commitments
  • Everflow
    • Management
    • Tracking capability
  • CAKE
    • Recommended for their vertical
  • HasOffers
    • Recommended for their vertical
  • GetUp-FitFridge
    • 90% commission
    • $97 monthly residual income
    • 3-day free trial

Source: "Recommendations for affiliate platform software" (from reddit, r/Affiliatemarketing)

  • Cross media platform
    • Could possibly do what is needed, but may be more expensive
    • Need to consider budget and how much is paid to clients on a monthly basis
  • Analytics software
    • Does not come with a login for customer to check billing and not set up for billing clients
  • Affiliate platform
    • Easier to set up the desired structure (tiered pricing models, affiliate groups, etc.)
    • Could track when app is opened, content accessed, and assign prices to certain actions (CPA)
    • Would allow for billing clients automatically according to what they have used

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Source: "8 Best Affiliate Software for SaaS Products (2023)" (from web, affiliatewp.com)

  • AffiliateWP
    • Easy Integration
    • Advanced Tracking
    • Multiple Commission Structures
    • Customizable Affiliate Dashboard
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Responsive Customer Support
    • Affiliate Portals
    • Personalized Affiliate Landing Pages
    • Vanity Affiliate Coupon Codes
    • Direct Link Tracking
    • Custom Affiliate Slugs
    • Real-time analytics
    • Referrals Programs
  • EasyAffiliate
    • Personalized Affiliate Dashboard
    • Payment Integration
    • Affiliate Applications
    • Commission Tracking
    • Fraud Detection
  • Trackdesk
    • Private Campaigns
    • Affiliates Newsletters
    • Access to Error Logs
    • Offer setup support
    • Drag & Drop Dashboard
  • Reditus
    • SEO friendly links
    • Partner agreement template
    • Custom landing page
    • Set up multiple affiliate tiers
  • Everflow
    • Instant Cart Setups
    • Integrations
    • Global Payments
    • Auto-Optimizations
    • Connect Your CRM Data
  • Tapfiliate
    • Recruit affiliates
    • Personal Affiliate Links and Coupon Codes
    • Branded Dashboard
    • Custom Sign up Fields
    • Variety of Publisher Types
  • FirstPromoter
    • Two-Sided Rewards
    • Branded Affiliate Dashboard
    • One-Click Paypal Payouts
    • Personalized Referral Links
  • PartnerStack (GrowSumo)
    • Access to B2B-Focused Partners
    • Partner Analytics
    • Automated Partner Payments
    • Detailed Reporting and Stats

Source: "Affiliate software for SaaS" (from reddit, r/SaaS)

  • LinkMink
    • User found out about LinkMink and Getrewardful
    • Customer support was good
  • Getrewardful
    • User found out about LinkMink and Getrewardful
    • Customer support was good
  • FirstPromoter
    • User recommended FirstPromoter
    • User tried out both LinkMink and FirstPromoter and went with FirstPromoter because coders were familiar with it
  • Rewardful
    • User has had their eye on Rewardful but hasn’t tried it yet
    • User is using Rewardful, integration with PayPal is not available (but higher affiliate cut makes up for it)

Source: "Can someone recommend a cheap affiliate managem..." (from reddit, r/SaaS)

  • Rewardful
    • Recommended by a Reddit user with 8 karma
    • “Been very positive about them”
    • “Love Rewardful and would highly recommend”
    • “DM me on Twitter and we’ll be happy to give you a demo and answer any questions you might have!”
  • Firstpromoter
    • Used by a Reddit user for their SaaS businesses (ContentStudio and Usermaven)
    • Recently switched to Rewardful and are quite happy with the move
  • Tapfiliate
    • Used by a Reddit user
    • Curious how it compares to Firstpromoter and Rewardful. Do you have any experience with them as well?
  • Tolt.io
    • Specifically built for SaaS startups
    • DM me if interested

Source: "Affiliate platforms" (from reddit, r/AffiliateMarket)

  • Forex Tool
    • 50,000+ sales worldwide
    • 15 years on the market
    • Extremely low refund rate of 5.2%
    • Competent and free support
    • Average conversion rate: 1.12%
    • Free trial to download
    • Lots of banners
    • 30-days money-back guarantee
    • 25% commission
    • 50,000+ sales worldwide
    • 15 years on the market
    • Extremely low refund rate of 5.2%
    • Competent and free support
    • Average conversion rate: 1.12%
    • Free trial to download
    • Lots of banners
    • 30-days money-back guarantee

Source: "Which is the best Affiliate platform for Tech S..." (from reddit, r/digital_marketing)

  • Woorise
    • User suggested it as a possible answer
  • Hubspot
    • User suggested it as a possible answer and said it gives “maximum benefit”
  • Omnisend
    • User suggested it as a possible answer
  • ConvertKit
    • User suggested it as a possible answer
  • AWeber
    • User suggested it as a possible answer
  • Leadpages
    • User suggested it as a possible answer
  • Unbounce
    • User suggested it as a possible answer
  • SEMrush
    • User suggested it as a possible answer
  • Reditus
    • User suggested it as a possible answer, if you use Stripe

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