We're making Chord increasingly general over time so you can use it for all sorts of online research. Here are tips & tricks to make the most of Chord today.

Formatting searches


  • Keep it short

    cheap couches

    date ideas Denver

  • Assume the results will be a list of possible answers

    common California lichens

    laptop bag brands


  • Pretend you're talking to a person or chatbot

    Write me a chocolate chip cookie recipe

    Give me a scarf knitting pattern

  • Be vague




Recommended research tasks

We can handle...

  • Consumer product recommendations

    best ski jacket women

    air purifiers

    best coffee grinder

    electric toothbrush

  • App/software recommendations

    time tracking apps mac

    top iPhone games

    best payroll software

  • Travel recommendations

    hiking trails Rhode Island

    Italian restaurants San Francisco

    USA geysers

  • Book, podcast, & other media recommendations

    fiction books 2022

    best zoology podcasts

    machine learning online courses

We might be able to handle...

  • Factual questions/explanations

    strongest land mammals

    how the American Revolution was won

    reasons why jade forms

  • Recipes

    tasty salads

    best pasta recipes

  • Financial/health/legal advice

    top China ETFs

    best cough medicine

    how to get a divorce in California

  • Specific/niche recommendations

    artisanal pottery bowls made in Jerome, AZ

    fujifilm GFX 100S telephoto lenses for birds

We can't handle...

  • Academic research questions

    how cultural factors influence the way individuals perceive climate change

    thesis ideas mineral deposits

  • Writing code

    how to implement Dijkstra's in python

    ruby on rails strip string of html

  • Recommendations that rely on personal information

    best skating rinks close to me

    book recs given what I read in 2022