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Best winter boots




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Bean boots

Bean boots

Bean boots seem to be a popular choice for winter boots, as they appear in multiple sources [1] [4] [5] . People say that they are comfortable [1] , have good tread [1] , and come with a lifetime warranty [1] . They can even be worn outside of winter conditions with thick socks [4] . Additionally, they are waterproof [4] , warm [4] and come in various colors and styles [4] . They also appear to be affordable compared to other options, such as Thursday's Explorer Boots or Merrell Thermo Chill Mid boots.
Patagonia Lugano boots

Patagonia Lugano boots

It seems Patagonia Lugano boots have a lot going for them. People say that they're waterproof and warm [2] , comfortable and have good tread [3] , and are slim for a snow boot [4] . They also seem to be fashionable enough to dress up or down [4] . Some may be willing to pay extra for the Gucci GG Logo Rainboot variant [2] . While they may not offer the same traction as some of the other options, like Hunter Rainboots [1] , they still seem to provide decent protection from the elements.
Sorel Tivoli

Sorel Tivoli

Sorel Tivoli seems to be a popular choice for winter boots. People say that they are super warm [4] and comfortable [2] , with good rubber treads [2] that make them slim for a snow boot [4] . They also seem to be quite fashionable and can be dressed up or down [4] . It seems they can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C [2, 4], making them suitable for cold weather conditions. Furthermore, they are waterproof [2, 4], which is a great bonus. Compared to some of the other options in the notes, the Sorel Tivoli might be slightly more expensive than some of the other options [7] , but if you're looking for style and warmth, these might be worth the splurge.
The North Face Chilkat V 400

The North Face Chilkat V 400

The North Face Chilkat V 400 seems like an excellent choice for winter boots. It has a 7/10 rating for warmth [5] , an 8/10 rating for weather protection [5] , and a 9/10 rating for traction [5] . They are comfortable and cozy, have excellent traction, and are versatile enough to be worn in multiple seasons. People also say that they could be more waterproof [5] .
Columbia Bugaboot III

Columbia Bugaboot III

It seems that the Columbia Bugaboot III could be a great winter boot option. People say that it is waterproof, has a good comfort and fit rating of 9/10 [5] , and an excellent traction rating of 7/10 [5] . It's also relatively affordable [2] and has a 10.5 inch shaft height [5] , which is not too tall for those who don't need the extra protection from deep snow.
All answers

All answers

  • Bean boots
  • Patagonia Lugano boots
  • Sorel Tivoli
  • The North Face Chilkat V 400
  • Columbia Bugaboot III
  • Muck Boot Arctic Sport Mid
  • Merrell Thermo Chill Mid
  • UGG Butte
  • C&J Snowdon
  • Land's End Snow Hiker Boots
  • Sorels
  • Smart Wool Socks
  • Toe Warmers
  • LL Bean 10" shearling-lined boots
  • Salomon
  • Waterproofing

    When it comes to winter boots, waterproofing is key. From Bean Boots with a lifetime warranty [1] to Hunter Rainboots with good durability [1] , it's important to make sure your feet stay dry. Patagonia Lugano boots are also waterproof and warm [1] , while Gucci GG Logo Rainboot is great if you're willing to pay extra [1] .


    Insulation is essential for winter boots. LL Bean 10" shearling-lined boots are insulated and waterproof [4] , while Sorrels are fashionable and come in various colors and styles [4] . The North Face Chilkat V 400 has 400g Heatseeker Eco insulation, providing warmth for your feet [5] . Columbia Bugaboot III is also super comfy and warm [5] .


    Traction is important when walking in winter conditions. Thursday's Explorer Boots have a grippy sole that provides good traction [5] , while Merrell Thermo Chill Mid has excellent traction that makes it great for walking and hiking [5] . UGG Butte also has good traction, albeit not as much as other options like the Danner Arctic 600 Side Zip, which has Itshide commando soles for superior grip [7] .

    Comfort and Fit

    When it comes to comfort and fit, there are a lot of great options. KEEN Women's Hoodoo III are comfortable to walk in, warm, and waterproof [7] , while Muck Boot Arctic Sport Mid are easy to slip on and off but not as comfortable as other options like Red Wing Beckmans or White's or Hawthorn Smoke Jumpers which require thick socks to keep your toes from going numb [4] . Cole Haan Boots have Lunarlon sole for comfort too [4] .


    Durability is an important factor when choosing winter boots. LL Bean Maine Hunting Boot will last ages if cared for correctly [6] , while Dunlops are well known for their durability [6] . XtraTuf recently switched back to USA production [6] so they will be of higher quality than before. Red Wing Ice Cutters have low-top Hunter boots [4] so they will be more durable than the regular Hunters. Nordstrom Boots have two year warranty [8] so they will last longer too.

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    Source: "Winter Boots (Sorel vs Baffin vs Other)?" (from reddit, r/BuyItForLife)

    • Baffin:
      • Quality has been consistent
      • Models mentioned include Canada, Hammer, Summit, Tundra, and Mustang (youth)
      • Keep feet warm and have good traction
    • Kamik:
      • Ethical company
      • Keeps feet from falling and are comfortable
    • LL Bean:
      • Classic Bean Boots are not good for winter
      • Baffin Bay recommended
    • Danner:
      • Worked well for one user
    • Bogs:
      • Not mentioned, but one user asked about them
    • Sorel:
      • Quality has diminished since sale to another company
      • Not as warm or waterproof
    • Hoffman’s:
      • Not mentioned
    • Acton:
      • Makes boots for the civvy market
      • Recommend for extreme cold weather

    Source: "[Request] Decent freaking rain boots?" (from reddit, r/BuyItForLife)

    • Hunters
      • Have had great luck with Hunters and they have lasted seven years
      • Not cheap, but if cared for, will last ages
    • Bogs
      • Garbage
    • Dunlops
      • Dairy farmers wear Dunlops
      • Blundstone of rural Canada
    • XtraTuf
      • Bomb proof, but quality took a nosedive when production moved to China
      • Recently switched back to USA production
    • Neo’s Overshoes
      • Slip on over shoes, like shoe covers but go up over ankle
      • Protect from rain, snow, wet leaves, and other bad weather conditions
    • Aigle or lechameau
      • Don’t bother with Hunters, they are a fashion brand now
    • Muck boots
      • Good but can be too warm outside of winter
    • Altberg
      • Do “Aqua” variants of many of their excellent boots
    • Hoggs
      • Basically the same as Hunters but 1/4 the price
    • The Original Muck Boot
      • Treated well, not the most stylish but super comfy and never had a leak

    Source: "Are hunter boots really worth the price?" (from reddit, r/Frugal)

    • Hunter Boots
      • Chalky patina turns fast
      • Too heavy for some
      • Can find used pairs on eBay, Craigslist, etc.
    • Joules Boots
      • Lightweight
      • Come in cute colors
      • Can find used pairs on eBay, Mercari, etc.
    • Walmart Boots
      • Equally sturdy
      • Fraction of the price
    • Italian Leather Boots
      • Expensive but worth it if you’re getting something of good quality
    • Ariat Paddock Boots
      • Need wide width
    • Muck Boots
      • Nice and warm
    • Bogs Boots
      • Nice but not as warm as Muck Boots
    • Columbia Rain Boots
      • 1/3 of the price of Hunter Boots
    • Nordstrom Boots
      • Tour ones are lighter
      • Matte finish to avoid chalky finish
      • Two year warranty

    Source: "Cold weather boots that are good for walking?" (from reddit, r/madisonwi)

    • LL Bean Maine Hunting Boot
      • Made with higher quality leather
      • 10” height keeps feet warmer and drier
      • Unique chain thread pattern on bottom for better grip
      • Available in 8” version with Gore-Tex
    • Salomon
      • Waterproof/insulated for snow and cold weather
      • Flexible sole for better walking
    • Merrell
      • Waterproof/insulated
      • Wool socks recommended
      • Gaiters recommended for deeper snow
    • Danner
      • US made with Gore-tex lining
      • Comfortable and warm
    • Blundstone
      • Slip on boots
    • Sorel Joan of Arctic
      • Not super clunky/heavy
    • Columbia
      • $90
    • KEEN Women’s Hoodoo III
      • Waterproof Tall boots
      • Comfortable to walk in, warm, and waterproof
    • Danner Arctic 600 Side Zip
      • 7” height
      • Brown/red color
      • 200g insulation

    Source: "Initial Impressions: Uninsulated Bean Boots in ..." (from reddit, r/goodyearwelt)

    • LL Bean Bean Boot 8” Mens uninsulated
      • Hand made in Maine, with average level of attention to detail
      • Leather is heavily finished and flat looking
      • Can handle the winter with shearling insoles and good wool socks
      • Not winter boots - but they can do it
      • Laces feel super stiff and rather cheap
      • Grip on icy snow is fine, but they are not ice boots
      • Break in seems easy
    • Ugg shearling insole
      • Used alongside mid-weight wool socks to make winter boots even warmer
    • Kodiak winter chelsea with 400g of thinsulate and the artic grip sole
      • Can get on sale for super cheap
    • Sorel Caribou
      • Not up to the standards of GYW
      • Quality taking a massive hit after the Columbia acquisition
      • Too clunky
      • Weighs a lot and the last is ridiculously wide, like EEEEEE wide
      • Not comfortable for long walks, even when worn with thick socks

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    Source: "The 6 Best Winter Boots of 2023 | Tested by Gea..." (from web, www.outdoorgearlab.com)

    • The North Face Chilkat V 400
      • Warmth 7.0/10
      • Weather Protection 8.0/10
      • Comfort and Fit 8.0/10
      • Traction 9.0/10
      • Durability 8.0/10
      • Shaft Height: 11 inches | Insulation: 400g Heatseeker Eco

      • Comfortable and cozy, excellent traction, warm and versatile
      • Could be more waterproof
    • Columbia Bugaboot III
      • Warmth 8.0/10
      • Weather Protection 7.0/10
      • Comfort and Fit 9.0/10
      • Traction 7.0/10
      • Durability 7.0/10
      • Shaft Height: 10.5 inches | Insulation: 200g synthetic

      • Affordable, super comfy, warm
      • Durability is questionable, traction could be better in deep snow
    • Muck Boot Arctic Sport Mid
      • Warmth 7.0/10
      • Weather Protection 10.0/10
      • Comfort and Fit 7.0/10
      • Traction 5.0/10
      • Durability 10.0/10
      • Shaft Height: 13 inches | Insulation: 5mm CR Flex-Foam neoprene w/ fleece lining

      • Weather resistant, easy to slip on and off, highly durable
      • Not as comfortable as other options, pricey, could be warmer
    • Merrell Thermo Chill Mid
      • Warmth 7.0/10
      • Weather Protection 6.0/10
      • Comfort and Fit 9.0/10
      • Traction 10.0/10
      • Durability 5.0/10
      • Shaft Height: 7.5 inches | Insulation: 200g M Select

      • Very comfortable for walking and hiking, great traction, warm enough, affordable
      • Lower puddle depth, minor durability concerns
    • UGG Butte
      • Warmth 8.0/10
      • Weather Protection 5.0/10
      • Comfort and Fit 8.0/10
      • Traction 5.0/10
      • Durability 8.0/10
      • Shaft Height: 11.5 inches | Ins

    Source: "What are your favorite winter boots?" (from reddit, r/femalefashionadvice)

    • L.L. Bean 10” shearling-lined boots
      • Insulated and waterproof
      • Look “badass”
      • Customer service is friendly and helpful
      • LL Bean will repair the boots for free
      • Comes in different colors
    • Sorrels
      • Fashionable and can be dressed up or down
      • Waterproof
      • Come in various colors and styles
    • Keen Snowmass Low Boots
      • Waterproof leather
      • Light and comfortable
      • Can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C
    • Timberland Insulated Work Boots
      • Not fashionable but very warm
      • Can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C
    • Uggs
      • Ugly but cozy
      • Waterproof
    • Bean Duck Boots
      • Ugly but trendy
      • Waterproof
    • Smart Wool Socks
      • Keep feet warm
    • Toe Warmers
      • Keep feet warm
    • Land’s End Snow Hiker Boots
      • Waterproof
    • Sorels
      • Warm and dry
      • Can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C

    Source: "The 10 Best Winter Boots That Actually Look Goo..." (from reddit, r/goodyearwelt)

    • Thursday’s Explorer Boots
      • Storm welt, water resistant suede, inexpensive, 8 inches high, grippy
      • Not a huge range of leathers, D ring laces can be a bit annoying, not insulated
    • Meermin 114787 Softcalf E
      • Storm welt, fully lined with shearling, relatively inexpensive, relatively office friendly, Tannerie D’Annonay leather
      • Not super grippy, not all that casual
    • Red Wing Sawmills
      • Whole boot is lined, and then they have the addition of a removable wool insole
      • Too narrow, don’t believe they offer wide sizes in them
    • Nicks PNW Drifters
      • Veldtschoen rather than gyw
      • Not lined, waxed hide, Itshide commando soles, grippy
    • C&J Snowdon
      • Veldtschoen rather than gyw
      • Not lined, waxed hide, Itshide commando soles, grippy

    Source: "Winter is coming: What are the best waterproof ..." (from reddit, r/malefashionadvice)

    • Bean Boots
      • Thick socks will allow you to stay warm and still wear the boots in other seasons
      • They can come lined and be extremely warm
    • Doc Martens
      • Can have a rain boot model
      • Have a really thick sole that will keep your foot off of the cold concrete
      • Can wax them or treat them with waterproofing agent
    • Hunter Boots
      • Rubber has no insulating properties
      • Sole is thin
      • Not expendable by loosening the lacing
    • Bates Tactical Side-Zip
      • Warm, rugged, and completely weatherproof
    • Tretorn Rubber Shoes
      • Better match for wardrobe than LL Beans
    • Cole Haan Boots
      • Waterproof, have Lunarlon sole, and look sick
    • Red Wing Beckmans
      • You have to wear thick socks with them or else your toes go numb
      • Salt stains can make your shoes look ugly
    • Red Wing Ice Cutters
      • Low-top Hunter boots
    • White’s or Hawthorn Smoke Jumpers
      • Expensive but great quality

    Source: "Best Women's Winter Boots?" (from reddit, r/BuyItForLife)

    • Bean boots
      • lifetime warranty
      • comfortable
      • good tread
    • Patagonia Lugano boots
      • waterproof
      • warm
      • comfy
      • good tread
    • Hunter Rainboots
      • waterproof
      • warm
      • good durability
      • not as good tread
    • Sorel Tivoli
      • super warm
      • comfy
      • good rubber tread
      • slim for a snow boot
    • Gucci GG Logo Rainboot
      • willing to pay extra

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