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Sennheiser IE100 Pro

Sennheiser IE100 Pro

It seems that the Sennheiser IE100 Pro could be a great option for everyday headphones. It is highly rated in terms of comfort and sound quality [1] , and it even fits the criteria of not looking like a dweeb [1] . It has a low price [5] which makes it an attractive option for those looking for good headphones without breaking the bank. People say that it has a neutral/balanced sound [1] , making it suitable for listening to many genres of music. Finally, it is durable and solid in build [9] , perfect for everyday use.
Philips Fidelio X2hr

Philips Fidelio X2hr

It seems that Philips Fidelio X2HR could be a great option for everyday use. It has a durable and solid build [5] , with comfortable moulding to your ears [9] . People say it has an exciting sound signature with prominent mid-bass and sparkly treble [6] [8] . It's also good for gaming as its open-back design provides good soundstage and imaging [8] , though not great for detail retrieval. The comfort of these headphones improves after about 5 minutes of wear [9] , making them perfect for wearing all day.


From what I gather, it seems like the PortaPro headphones could be a great option for everyday use. People say that they offer an "insane value for money" [4] , have good build quality [9] , and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time [3] . Additionally, they seem to be a great choice for those looking to get into high quality audio without spending too much money [4] .


The DT770 seem to be a popular option for everyday headphones. People say that they are a "test of time", still seen being worn for live music and studio work [3] , and have been around for a while, so they must be good [4] . It seems that many people use them on their commutes, in their home [4] , or when gaming [8] . The sound of the DT770 is also said to be good with a deep rumble and balanced mids and highs [3] , although I think some people may find the upper midrange too much [3] . They are also said to be durable and solid in build quality [5] , so they should last you a while.
880 and 990 Pro

880 and 990 Pro

Sennheiser's 880 and 990 Pro headphones seem to be popular for everyday use, as they are often seen being worn for live music and studio work, as well as by streamers [5] . People say that they have stood the test of time, being a reliable choice [6] . Comfort is generally good with these headphones, although the pads can take a few minutes to warm up [9] . This pair of headphones could be a great choice for everyday use.
All answers

All answers

  • Sennheiser IE100 Pro
  • Philips Fidelio X2hr
  • PortaPro
  • DT770
  • 880 and 990 Pro
  • HD598 and 600
  • HD560S
  • M50x/M40x
  • Master & Dynamic
  • Sennheiser HD800 S
  • HIFIMAN Arya
  • Susvara and Shangri-La
  • Sundara and Ananda under 1k
  • Focal Clear
  • ZMF Eikons
  • Comfort

    When it comes to comfort, you want a model that fits well and feels good to wear for hours on end [1] [3] . The AirPods Pro [1] stand out for their superior noise isolation, perfect fit and comfort, while the Sennheiser IE 600 [3] are a great option if you know what sound you're looking for and are willing to EQ it.


    Durability is key when it comes to everyday use headphones. The Philips Fidelio X2HR [2] is incredibly strong and solid, while the MEE M6 pro [4] has been known to last longer than most high-end cans.

    Sound Signature

    If you're looking for an exciting sound signature with prominent mid-bass and sparkly treble, the Philips Fidelio X2HR [2] is a great option. For those who want something more tailored to their preferences, customized open-back headphones like the Sennheiser HD598Cs [4] can provide great performance with EQ adjustments. On the other hand, IEMs like the Etymotic ER4PT [3] [6] , TRN Rosefinch [6] , TRuthear x crinacle Zero [6] , or KZ IEMs [6] can provide better detail and imaging than open-back headphones.


    For a wide soundstage from left-right, the Fidelio X2HR's is a good choice [8] . However, if you're looking for a headset that envelops your head with bigger sense of space in other directions, then try out the Sennheiser HD 598's [4] . For modern games that have sophisticated sound engines that simulate directionality and "surround" space without needing virtual surround sound, consider getting yourself a set of headsets like the iFi Micro iDSD [5] [7] or Schiit Stack [7] .

    Detail Retrieval

    In terms of detail retrieval IEMs are always going to be your best bet. Check out models like the Tin HiFi P1 Max [6] , Shuoer S12 (Pro) [6] , TANGZU Zetian Wu [6] , Dunu Talos [6] , 7Hz Timeless [6] , Sony MDR-XB50AP [4] , or B&O H6 2nd gens. [4] . According to one user who has owned his Philips Fidelio X2HR's over 1 year now, they don't have great detail retrieval but they still fare well in comparison to others in its price range [9] .

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    Source: "Philips Fidelio X2HR Review After Over 1 Year O..." (from reddit, r/headphones)

    • Philips Fidelio X2HR
      • Comfort: “At first it’s not incredible as the pads are a little stiff, but the pads quickly warm up on your head, and after about 5 minutes they should be nice and soft. Comfort varies slightly person to person, and I don’t personally think these have insane comfort unlike some others, it’s not vastly better then anything else I’ve tried.”
      • Build: “The build is really great in these headphones. They feel sturdy, and most likely aren’t going to break on you anytime soon. I’ve fallen asleep with these countless times and I’m a rough sleeper, nothing has ever broken.”
      • Bass: “Bass on these headphones is one of the strongest selling points. It’s quite punchy, very tight and it isn’t muddy whatsoever. It also hits with authority, and has quite the kick and rumble that you’d expect from a closed back.”
      • Midrange: “Midrange is also pretty good. It’s mildly recessed, but it’s presented well. Vocals sound father away then usual, but it adds the the soundstage of the headphone.”
      • Treble: “Treble is the weakest performer out of all the aspects of this headphone in my opinion. It’s quite odd in its presentation. It’s quite uneven, as it dips down in the lower regions of treble and peaks at around 10k. You can hear the uneven sound of it if you have any sort of audio experience.”
      • Soundstage: “Soundstage on this headphone is absolutely fantastic. It’s very wide, wide to the point of resembling speakers sometimes. It’s very impressive, especially at this price point. Imaging is also pretty solid, although you could do better at this price.”
      • EQ: “These headphones have quite a good response to EQ. You can change the sound quite a lot to your liking. You can add more bass, less treble, more treble, adjust the mids, even out the treble, anything you like really.”
      • Movies: “These also are great for watching movies, and add a big sound to what you are watching. Action movies are great on these.”
      • Music Production: “For music production these are decent

    Source: "Sennheiser IE100" (from reddit, r/HeadphoneAdvice)

    • Sennheiser IE100
      • Comfortable wearing for 4-5 hours
      • Neutral/balanced sound
      • Good quality
    • Sennheiser IE 200
      • Overpriced
      • Sounds pretty good
    • KZ IEMs
      • Different versions of KZ ZS10 Pro X
    • TRN Rosefinch
      • 12mm planar driver IEM
    • TANGZU x SeeAudio Red Shimin Li (Encounter)
      • $50
    • 7Hz Legato
      • Way more bass than it looks
    • TRuthear x crinacle Zero
      • $50 2DD IEM
    • Tripowin x HBB Olina
      • $80 IEM, Special Edition can be found for $80
    • Simgot EA500
      • $80 IEM
    • 7Hz Salnotes x crinacle Dioko
      • $80+ 14.xmm planar driver IEM
    • Tin HiFi P1 Max
      • $80+ 14.xmm planar driver IEM
    • Shuoer S12 (Pro)
      • $80+ 14.xmm planar driver IEM
    • TANGZU Zetian Wu
      • $80+ 14.xmm planar driver IEM
    • Dunu Talos
      • $80+ 14.xmm planar driver IEM
    • 7Hz Timeless
      • $80+ 14.xmm planar driver IEM

    Source: "Best Headphones per price bracket?" (from reddit, r/HeadphoneAdvice)

    • Sennheiser HD 58x/6xx/560S
      • Their soundstage may not be wide, but they have probably the best timbre of any headphone
      • Good choice for those who prefer a warmer tonality
      • Can last for 30+ years
    • AKG K371
      • Good choice for those who want to stay in the $100-200 price bracket
    • Hifiman Sundara
      • Good choice for those in the $200-500 price bracket
    • Focal Clear
      • Good choice for those in the $500-1000 price bracket
    • Hifiman Ananda/Edition XS
      • Good choice for those in the $1000-2000 price bracket
    • ZMF Auteur
      • Good choice for those in the $1000-2000 price bracket
    • Abyss Diana TC
      • Good choice for those in the $2000+ price bracket
    • Hifiman Susvara
      • Good choice for those in the $2000+ price bracket
    • Focal Utopia
      • Good choice for those in the $2000+ price bracket
    • Audeze LCD-5
      • Good choice for those in the $2000+ price bracket
    • ZMF Verite Closed
      • Good choice for those in the $2000+ price bracket
    • Meze Empyrean/Elite
      • Good choice for those in the $2000+ price bracket

    Source: "Is it me or is the Fidelio X2HR's soundstage a ..." (from reddit, r/headphones)

    • Fidelio X2HR:
      • Wide soundstage, left-right wide, not very wide front-back, not good vertical soundstage
    • HD 598:
      • Not as wide from left-right, but bigger sense of space in other directions, envelops the head
    • Other headsets:
      • Modern games have sophisticated sound engines that simulate directionality and “surround” space, no need for virtual surround sound

    Source: "Philips Fidelio X2HR Review" (from reddit, r/headphones)

    • Philips Fidelio X2HR
      • Durable and solid build
      • Comfortable and moulds around ears
      • Exciting sound signature with prominent mid-bass and sparkly treble
      • Good soundstage and imaging, but not great for detail retrieval
      • Perfect for energetic genres like hip-hop and electronica
    • Customized Open-Back Headphones
      • Tailor the sound to your preferences using the oratory Harmon curve
      • Can provide great performance for gaming
      • Can provide better imaging and detail than the X2HR
      • Can be combined with V-moda boom pro for even better sound
    • IEMs
      • Listen to them more often
      • Can provide better detail and imaging than open-back headphones
    • Vinyl
      • Can provide a unique listening experience when combined with Shure M447 carts
      • Allows for an immersive soundstage and enjoyable listening experience

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    Source: "Question: One pair of headphones for everyday l..." (from reddit, r/HeadphoneAdvice)

    • AirPods Pro
      • Good sound quality, superior noise isolation compared to even the best earplugs, perfect fit for maximum comfort, portable, great noise cancelling and transparency mode
      • Convenient, cost and quality make perfect sense, can wear them all day, weather resistant
    • Sony WF-1000XM4
      • Good noise cancelling, convenience factor, decent sounding
      • Latency of wireless can bother in some situations
    • Sennheiser IE 600
      • Made them stop buying IEMs, good technical performance, know what you want and use EQ to target curve
    • Final Audio E500 IEMS
      • Wins the price to sound ratio hands-down, use more than most high-end cans
    • Etymotic ER
      • Too much upper midrange, but they’re really really good

    Source: "What are some of the best headphones (in your o..." (from reddit, r/headphones)

    • Philips Fidelio X2hr
      • All-rounder for music and gaming, with open soundstage and closed-back levels of bass thump
    • Sennheiser HD800
      • Killer if you are willing to shell out the $$$
    • PortaPro
      • Insane value for money
    • DT770, 880 and 990 Pro
      • Test of time, still seen being worn for live music and studio work, as well as by streamers
    • HD598 and 600
      • Gateway headphones for people looking to get into high quality audio, always a safe bet
    • HD560S
      • Fairly new but could become legendary with time
    • M50x/M40x
      • Responsible for getting so many people into audio
    • Master & Dynamic
      • Elite back in the day before Apple bought them, still good
    • Sennheiser HD800 S
      • Excellent technicalities and most comfortable to some head shapes and sizes
    • HIFIMAN Arya, Susvara and Shangri-La
      • In their respective categories
    • Sundara and Ananda under 1k
      • Hifiman for many
    • Focal Clear
      • Balanced, slightly warm sound
    • ZMF Eikons
      • Deepest rumble in a dynamic without stepping all over the mids and highs
    • KSC75 on portapro headband
      • Great on a portapro headband
    • Superlux hd668b with brainwavz pads
      • Weakest of the three but a little EQ helps a lot
    • Etymotic er2xr
      • Isolation is amazing, very detailed, and perfect tuning for some
    • Sennheiser HD25
      • Durable, sounds good but not great, and poor comfort with stock pads
    • STAX
      • Level of detail won’t let you go back

    Source: "What are your every-day-carry headphones?" (from reddit, r/headphones)

    • Sennheiser HD598Cs
      • “At home: Sennheiser HD598Cs”
      • “I’m planning on getting a Schiit Magni 2 Uber for it”
    • Sennheiser HD280 Pro
      • “On my commute: Sennheiser HD280 Pro. Modded them for use with a detachable 3.5mm cable”
      • “Hopefully replacing with V-Moda M-100 some day soon”
    • Bose SoundSport IE
      • “At work: Bose SoundSport IE”
      • “I have a ton of comfortable spare in-ears - maybe I’ll pick up some SE215s some day”
    • Jaybirds
      • “Working out: Who am I kidding, I don’t work out. Maybe when I do I’ll get some Jaybirds.”
    • Phillips SHP 9500
      • “Sitting at computer (usually gaming): Phillips SHP 9500 with vmoda boompro”
    • MEE M6 pro
      • “Anywhere else (even sitting on the couch on my phone): MEE M6 pro”
    • LCDX
      • “At home: LCDX”
    • Andromeda or Vega
      • “Not home: Andromeda or Vega”
    • HD800
      • “At home: HD800 out of iDSD BL”
    • ER4PT
      • “On-the-go: ER4PT”
    • iFi Micro iDSD
      • “At home: iFi Micro iDSD”
    • LG G5
      • “On my commute: LG G5 to E17k to Trinity Master IEMs”
    • Schiit Stack
      • “At work: Schiit Stack to Ultrasone HFI-580”
    • Sony MDR-XB50AP
      • “Working out: Sony MDR-XB50AP”
    • B&O H6 2nd gens
      • “Commute - B&O H6 2nd gens”
    • Monoprice m1060
      • “At home: Monoprice m1060”
    • Koss Ksc75
      • “At work: Koss Ksc75”
      • “Working out: Koss Ksc75”
    • CALs

    Source: "Best Headphones For Everyday Use of March 2023 ..." (from web,

    • Raycon
      • SCORE: 9.8
      • Brand: Raycon
      • Prime: Yes
    • OneOdio
      • SCORE: 9.6
      • Brand: OneOdio
      • Prime: Yes
    • JBL
      • SCORE: 9.4
      • Brand: JBL
    • iClever
      • SCORE: 9.2
      • Brand: iClever
      • Prime: Yes
    • Philips
      • SCORE: 8.6
      • Brand: Philips
      • Prime: Yes
    • KVIDIO
      • SCORE: 8.4
      • Brand: KVIDIO
      • Prime: Yes
    • Candy Bila
      • SCORE: 8.8
      • Brand: Candy Bila
      • Prime: Yes
    • Sony
      • SCORE: 8.2
      • Brand: Sony
      • Prime: Yes

    Source: "What are the best portable headphones/iems for ..." (from reddit, r/HeadphoneAdvice)

    • Sennheiser IE100 Pro
      • Decent IEM
      • Low price
      • Fits the criteria of:
        • Sound good
        • Put up with wearing 10 hours a day
        • Not restrict movement
        • Not make wearer look like a dweeb

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