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During my research, I visited several Reddit threads where users discussed their recommendations and experiences with gym clothes. I also explored articles from The Trend Spotter and SELF that provided more information on various gym clothing brands. Overall, there was a general consensus on the importance of moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabrics, and the value of certain brands like Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, and Old Navy. However, there were also many individual preferences and specific recommendations mentioned throughout the discussions and articles.




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Target's "All in Motion"

Target's "All in Motion"

Target's "All in Motion" line is a popular choice for affordable, decent quality workout clothes. They offer moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabrics that are essential for gym wear. Their medium and high support zip front sports bras are particularly recommended for those with larger chests.
TJ Maxx/Marshalls
Old Navy
Nike and Adidas

Second-hand Market

Purchasing gym clothes from second-hand markets like Poshmark and eBay can be a way to get high-quality workout gear for less money. This approach allows you to invest in more expensive brands without breaking the bank.

Personal Preferences

It's important to consider your personal preferences when selecting gym clothes. Focus on what makes you feel comfortable and confident while working out, and prioritize function over form. Ultimately, the best gym clothes for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

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  • The webpage provides a list of places to purchase inexpensive workout clothes for women, including leggings, sports bras, joggers, T-shirts, and exercise dresses.

  • Retailers featured that offer cost-effective gym clothes include Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Nike, Old Navy, Adidas, among others.

  • The article links to specific products on each retailer’s site. For instance, Amazon provides links to products such as:

    • Iwemek Seamless Yoga Outfit
    • Sportneer Seamless Matching Gym Set
    • Toplook Seamless Yoga Workout Set
  • Target provides links to products like:

    • All in Motion Medium Support Seamless Racerback Bra
    • All in Motion Simplicity Twist High-Rise Leggings
    • 90 Degree By Reflex Seamless V-Neck Crop Ribbed Tank Top
  • Nordstrom offers links to products such as:

    • BP. High Rise Bike Shorts
    • Zella Live In High Waist Leggings
    • Adidas Originals Trefoil Sweatshirt
  • Lululemon links to its sale section and provides links to products such as:

    • Lululemon Align High-Rise Crop (23 in.)
    • Lululemon Align Cropped Tank Top
    • Lululemon Court Crush Dress
  • Adidas provides links to products such as:

    • Adidas Adicolor Classics Tank Top
    • Adidas High-Waisted Tights
    • Adidas X Karlie Kloss Sweat Pants
  • The article also highlights clothing options from Girlfriend Collective, which caters to different sizes including XXS–6XL. Some of the products from Girlfriend Collective include:

    • Girlfriend Collective Earth Compressive High-Rise Legging
    • Girlfriend Collective Moss High-Rise Pocket Bike Short
    • Girlfriend Collective Moss Bike Unitard
  • PacSun offers tennis skirts, printed-design sports bras, and sleek yoga pants. Some of the product options from PacSun include:

    • Pacsun Active Venus Sports Bra
    • LA Hearts by Pacsun Active Match Up Tennis Skirt
    • Pacsun Active Venus Yoga Pants
  • Yitty is a Black-owned brand featuring products from size XS–6X, such as:

    • Yitty Nearly Naked Shaping Thong Bodysuit
    • Yitty Pride Shaping High Waist Legging
    • Yitty Body Butter Mock Neck Halter
  • Stores like Everlane and Athleta offer a range of designs with stretchy activewear

"Where to buy inexpensive workout clothes?"

  • Reddit thread entitled “Where to buy inexpensive workout clothes?” posted in r/xxfitness 10 years ago
  • Original poster asked for recommendations for websites that offer nice, functional, and affordable workout gear
  • Commenter suggests getting workout gear from TJ Maxx where they can get name brands for upwards of 50% off, and have gotten great quality items stamped as “irregular”, which fit perfectly fine but have minor stitching issues
  • Target is also recommended by multiple commenters for its affordable workout clothes, with one pointing out its thick-strap compression sports bras that are super comfortable
  • Other stores mentioned for affordable workout clothes include Aeropostale, Burlington, Forever 21, Old Navy, Marshall’s, Winners and JC Penney
  • Multiple commenters suggest buying cheaper items for everything except sports bras and running shoes where it’s important to invest for quality, especially if doing “bouncy” exercises like running
  • Marshalls also mentioned as a good store for affordable workout gear with one commenter noting it’s owned by the same company as TJ Maxx
  • Discussion on whether Target in Canada is the same as in the US with mixed opinions
  • Commenter notes that if you do shop at Target, check and see if you can get Cartwheel which regularly runs 5-10 percent off on Champion sports/activewear
  • Canadian commenters suggest other stores available there such as Running Room, Kmart, and The Bay which offers items on sale during bay days
  • Brands mentioned as having good quality affordable workout clothes besides the aforementioned stores include Kyodan, Champion, Nike, and Under Armour
  • Commenter suggests getting shelf bra camisoles from KMart for under $5, which may need to be replaced after a year or two due to strap issues, but are a good option for white camisoles that aren’t totally see-through
  • Commenter suggests investing in two things for bouncy exercises: a good sports bra and good running shoes, but everything else can be bought cheaply
  • Forever 21 also mentioned as having cute, lululemon-esque shorts and leggings that are decent quality, especially for someone with a large chest who needs good sports bras
  • Commenter with a busty figure recommends good sports bras from the Running Room, while others suggest good quality sports bras can be found at the Bay
  • Another commenter notes that Academy Sports has great deals on workout clothes
  • Some commenters suggest wearing dingy, old t-shirts for workout tops

"Good gym clothing brands?"

  • User asks for recommendations of gym clothing brands that gym-goers would recognize.
  • User clarifies they want smaller brands ran and owned by people interested in fitness, instead of large and ultra-recognizable names.
  • User specifies they are unsure of what are good brands to wear that reflect being into the gym lifestyle/culture.
  • Reddit users respond with recommendations, including Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Athleta, Old Navy, Target, Shein, and Amazon.
  • One user points out that functionality and durability are more important than what brand one wears while working out.
  • Another user mentions that most people at the gym wear Nike, Adidas, or no name brand gym clothes.
  • One user notes that Lululemon designs are usually flattering and hold up well, but emphasize that people who go to the gym regularly do not care what other people are wearing.
  • Some users recommend buying gym clothes that are not too expensive since they will get sweaty and often dirty.
  • Another user suggests wearing comfortable and durable clothes that are also flattering.
  • Several users call out the importance of having good lifting form.
  • Some users recommend clothing brands such as Manduka, Vuori, Gymshark, and lululemon. One users says they prefer lululemon as the designs are usually flattering and hold up well. Another user says they like Manduka leggings, vuori crop tank, and nani shorts. Another user says if you see someone wearing something you like, just ask them about it.
  • One user notes that most serious gym-goers are just rotating clothes that are clean, and not attempting to achieve any particular look.
  • Others advise focusing on proper form and a healthy diet.
  • Several users note that wearing branded gym clothes does not make one more athletic, competence and form is more important.
  • One user warns about influencer marketing and mentions that smaller gym clothing brands are often promoted through paid sponsorships.
  • There is confusion among some users about the post, and some users express sadness or confusion about the downvoting of certain comments.
  • One user thinks that someone is trying to sell IG niche gym brands based on the post.

"Gym clothing recommendations."

  • The webpage is a Reddit post titled “Gym clothing recommendations” posted three years ago in r/BuyItForLife and has received 6 points.
  • The post author is looking for BIFL recommendations for gym clothes, especially shorts.
  • One user with 9 karma suggests prAna and Arc’teryx gear for rock climbing shorts that can hold up well.
  • Another user with 5 karma recommends Lululemon’s sports clothing, saying they are fantastic and can be repaired or replaced. The user suggests checking the website’s “we made too much” section for discounts.
  • One user with 3 karma shares their positive experience with Champion compression shorts from the 2005 time frame that are cotton/spandex/poly blend. The user has been trying to find them again but found that the current version is only poly/spandex.
  • A user with 3 karma recommends Vouri shorts and suggests checking their website.
  • Another user with 2 karma advises using old t-shirts and shorts from high school football if someone does not care about style at the gym. The user suggests inexpensive workout clothing lines from Old Navy, Under Armour, Target, and Champion as affordable and long-lasting options. The user finds Lululemon and Prana to be fashionable but less durable. The user mentions Icebreaker clothing as comfortable and temperature regulating but expensive.
  • A user with 1 karma thanks a recommending user for the suggestions and mentions getting Darn Tough socks.
  • Another user with 1 karma shares how they pick up running shorts at thrift shops for $2-3 and wear them to work in much of the year as a tree farmer. They find a pair can last for years.
  • A user with -12 karma expresses disbelief that people are looking for BIFL gym shorts.
  • One user with 1 karma argues that gym shorts can last a long time, and shares their positive experience with shorts from high school football. They suggest choosing the right size, darker clothing for fewer stains, and proper care can make gym clothing last a long time.
  • Users also suggest several other brands and types of apparel that can last a long time: Asics shoes, On running shoes, Lululemon and Duluth Trading boxer briefs, and Darn Tough athletic socks.


  • Athletic clothing and athleisurewear are now trendy in the fashion world.
  • Top gym clothing brands range from established names like Nike, Adidas, and Puma to smaller, newer brands with unique and inspiring offerings.
  • Brands like Tropicfeel from Barcelona, Spain are committed to inspiring conscious travel, and offer sustainable products that are versatile, including eco-friendly sneakers, backpacks, and sportswear.
  • Gymshark has a devoted following attributed to its strong presence on social media and engagement of its online community, offering innovative and performance workout clothes, from essentials like leggings and shorts to jackets and bags.
  • Rhone is made and designed for men who want clothes that combine performance and style featuring top-notch tech fabrics like Polartec® Delta™, renowned for their lightweight, cooling, and sweat-wicking properties, and innovative technologies like Goldfusion which utilizes gold particles to ensure colorfastness and odor control.
  • 2XU is a leader in advanced performance apparel founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2005 by Jamie Hunt, delivering compression tights and shorts for high-performance athletes, with a range of other compression tops and traditional sportswear.
  • Asics is known for its high-performance running shoes with a range of clothing options for men, women, and children, featuring sport-specific categories like yoga, running, gym, tennis, golf, dance, basketball, football, rugby, and skateboarding.
  • Adidas, established in 1949, constantly invests in innovation with technology in both clothing and shoes. It aims to achieve excellence and sustainability, including partnerships with organizations like Parley for the Ocean and Sport Infinity, which address the environmental impact caused by the textile and clothing industry.
  • Fabletics’ founder Kate Hudson has made an impact in workout and gym clothing. The company’s mission is to make quality activewear accessible to all, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Fabletics’ unique shopping method through the VIP membership offers exclusive access to the Fabletics FIT app, affordable prices, and new collections and items each month.
  • On Running specializes in shoes, featuring the iconic ‘cloud’ sole in every style. They also offer a range of running gear for men and women, including pants, jackets, hoodies, shorts, and t-shirts for daily wear or training. They prioritize sustainability by using preferred materials like recycled or bio-based polyester, vegan leather, organic cotton, and merino wool.
  • Wolven is a workout and sustainable clothing brand founded by Kiran Jade, prioritizing sustainability with partnerships

"Good gymclothes?"

  • A user asked for recommendations on gym clothes as they were moving to a new gym and wanted to look good
  • Users provided a range of responses including:
    • Working out naked
    • Cutoff t-shirts, gym shorts, and Adidas Sambas
    • Myprotein cutouts and boohooman
    • Puma, Under Armour shorts, and TLF
    • Gymshark and Lululemon
    • Sweats and plain t-shirts
  • Users had varying opinions on whether looking good in the gym is important and whether or not gyms are a good place for pickup/dating
  • Some users recommended small, private gyms for a more focused environment
  • A few users recommended specific brands including Gymshark, Lululemon, and TLF
  • Some users recommended wife beaters as they are comfortable and make you look jacked
  • Users recommended specific t-shirt types for certain exercises, citing cotton blend shirts as best for exercises with the bar on your back
  • Some users recommend specific shorts lengths, with some suggesting 5” or 7” shorts
  • Some users argued that nobody cares what one wears to the gym, that hygiene and clean clothes are more important
  • A few users discussed feeling more motivated and confident when they wear good gym clothes
  • Male users discussed not caring about female attention at the gym, suggesting that most women just want to work out without being bothered and may feel insecure anyway
  • One user discussed wearing an oversized plain t-shirt with a stringer underneath, and baggy pants to cover up his leg braces
  • A few users discussed wearing trail running shoes to the gym
  • One user discussed opening stringers he had received for his birthday and his family laughing at him
  • Some users discussed the quality of specific brand clothes and fabrics
  • Some users suggested waiting for Christmas or having a wife to buy gym clothes for them
  • A few users made jokes about gay men in the gym
  • Some users discussed the difference between youngla and Gymshark clothing.

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"workout clothes"

  • W is a webpage titled “Workout Clothes”
  • A reddit user is asking for workout clothes recommendations and advice.
  • Most people recommend moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabrics for workout clothes over cotton.
  • Target’s “All in Motion” line is a good place to start for inexpensive, decent quality workout clothes.
  • TJ Maxx/Marshalls can have deals on name-brand workout clothes.
  • Kyodan is a brand some people like that can be found at TJ Maxx/Marshalls.
  • Old Navy is another recommended brand for starting out in workout clothes.
  • Gap and Aerie also have functional and cute clothes.
  • Lululemon is recommended by some, but it’s seen as an investment.
  • Athleta, PrAna, REI, and Title Nine are recommended sources for workout clothes.
  • Second-hand markets like Poshmark and Ebay can be ways to get higher quality workout gear for less money.
  • Sweats are generally seen as less ideal for working out but can be used for treadmill workouts.
  • Workout clothes should be squat-proof.
  • A supportive sports bra is a must-have.
  • Breathability is important in workout clothes.
  • Leggings that make your butt look good are recommended.
  • Iuga, Adidas Optime train tights, Nike Dri-fit shorts/tights, and Lululemon’s “Wunder Under TRAIN” are recommended by some.
  • When washing workout clothes, wash on cold and hang them to dry.
  • Loose sweats are not great for weight machine workouts in case they get caught in the mechanism.
  • Under Armour, Athlete, and Lululemon are recommended by some.
  • If chesty, zip front high support bras are recommended. Target’s “All in Motion” has them in medium and high.

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